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Chilling details emerge about Danish attack plot suspects

Somaliland frees Russians over weapons for Puntland

Danish newspaper plotter arrested twice before

One of the suspects arrested this week for allegedly plotting an attack against the Danish newspaper that published controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed had been arrested twice before. He and his supporters claimed both times that he was merely vacationing.

Sheikh Muktar Abdelrahman Abu Zubeyr, Shabaab's reclusive spiritual leader, issued a statement approving of Hizbul Islam's merger with Shabaab and called for increased attacks against Somali and African Union forces. Ethiopian and Somali troops clashed in Hiraan province.

Shabaab and government forces fought in Beledweyne. France received a tape showing that an intelligence agent who was captured by Shabaab is still alive. The US issued a travel warning for American citizens considering going to Somalia.

Seventeen people were killed during fighting in Mogadishu. Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys praised Shabaab at a rally in Mogadishu. Shabaab's leader in Kismayo vowed to send fighters to Mogadishu.

Five people were killed during a Shabaab attack on an African Union military base in Mogadishu. Shabaab arrested 10 khat traders in Jowhar. Shabaab leader Fuad Mohamed "Shongole" Qalaf threatened to attack the US.

France's spy service bulks up amid terror threats

Shabaab calls on al Qaeda to 'expand the East Africa jihad'

Rage.jpgSheikh Ali Mohamud Rage made the statement at a press conference in Mogadishu, where he formally announced the takeover of Hizbul Islam.

Somalis are desperate for a new life, but refugees face a dangerous road

Shabaab's spokesman appealed to al Qaeda to send more fighters to Somalia to wage jihad against African Union forces and the Transitional Federal Government. Al Qaeda is rumored to have relieved Shabaab's leader of command and replaced him with Ibrahim Haji Jama; the report is unconfirmed.

Al-Qaeda finds new friends

US on alert against militant plots over holidays

Shabaab confirmed it absorbed Hizbul Islam and called for more attacks against Uganda and Burundi. "We, al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam have united and we warn Uganda and Burundi forces and their people that we shall redouble our attacks," Shabaab's spokesman said.

Shabaab removed checkpoints formerly manned by Hizbul Islam on the roads south of Mogadishu. A former Hizbul Islam leader urged the group's fighters to join the government. President Sharif urged soldiers to stop chewing khat.

Kenya and Uganda bolster security after explosion

Fighters formerly loyal to Hizbul Islam have poured into Mogadishu to swell the ranks of Shabaab. The African Union downplayed Hizbul Islam's union with Shabaab. Shabaab arrested farmers who refused to sell their land to pro-Shabaab businessmen.

A Hizbul Islam spokesman confirmed that his group has merged with Shabaab; an announcement may be made this week. Four soldiers and a civilian were killed in an IED attack in Mogadishu.

Hizbul Islam surrendered to Shabaab and merged with the terror group after losing its last strongholds south of Mogadishu. It is unclear if Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys will take a leadership position in Shabaab.

Hizbul Islam joins Shabaab in Somalia

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys merged with al Qaeda-linked Shabaab after suffering a string of defeats south of Mogadishu.