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Buffalo transportation worker returns to job after heady tour as Somali prime minister

Mogadishu celebrates Islamists' withdrawal but fears grow of new 'guerrilla' offensive

Exclusive: Somali pirate ransoms skirt US directives

Somalia famine: Islamist fighters pull out of Mogadishu to allow food to be distributed

Shabaab withdraws forces from Mogadishu

Militants retreat from Mogadishu

Boy fighters of Somalia warn of al-Shabab cruelty

US to ease anti-terrorism rules to help Somali famine victims

Somalis Waste Away as Insurgents Block Escape From Famine

Emergency aid flights brave war-torn Somalia

US adds American, Kenyan Shabaab leaders to list of designated terrorists

US citizen Omar Hammami is directly linked to al Qaeda, while Hassan Mahat Omar, a Kenyan cleric, is identified as a key ideological leader in Nairobi.

African Union sources: Al-Shabaab planning push during Ramadan

Somalia - Militants Bedevil Famine-Relief Bid

Eritrea planned massive bomb attack on African Union summit, UN says

Al Shabaab recruited dozens of Americans: US report

Horn of Africa aid caravan too late, again

More than 2 million Somalis out of aid groups' reach

Somali Islamists maintain aid ban and deny famine

Aid agencies deal with terrorists to reach Somalia's starving

Analysts: Somali war helped turn drought to famine