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Inside a Shabaab training camp

Shabaab returns to Twitter nearly 3 months after Westgate

Mysterious 'white widow' eludes police in Africa

Shabaab strikes in Puntland

Recent Shabaab suicide assaults spur Somali and AMISOM operations

Another Shabaab suicide assault in Beledweyne

Shabaab offers condolences to Mullah Omar and Zawahiri over Hakeemullah Mehsud's death

Somalia sees rise in militant defectors who can aid spy service, but some carry out attacks

Somalia: Shabaab ousts traditional elders in favor of loyalists

Somalia's future relies on an army that does not yet exist

Former spy: Kenya mall attack 'could have been prevented'

Pirates use millions of dollars in ransom on drugs, prostitutes

US drones kill 2 Shabaab operatives in southern Somalia

A senior explosives expert was one of two Shabaab members killed in the airstrike. Today's drone strike is the second reported US raid this month targeting a top Shabaab leader.

Samantha Lewthwaite 'received British passport before going on run'

Norway's Somalis worry extremism is spreading

Why dozens of ethnic Somalis in Scandinavia are embracing jihad

Military rally, suicide attack highlight Shabaab's resilience in Somalia

Let's admit it, we overlooked and underestimated al Shabaab

Al-Shabaab hate video 'threatens prominent British Muslims'

Exclusive: U.N. Uncovers 'Credible' New al-Shabab Terror Plot