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EU countries could hire PR firms to beat back Islamic State

Al Nusrah Front battles Western-backed rebels outside Aleppo

The Al Nusrah Front has taken the fight to the Hazm Movement in the areas surrounding Aleppo. Hazm is one of the few rebel groups to receive Western aid and arms in the Syrian war.

Islamic State admits its forces withdrew from Kobane

Israel, Hezbollah signal their flare-up is over

Islamic State purportedly sets new deadline for hostage swap

A UN official said the organization's aid effort is having trouble delivering supplies to 40% of the population in need. Talks between various opposition factions and the regime began in Moscow on Jan. 25. The US State Department denied assertions it has abandoned moderate rebels. Journalists entering Kobane have said the city is "a mass of rubble and gutted buildings" after the more than four months-long battle. King's College in London estimates that over 20,000 foreigners, "including about 4,000 from Western Europe and about 3,000 from former Soviet Union countries," are fighting in Syria. The US-led coalition conducted 13 airstrikes in Syria in the last 24 hours, all of them targeting Islamic State positions around Kobane.

Hezbollah kills 2 Israeli soldiers in anti-tank missile attack

Jordan proposes prisoner swap, fate of Japanese Islamic State hostage unclear

Analysis: Islamic State sleeper cells a threat to Turkey

Turkey's lax border policies backfire as the Islamic State threatens to bite the hand that feeds.

Kurdish defenders say Islamic State has retreated from Syrian border town of Kobane

Al Nusrah Front, Western-backed rebels overrun key regime base south of Damascus

The Al Nusrah Front and Ahrar al Sham fought side-by-side with Western-backed rebels in a battle to take a key Assad regime base in southern Syria.

Japan condemns IS execution, demands remaining hostage release

Lebanese army says three more soldiers killed in Friday's attack

Iranian political and military leaders laud Qods Force general killed in Syria

Political and Military elites of the Islamic Republic weigh-in on the death of Brigadier General Mohammad-Ali Allah-Dadi, the IRGC-QF member killed in Syria by an Israeli helicopter attack.Their commentary indicates a desire to establish deterrence, at least rhetorically, and tout their globalist message pertaining to the Islamic Revolution.

A report in a Kuwaiti newspaper alleges that despite claims by an Israeli security source to the contrary, Israel was aware of the presence of an Iranian general in a convoy targeted in southern Syria on Jan. 18. UN aid shipments to Syria have provided food to about 600,000 people since July. The US provided $6 million to fund the interim opposition government. The US has ruled out the possibility of a no-fly zone In northern Syria, contrary to Turkish preferences. The US-led coalition conducted 10 airstrikes in Syria since Jan. 21; nine strikes were conducted near Kobane and one near the Islamic State capital of Raqqa. Regime helicopters dropping barrel bombs killed at least 13 in Homs on Jan. 22.

Local Islamic State commander arrested in Lahore, Pakistan

Airstrikes reported to have been conducted by the Syrian regime killed at least 39 people in the village of Khansaa, and the town of Saraqeb and the village of Sheikh Mustafa in Idlib province; some reports speculated that the strike in Khansaa might have been executed by the US-led coalition. An Israeli airstrike on Jan. 18 killed an Iranian brigadier general along with a Hezbollah leader and 10 others; an Israeli security source said planners had been unaware of the general's presence in the convoy. The Iraqi prime minister claimed that Islamic State Emir Abu Bakr Baghdadi was wounded in an airstrike in the Iraqi town of al-Qa'im, and now spends most of his time in Syria. The Russian moderator of upcoming talks between the Assad regime and some rebel groups has modest goals for the initial negotiations. Despite the regime beginning destruction of chemical weapons sites, opposition forces claim that some weapons are being held in hidden underground caches. The US-led coalition conducted 38 airstrikes in Syria since Jan. 16; 31 near Kobane, 4 near Hasakah, one near Aleppo, one near Dawr az Zawr and one near Abu Kamal. All targeted the Islamic State.

Senior Qods Force general killed in suspected Israeli airstrike

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps confirmed that Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Allah-Dadi was killed in an airstrike in Syria. He was assigned to help Hezbollah and Syria battle jihadist groups.

Five Hezbollah fighters and one commander were killed by an Israeli airstrike in southern Syria. The Assad regime has started destruction of its chemical weapons facilities. Kurdish forces have captured a key hilltop in the ongoing fight with the Islamic State for Kobane. Kurdish and Syrian regime troops clashed near the city of Hasakeh in northeast Syria, killing at least 18. A proposed expansion of the US bombing campaign in northern Syria has been stopped due to a failure of terms between Turkey and the US. A Syrian regime cargo plane crashed in Idlib province, killing at least 35 soldiers aboard; regime media claimed the crash was due to weather conditions, whereas Al Nusrah Front claimed to have shot down the plane.

Hezbollah commanders killed in suspected Israeli airstrike

Jihad Imad Mughniyah, the son of the notorious founder and military and intelligence commander of Hezbollah up until his assassination in 2008, was among six Hezbollah operatives killed in a suspected airstrike in Quneitra, Syria.