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Syrian authorities halt ferries to Turkey

Arsal deputy mayor appointed hostage mediator, meets ISIS

Report: Apprehension of Terrorists to Impact Case of Captive Lebanese Servicemen

Are IS group hackers taking jihad online?

Al Nusrah Front deals Syrian regime major blow in Idlib

The oppression of women and girls in the Islamic State's 'caliphate'

Despite female Islamic State recruiters praising the "positive" aspects of life in Raqqah on their social media accounts, the group's own material shows a different side, one that exposes its real and brutal treatment of women.

Al Nusrah Front and rivals clash in Deraa and Qalamoun

Killing top ISIS leaders won't cripple group: experts

US kills Islamic State deputy emir, 2 senior commanders in recent airstrikes

Among those killed was Abu Musallam al Turkumani, a top deputy of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Turkumani served in Saddam Hussein's military before joining the Islamic State.

ISIS to launch battle for Lebanese town of Ersal

Islamic State Militant Seeks Chechen Wife For 15-Year-Old Child Fighter

UN: More reports of children crucified, beheaded and stoned to death by Islamic State

Botched cyberattack on Syria group blamed on IS

A mass grave holding 230 bodies was uncovered in Deir Ezzor province. Those killed, including many civilians, were members of the Shaitat tribe, which had resisted the Islamic State. The US conducted six airstrikes in Syria since Dec. 15; five near Kobane and one near Abu Kamal. Only about three percent of all airstrikes in Syria by the US-led coalition since the start of the campaign have not been conducted by the US. SOHR estimates that more than 120,000 regime fighters have been killed in the Syrian war. The UN is looking for $8.4 billion to aid Syrian refugees in 2015. Two Kurdish freelance journalists have been reported kidnapped by the Islamic State "on December 15 on the main road between Qamishli and Al-Yarubyia."

Mass grave of Islamic State's victims reportedly found in eastern Syria

A mass grave of approximately 230 Sheitaat tribesmen has been reportedly found in eastern Syria. The tribe has been battling the Islamic State since earlier this year.

How foreign imams radicalized Syria's war

UN Security Council renews cross-border Syria aid authorization

Al Nusrah Front shoots two men for blasphemy

The Al Nusrah Front, Ahrar al Sham, and elements of the Free Syrian Army have taken two key regime bases in Idlib province. Al Nusrah has used an American TOW anti-tank missile against regime forces. The US-led coalition has conducted nine airstrikes in Syria since Dec. 13; eight of them "destroyed nine ISIL fighting positions, two ISIL buildings and two ISIL staging positions and also struck another ISIL fighting position" near Kobane; one destroyed an Islamic State vehicle near abu-Kamal. European Union countries have pledged to help rebuild Aleppo if a UN-proposed ceasefire is successful. The UN chief for humanitarian affairs "has run out of words" to describe the chaos in Syria.

Attacking ISIS, From an American Aircraft Carrier