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Militant Threats Test Role of a Pentagon Command in Africa

A suicide bomber killed four people in an attack that targeted a senior police official in Galkayo. Shabaab claimed credit for the attack and said that six "apostate troops" were killed.

Exclusive: U.N. monitors see arms reaching Somalia from Yemen, Iran

Have hired guns finally scuppered Somali pirates?

Shabaab claimed that 204 "apostate militia" members defected from the government in Qansaxdhere, Gedo, and Bay and Bakool over the past three months. Britain will deploy military advisers to Mogadishu.

France plays down report of ransom paid for Niger hostages

Jail for journalist working on rape story in Somalia

Shabaab fighters ambushed an Ethiopian military convoy in Gedo; several Shabaab fighters and Ethiopian soldiers are reported to have been killed in the fighting. Shabaab killed two Ethiopian soldiers in an IED attack in Baidoa.

A Ugandan soldier was killed in an IED attack in Mogadishu. President Mohamud said he is prepared to negotiate with Shabaab if the al Qaeda group renounces its goal to overthrow the government.

Shabaab claimed that it killed 24 Ethiopian soldiers during attacks on outposts in and around Baidoa. The commander of the African Union forces said that Shabaab has been weakened militarily. The UN's secretary-general said that the 21-year-old arms embargo should be reviewed.

Shabaab claimed credit for the Jan. 29 suicide attack outside of the prime minister's home in Mogadishu. Shabaab claimed that seven security officers, including three senior figures, were killed in the blast.

NATO Secretary General's Annual Report 2012

A witness claimed that six security personnel were killed in yesterday's blast outside of the prime minister's home in Mogadishu. The World Food Program began distributing aid in Kismayo for the first time in four years.

A suicide bomber killed two Somali security personnel in an attack near the prime minister's home in Villa Somalia. A minister said that the suicide bomber was a former employee of the National Intelligence and Security Agency.

'Darker Sides': The Vast Islamist Sanctuary of 'Sahelistan'

Pakistan still global jihad hub

Twitter has banned Shabaab's account, @HSMPress, after the group released a video threatening to kill Kenyans. The military detained several suspected Shabaab fighters during a raid on the village of Bayahow near Jowhar.

Shabaab released a video of two captured Kenyans. The al Qaeda affiliate said it would execute the Kenyans in three weeks if Kenya doesn't release all prisoners.

Bildt: Sweden in dark over US terror extradition

Algeria Attack Shows Reach of Militants