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Think Again: Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda is weaker without bin Laden, but its franchise persists

AMISOM said it plans to expand operations outside of Mogadishu and urged Somalis to unite against Shabaab. Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Rage threatened Somali elders who participate in creating a constitution.

Six people were killed during clashes between Shabaab and Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'a in El Bur. Ethiopian troops arrested two members of parliament in Baidoa.

Shabaab has not denied rumors of Omar Hammami's death

Shabaab beheaded a businessman and dumped his body in Eel Adde after accusing him of being a spy for the government. AMISOM is aiding the government's investigation into the suicide attack at a theater in Mogadishu.

Shabaab killed two Ethiopian soldiers in an IED attack in Beledweyne. Ethiopian troops reportedly executed three men after the attack. One person was killed after Somali troops attacked a police checkpoint in Mogadishu.

Three people were killed in mortar attacks in Mogadishu. Shabaab is pressing dock workers in Kismayo to fight in their army. Seven pirates were killed during clashes between rival groups in Mudug.

Brennan on bin Laden raid, and "dangerous" Yemen

Puntland security forces arrested 15 Takfiri clerics in Galkayo and accused them of supporting attacks in the area. Somaliland pulled out of talks with the central government.

Shabaab dodges questions on rumor of Hammami's death

Burundian forces captured the Daynille airstrip in Mogadishu. One person was killed in a mortar attack in the capital. Two Shabaab commanders in Qoqani defected to the government.

A suicide bomber killed two Somali soldiers in Baidoa. Kenyan troops are reported to be advancing on Afmadow. Ethiopia said it would soon begin withdrawing its troops from Somalia.

A suicide bomber attacked a security headquarters in Baidoa, killing one official. Shabaab claimed three Ethiopian soldiers and two Somali troops were killed in the suicide attack.

Shabaab warned the British government that it would "be held accountable for the consequences of its actions" if Abu Qatada is deported to Jordan. Security officials said the government detained 50 Shabaab fighters in Mogadishu.

Somali forces claimed to have defeated Shabaab in the southern district of Afmadow; seven Shabaab fighters were said to have been killed. Several members of Prime Minister Abdiweli's security detail are reported to have been detained for involvement in a suicide attack at a theater in Mogadishu.

Shabaab hit the airport and state house in Baidoa with mortars. US-born Shabaab commander Omar Hammami is rumored to have been executed by Shabaab.

The Danish Navy freed 12 hostages and captured 16 pirates while raiding a mothership off the coast of Somalia. The mayor of Mogadishu threatened to "eradicate" journalists from Shabelle.

Shabaab detained 25 khat traders in Kismayo. President Sharif said the government is prepared to aid Puntland in fighting Shabaab

Puntland's president said Shabaab forces have infiltrated the Golis Mountains. A Somali militia claimed it killed 18 Shabaab fighters in El Bur and Mudale. Somali and Kenyan forces said they inflicted "heavy casualties" on Shabaab forces in Gedo.