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Somali militias clash, undermining new strategy

One person was killed during clashes between Shabaab and Somali forces in Mogadishu. Two aid workers from Save the Children were kidnapped by "Armed gunmen" in Adodo. An Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama™a leader took control of the Adodo district.

President Sharif appointed a new prime minister. Shabaab arrested the director of Radio Mandeeq. Hawiye clan elders urged businessmen to leave the Bakara market, the scene of constant fighting between Shabaab and government forces.

More than 20 people were killed during clashes between Shabaab and Somali troops in Mogadishu. Shabaab warned Somalis not to use African Union-run hospitals. The chairman of a human rights group escaped Shabaab's custody.

Twelve people were killed in heavy fighting between Shabaab fighters and Somali and African Union forces in Mogadishu. Pirates released Puntland's Minister of Ports & Marine Transport after holding him captive for several hours; two of his bodyguards were killed during the kidnapping.

Brother of notorious al Qaeda operative denied habeas petition

A Gitmo detainee named Toffiq al Bihani was recently denied his petition for a writ of habeas corpus by a DC district judge. Toffiq is the brother of a notorious al Qaeda operative and received training at al Qaeda's facilities in pre-9/11 Afghanistan.

Three people were killed during mortar exchanges between Shabaab and African Union forces in Mogadishu. Unconfirmed reports claim that a helicopter fired on pirate skiffs off the coast of Warsheekh. Somali pirates kidnapped 20 Filipino sailors and hijacked their ship.

The African Union claims it is in control of 45 percent of Mogadishu. Shabaab has banned Médecins Sans Frontières resupply airplanes from landing in the south.

Shabaab denies rift between top leaders, pledges allegiance to Osama bin Laden

In Somalia, signs of discord appear in a militant group

Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour, Shabaab's deputy leader, denied there was a dispute between him and Shabaab's top leader, Sheikh Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr. Robow also declared that Osama bin Laden was "our leader."

Somalia's AU peace force 'gains ground in Mogadishu'

Hizbul Islam met with Sheikh Robow, a former Shabaab leader who quit the group, to discuss a merger. Uganda is willing to deploy 20,000 troops to Somalia; South Africa will not send troops. AMISOM denied reports that soldiers are missing. Shabaab forces withdrew from Beledweyne as Ethiopian forces entered the region.

Somali ambulance workers risk death in city of war

Thirteen people were killed during clashes between Somali and Shabaab fighters in Mogadishu. A Somali soldier killed a politician in Mogadishu.

Western passports a coveted tool in al Qaeda™s arsenal

Ten Somalis were killed in clashes in Mogadishu. Uganda threatened to remove its forces from Somalia after a UN report criticized the African nation of committing massacres. Infighting has been reported between two of Shabaab's top leaders.

Terrorism: Italian foreign minister pushes for new EU Horn of Africa envoy

Nine Somalis were killed in heavy fighting in the Bakara market after Shabaab attacked African Union forces in the capital. Shabaab arrested 17 young men in Beledweyne for violating sharia orders.

Interpol's secretary general warned that Somalia may be a bigger al Qaeda threat than Afghanistan in the near future. "For us, we believe that 'the Afghanistan' in the next five to 10 years will be Somalia and those parts of Africa (countries in the north and west)," Ronald Noble said.