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My 130 days in the hands of al-Qaeda's African "monsters", by former hostage

Heavy fighting was reported after Shabaab attacked Ethiopian forces in the village of Yurkut near Luuq. Shabaab claimed it killed 73 Ethiopian soldiers and lost five fighters. Somali officials claimed 48 Shabaab fighters were killed. Ethiopia did not disclose casualties.

All quieter on al Qaeda's English front

Shabaab arrested 10 women in Afgoye for unknown reasons. Shabaab's governor for the Banadir region said the terror group is still conducting attacks in Mogadishu and denied its forces withdrew from the capital.

Turkish Airlines starts commercial flights to Somalia

Shabaab fighters beheaded three young men who were accused of spying. The spokesman for the Kenyan military said his country would stay in Somalia until it is stable, but also indicated forces may be withdrawn by Oct. 31.

Shabaab said it captured the town of Diif on the border with Kenya and also said its "cartographers will soon redraw the geographical boundaries carved up by inebriated colonial masters in preparation for Islamic Khilaafa." Shabaab and government forces clashed in the Karaan area of Mogadishu; the Somali government claimed it repelled the attacks.

Kenya's hide-and-seek war with Al-Shabaab

A suicide bomber killed only himself during a premature detonation near a Burundian military base in Mogadishu. Seven Shabaab fighters and five Puntland security personnel were reported killed during fighting near Bosaso. Kenya is considering withdrawing from Somalia in October.

Top US General warns of coordination between al-Qaeda-linked African terror groups

The 7/7 widow and a boom in British jihad

The Kenyan military killed 30 Shabaab fighters in an airstrike in Hirigle. Somali and African Union forces claimed to have ejected Shabaab forces from their last strongholds in Mogadishu.

Fifteen people were killed in Garbaharay during clashes between Shabaab and the pro-governemnt Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'a. The governor of the Bay region said Baidoa is "safe" after Shabaab abandoned the city last week.

The manager of Radio Somaliweyn was gunned down in front of his home in Mogadishu. Abdullahi Mohamed Saeed, a former member of parliament, was murdered at a market in Galkayo.

Al-Shabaab: the growing menace of the al-Qaeda affiliate

Shabaab killed nine Somali soldiers during an ambush in Lower Jubba; five Shabaab fighters were also killed. Shabaab killed five youths as they played soccer in Mogadishu.

Analysis: Somali reform rush may be militant lifeline

Somali al Qaeda's western reach

Norway - Indicted Muslim extremist Krekar 'will die in Somalia', says Somali Prime Minister

Shabaab claimed to have killed seven Kenyan troops during an ambush in Kulbiyow. A pro-government militia killed a Shabaab commander in Go'don.