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Afghan team probing Rabbani murder arrives in Pakistan

Pakistani Taliban holds indirect talks with government

Pakistan - NWA Taliban warn against working with army

Pakistani Taliban, government in back-channel talks, sources say

Pakistani military denies role in talks with Taliban

NDS hails death of Taliban leader in Ghazni

Ongoing Afghan security operations in Ghazni province have resulted in the death of one senior Taliban commander and the arrest of a top Taliban financier, according to Afghan authorities.

Pakistani Taliban, government in peace talks

Afghan Taliban reject US partnership deal

Taliban, Pakistan in peace talks: Taliban commander

New US Strategy On Afghanistan Hinges On Pakistan

Loya Jirga Backs Afghan-US Partnership

Taliban kill mosque imam in northwestern Pakistan

Leaving Afghanistan by 2014 is still far from agreed, insists the US ambassador

US General Defends Afghanistan Night Raids

Haqqani Network releases video of training camps

The video shows uniformed Haqqani Network fighters conducting a variety of training exercises in a camp in North Waziristan.

US Predators kill 7 'militants' in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike took place in Ramzak in North Waziristan, an area which has not been targeted in the past. The Pakistani military operates a large base in Ramzak.

Pakistani girls defy Taliban school bombings

US airstrike kills 27 insurgents in Afghan east

US Predators kill 18 Taliban fighters in South Waziristan

Five Predators fired up to 10 missiles at a "sprawling compound" along the border with Pakistan. "Foreign fighters" are said to be among those killed.

Jund al Khilafah claims attack in Kazakhstan

The terror group said "a solder in our brigade" killed six people, including four security personnel, in Taraz on Nov. 12.