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Interview with Central African Republic President Samba-Panza

Foreign regimes use spyware against journalists, even in US

UNICEF Urges Action to Prevent CAR 'Catastrophe'

Record number of UN peacekeepers fails to stop African wars

Thousands of Eritreans 'abducted to Sinai for ransom'

Special Report: The Darfur conflict's deadly gold rush

Islamists, ruling party members chide Sudan's Bashir amid protests

Sudan's Bashir, wanted by ICC, says he plans to travel to UN

Sudan woman risks flogging to protest 'Taliban'-like law

Arms Shipments Seen From Sudan to Syria Rebels

US Pushes for Global Eye on South Sudan Conflict

South Sudan's Salva Kiir sacks cabinet

Tanzania wants stronger mandate for Sudan's Darfur peacekeepers

Unknown assailants killed seven UN peacekeepers and injured 17 others in an attack on a UN patrol as it was heading back to its base in Nyala state. The head of the UN peacekeeping force recently warned of the deteriorating security situation in the country, which has already displaced over 300,000 people this year, "due mostly to tribal clashes." Yesterday some 300 armed men from Lakes state killed at least 10 people and injured 15 more in an attack in Unity state.

Report: Web monitoring devices made by U.S. firm Blue Coat detected in Iran, Sudan

US adds Sudanese al Qaeda operative involved in murder of diplomat to list of terrorists

Abd Al-Ra'Ouf Abu Zaid Mohamed Hamza was involved in the murder of a USAID employee and his driver in 2008. Hamza's father is a senior cleric in Ansar al-Tawhid, which, along with al Qaeda, claimed credit for the assassinations.

Is Iran trying to set up a new arms smuggling route to Gaza from Sudan?

Why is the West doing business with Sudan?

Imprisoned, Tortured, Killed: Human Trafficking Thrives on Sinai Peninsula

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