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Shabaab suicide bombers attack restaurant in Mogadishu

Two suicide bombers attacked a Mogadishu restaurant frequented by Somali expatriates. The attackers opened fire on security guards, killing one, before detonating their explosives. Somalia said Uganda's threatened withdrawal from the AMISOM force poses risk at a "critical moment."

A Uganda People's Defence Force spokesman said more than 500 soldiers from Uganda and Burundi have been killed and wounded in Somalia; exact figures have not been provided. Security forces detained 300 suspected Shabaab fighters in Kismayo.

Security forces arrested several Shabaab fighters thought to be involved with the assassination of a general in Marka. The UN is opposed to lifting the arms embargo.

Shabaab killed four people in a hand grenade attack in Kismayo, and claimed it killed 38 Ethiopian soldiers in an IED attack in Owdinle. Three people were killed as Shabaab and government forces clashed near Baidoa.

Pirate attacks off Somalia plummet thanks to navies, armed guards

Warsame Shire Awale, a popular Somali poet who advocated against Shabaab, was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen near his Mogadishu home. Shabaab has killed more than 10 journalists so far this year.

Shabaab fighters attacked the home of the district commissioner for Bardale; one bodyguard was killed. Shabaab claimed it killed the intelligence chief for Daynile. A journalist who was wounded in an attack in Mogadishu last week died at a hospital.

Shabaab killed a Somali general in an ambush in El Waregow near the port city of Marka. Five Somali policemen were killed in a bombing at a police station in Kismayo. Five people were killed during clashes in lower Jubba between Kenyan and Somali forces.

How families on both sides of the law face tough choices in Somalia

Uganda threatened to withdraw from Somalia after the United Nations criticized the country for supporting the March 23 Movement, a rebel group fighting the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Uganda People's Defence Force has 5,700 troops in Somalia, the largest AMISOM contingent.

The Ugandan military confirmed Shabaab's claim that four of its soldiers were killed in an attack in Baidoa. Eight civilians were killed in a mortar attack in Leego.

One Somali soldier was killed during a firefight in Marka. Ugandan and Somali troops raided a Shabaab weapons depot in Albao. A Puntland court sentenced a Yemeni to death for smuggling weapons.

IMU video shows attack in Pakistan's 'Tribal Areas'

Another Somali journalist was gunned down; 16 Somali reporters have been killed so far this year. Kenyan troops captured a female Shabaab commander and 72 fighters in Kismayo. Police displayed four Shabaab assassins in Mogadishu.

Somali pirates hijacking fewer merchant ships

Shabaab killed four Ugandan soldiers in an ambush near Baidoa. Shabaab threatened to attack Britain over the extradition of Abu Hamza al Masri to the the US.

Shabaab threatens Britain over extradition of Abu Hamza al Masri

Abu-Hamza-al-Masri.jpg"The nightmare that surreptitiously looms on British shores is bound to eclipse the horrors of 7/7 and 21/7 combined," Shabaab said on its Twitter account.

Kenyan warplanes bombed Shabaab forces as they gathered outside of Dhobley. Two bombings were reported in Kismayo. Shabaab claimed it killed "29 kuffar invaders" in attacks over the past five days.

Several people were killed in an IED attack in Baidoa. A civilian was gunned down in Kismayo. Twenty people were wounded in a bombing at a wedding in Mogadishu.