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Yemeni Interior Ministry unveils terrorist plans against government facilities

Al Shabaab's British accent

All quieter on al Qaeda's English front

Boko Haram plans 'to eradicate Christians' from areas in Nigeria

Kenya's hide-and-seek war with Al-Shabaab

Top US General warns of coordination between al-Qaeda-linked African terror groups

The 7/7 widow and a boom in British jihad

Al-Shabaab: the growing menace of the al-Qaeda affiliate

Analysis: Somali reform rush may be militant lifeline

Somali al Qaeda's western reach

Somali Islamist group formally declares allegiance to Shabaab, al Qaeda

Sheikh Mohammed Said Atom's forces in Puntland, which have operated under the aegis of Shabaab for years, have officially declared allegiance to the terror group.

Al Shabaab says extends reach into Somalia's Puntland

Moroccan jihadist killed in Somalia airstrike

Abu-Ibrahim.jpgAbu Ibrahim was one of three foreign jihadists killed in today's strike south of Mogadishu. The attack was likely carried out by the US.

Somali militants target addicts in UK's 'khat cafes'

Video: Hillary Clinton rules out Somalia air strikes

Peacekeepers to gain strength in Somalia

Video: David Cameron warns world will 'pay a price' for ignoring Somalia

Somalia: UK weighs up air strikes against rebels

Shabaab abandons western city as Ethiopian troops advance

Shabaab was in control of Baidoa for three years before abandoning the provincial capital today without a fight.

Al-Shabaab militia abducting teenage girls to marry fighters