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Mogadishu transforms one year on from al-Shabaab exit

Eighteen people were killed as Somali troops and Shabaab forces clashed in the Qansah-dhere district in Bay. Somalis in Mogadishu protested against robberies by government forces.

Heavy fighting broke out in Afmadow after Shabaab forces attacked Kenyan troops at their bases in the town. Shabaab claimed it killed six Ugandan troops in an IED attack on an armored personnel carrier in Mogadishu.

A Somali comic who was critical of Shabaab was gunned down in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed credit for yesterday's suicide attacks in Mogadishu and also climbed it killed nine militiamen in Baidoa and 12 militiamen and six Kenyan troops in Fahfahdhun.

The Somali parliament approved a new constitution that is based on sharia, or Islamic Law; two suicide bombers were killed outside the building in Mogadishu where the vote took place.

A soldier was killed in an IED attack in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed it killed three Kenyan policemen in an ambush in Mandera, just across the Somali border. A tribal elder and his son were gunned down in Galkayo.

Eight Shabaab fighters were reportedly killed during fighting with Somali forces in Gedo. Shabaab claimed it assassinated the head of a government militia in Gofgudud.

Syria's Conflict Intrudes on Antakya, Turkey

Shabaab claimed it killed 11 Ethiopian soldiers in separate attacks in Yurkud and Hudur, six Kenyan troops in Gedo, two Burundian soldiers in Daynille, eight "apostates" in Sinka Dheer, and scores of "apostates" in Mogadishu. Somali officials claimed 26 Shabaab fighters were killed in Gedo.

Obama administration weighs intervention in Mali

Will Ethiopian crackdown stir Islamist backlash?

Shabaab to try, execute 3 more Somalis for 'spying'

Militiamen reportedly killed a senior Shabaab commander in Ufurow in Bay. Shabaab announced that it is interrogating three "spies." Shabaab forces attacked an army base in Hudur.

NCTC director: 'We remain at war with al Qaeda'

During testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security on July 25, National Counterterrorism Center director Matthew Olsen provided his organization's view of the ongoing fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates.

Shabaab claimed it killed seven Kenyan troops in an ambush in Kulbiyow, and killed four soldiers in an IED attack in Baidoa. A bomb was detonated at a police checkpoint outside of Mogadishu's Police Academy, where Somali delegates are writing a new constitution.

Al Qaeda Insinuating Its Way Into Syria's Conflict

Ethiopian troops arrested two senior Somali police and military officers in Baidoa. Somali forces fought amongst themselves in Mogadishu. The UN said US drone operations over Somalia pose a threat to civilian flights.

Drone operations over Somalia pose danger to air traffic, UN report says

If all goes well, Somalia soon may have a government

Shabaab executed three men for spying for the CIA and MI6. Two of the men were involved in the drone strike that killed al Qaeda leader Bilal al Berjawi. Shabaab forces and Kenyan troops clashed in Qogani and Kulbiyow.