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Shabaab killed 17 people in bombings in the capital of Mogadishu. Shabaab is reported to have pulled down its flags from public places in Baidoa and Dinsoor.

CAIR Claims 2 Metro Somali Leaders are Anti-Muslim

Kenyan and Somali troops are conducting door-to-door searches in the southern towns and villages of Ras Kamboni, Mnarani, Burgavo, Tabda, Beles Qooqani, Dhobley, Busar, and Jilib in search of Shabaab. The Kenyan military claimed Shabaab has been cleared from 50 percent of the areas along the border.

Somalis Cautiously Return to Normal Life, and the Beach

Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Mohamud Ali Rage again threatened war with Kenya; Rage made the statement from a mosque in Daynile in Mogadishu. Two Shabaab fighters were killed during a clash with pirates in Harardhere.

The Kenyan Navy sunk another boat thought to be transporting Shabaab fighters off the coast of Ras Kamboni. Five people were killed after Shabaab forces clashed with fighters loyal to the local Shabelle Valley administration. A soldier was killed by "gunmen" in Mogadishu.

Somalis in Kenya find themselves under suspicion

Nigeria: Radical Muslim sect grows more dangerous

Kenya claimed it killed 18 Shabaab fighters as they transported fuel via boat to Kuday. Shabaab detained 10 people in Baidoa and accused them of spreading rumors that Eritrea was supplying weapons to the group.

The governor of Gedo said Somali troops killed 10 Shabaab fighters. Djibouti said it will send 850 soldiers to support the African Union mission in Somalia. Kenya is requesting the US help blockade the southern city of Kismayo.

Eritrea denied reports that it is sending aircraft loaded with weapons to Shabaab forces fighting Kenyan troops in the south. Elders from the Eyr clan denied claims that it sent young men to fight for Shabaab.

Planes Are Flying Arms Into Somalia for Militants, Kenya Says

Islamabad's impulsiveness distancing Afghans: Gulbudin Hekmatyar

Some Aid Trickles Into Somalia, Surrounded by Death and Disease

Kenya warned Somalis in 10 southern towns to expect heavy fighting. Ethiopian troops crossed the border and entered the Galgudud area. An American and a Danish aid worker are thought to have been moved to Shabaab-controlled areas in Galgudud.

The Secret War: How US hunted AQ in Africa

Shabaab names American suicide bomber

The Kenyan military called reports that its warplanes struck a refugee camp in Jilib "Shabaab propaganda." The UN said the African Union is now in control of Mogadishu. The Somali military claimed 25 Shabaab fighters have defected.

Kenya: Conflicting Claims Over Use of US Drones in Somalia

Shabaab claimed that an American known as Cabdi Salaam al Muhajir was one of two suicide bombers who attacked an African Union base in Mogadishu yesterday. Twelve Shabaab fighters were killed in Kenyan airstrikes in Jilib. Security forces detained 20 Shabaab fighters in Gedo.