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Victims of Shabaab's sharia courts are petitioning the government for support. The jihadist group's former intelligence chief, Zakariya Ismail Hersi, said he has quit the group and renounced violence; Hersi surrendered to Somali forces in December. Somalia's president renewed an amnesty offer for Shabaab members who leave the group.

President Obama's 'successful' counterterrorism strategy in Yemen in limbo

Bomb explodes near Turkish delegation in Somalia day before president's visit

A car bomb targeting a Turkish government convoy killed five policeman and one bystander in Mogadishu just prior to a planned visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan; Erdogan postponed his Jan. 23 arrival to attend the funeral of Saudi King Abdullah. The UN, IGAD, AMISOM and the UK issued a joint statement voicing "concern over delays in the resolution of Somalia's long-standing political crisis."

The US is sending 20 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored vehicles to African Union forces combatting terrorism in Somalia. Turkish special forces arrived in Mogadishu prior to a visit by President Raccip Tayyip Erdogan.

A blockade by Shabaab on the Bakool town of Waajid of southwest Somalia is causing a food shortage. Two would-be bombers were killed when their explosives prematurely detonated as they were driving a rickshaw in Mogadishu. The the district commissioner of the city of Afgooye and two of his bodyguards were killed when their vehicle hit a landline in Mogadishu.

Jihadists killed two police officers and injured three others in an attack on a police station in northern Puntland. A Shabaab commander surrendered to Somali security forces in Luq in southwestern Somalia.

Shabaab struck a troop convoy in Kismayu with a remote-controlled IED, killing three soldiers. Shabaab also claimed responsibility for a hand grenade attack on a police station in Bossaso on Jan. 10 that lightly wounded two soldiers and a civilian.

Shabaab executed four men accused of being spies by firing squad in the town of Bardhere in southwestern Somalia. The country has formed a new counterterrorism police unit that will be deployed to Mogadishu.

Twenty Shabaab fighters were killed and 29 others wounded by Puntland Defence Forces when the jihadists attacked military bases in Galgala in northern Somalia. Five Puntland soldiers were also killed, and senior Shabaab leader including Mukhtar Abdinur Ahmed was captured in the assault. One security guard was killed and seven Kenyan teachers were wounded when an IED struck their bus in Galkaayo in Central Somalia. Britain is reportedly preparing to send security advisers to Mogadishu to assist in counterterrorism efforts.

At least five people were killed and another three wounded in a car bomb attack on a Somali Special Forces unit in Mogadishu on Jan. 4. Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. Djiboutian peacekeepers will be deployed to central Somalia to monitor an upcoming state election.

US military confirms Shabaab's intel chief killed in airstrike

US targets 'senior leader' for Shabaab in southern Somalia

The US has launched multiple airstrikes and raids against Shabaab's leadership cadre over the past decade.

Captured Shabaab official previously identified as group's 'chief of intelligence'

Somali officials have reportedly captured Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi, who has been identified by the State Department as Shabaab's "chief of intelligence." The UN has said that another Shabaab official held that role.

A ministry of national security spokesman stated that military intelligence arrested at least seven suspected Shabaab fighters in Kahda district and Shabelle province; 228 were arrested during a security operation in Mogadishu. The jihadist group claimed that it has collected $9 million in zakat (alms) in areas under its control.

Suspected Shabaab fighters attacked the military base of the African Union Mission in Somalia in Mogadishu with mortars on Dec. 14; nearly 200 suspected members of the jihadist group were detained throughout the city earlier that day. Shabaab has conducted five beheadings in Somalia over the past week.

Shabaab in Kenya's slums

A soldier avenged Shabaab's murder of his wife and a female soldier by killing five female relatives of jihadists. The UN plans to repatriate 10,000 Somalian refugees from Kenya.

Two suicide bombings killed 15 people, most of them journalists and politicians, at a restaurant in Baidoa northwest of Mogadishu on Dec. 5. Local police announced the arrest of at least 60 suspected members of Shabaab after the attack. A Kenyan military plane crashed in southern Somalia on Dec. 4; Kenyan authorities cited mechanical issues, whereas Shabaab fighters asserted that the aircraft was shot down. The Somali prime minister was removed from office after a no-confidence vote by the parliament.

At least six people were killed in a Shabaab car bomb attack on a UN convoy in Mogadishu; a second blast was aimed at African Union vehicles 15 miles from the city. The Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency claimed that security forces dismantled three Shabaab cells in recent operations, netting a "weapons cache and scores of" suspects.