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Geneva talks on Syria last chance to avoid foreign intervention

West may boost Syria rebels if Assad won't talk peace

Russian security forces killed Dzhamaleil Mutaliyev, whom they described as the "right hand man" of Caucasus Emirate leader Doku Umarov, during a shootout in the Ingush town of Nazran. Mutaliyev was killed along with another militant, Alikhan Ozdoyev, after refusing to surrender during a night raid in Nazran.

Security forces killed two suspected insurgents and arrested a third after a gunbattle in a Moscow suburb; the three men were Russians who had trained in Afghanistan or Pakistan, and were said to be planning an attack in the capital. Two successive car bombs detonated near court buildings in the Dagestani capital of Makhachkala, killing as many as eight people and wounding over 20. Successive bomb attacks are a hallmark of the North Caucasus Islamist insurgency.

Russia Signals Deep Support for Syria With New Missiles

EU to block arming of Syrian rebels

Syrian conflict threatens to spark ethnic upheaval in Turkey

Conspiracy Theories in Kyrgyzstan: Accounts Tie Boston Bombers' Family to Mafia

From Toronto to Dagestan; Canadian jihadi draws parallels with Tsarnaev

A court in the southwestern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don is hearing the case of Ali Taziyev, a.k.a. Magas, a top commander in the Caucasus Emirate Islamist insurgent group. He was arrested in 2010, and faces 24 charges of terrorism, including planning the assassination attempt against Ingushetia leader Yunus-Bek Yevkurov in 2009. A bomb detonated in the Dagestan capital of Makhachkala, killing two people and seriously injuring two more.

Security forces raided the home of two suspected terrorists in Dagestan, killing both. One of the dead men was identified as "the bomber" Shakhrudin Askhabov, who was linked to attacks on police and local stores. Five suspected insurgents have been killed in Dagestan this week, and thousands of people were evacuated from a Dagestani village during a counterterrorism operation earlier in April.

U.S. Analysis of Syria's Russian-Made Air Defenses

Russia Says Chemical Weapons No Pretext For Syria Intervention

Families Fear Kyrgyz Sons Are Making Way To Syrian Battlefield

Reconstructing the trail of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's deleted Instagram account

Security forces looking for Islamist militants rounded up 140 Muslims, including 30 foreigners, from a Moscow prayer room; it was not clear whether they would be charged. Law enforcement personnel claimed that some of the detainees had joined the North Caucasus Islamist insurgency.

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Mystery Swirls Around Boston Bombing Suspect's Trip To Daghestan

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