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Four separate explosions in Mindanao killed 6 people and wounded 56, the deadliest of which occurred outside a Catholic church in Sulu province. The government dispatched 200 additional police to Lligian City, and ordered the military on full alert until President Arroyo's State of the Union Address on July 27.

A bomb packed with nails exploded outside a Roman Catholic cathedral in Cotabato City, killing five people and wounding 30 during a mass presided over by an archbishop. The Pope condemned the attack; President Arroyo also ordered an anti-terrorism task force dispatched to Catabato City to hunt down those responsible.

A bomb planted by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front exploded prematurely outside a coffee shop in Maguindanao province, killing one terrorist and wounding 15 civilians. Muhammad Ameen, chairman of MILF, announced that he believed the government was suspending peace negotiations as a counterinsurgency tactic.

Abu Sayyaf fighters killed seven policemen during an ambush in the town of Sumisip in Basilan province. Abu Sayyaf fighters also killed two Army engineers assigned to construct schools in the town of in Tipo-Tipo in Basilan.

Nine wounded in southern Philippine bomb attack

Four policemen and a woman were wounded when Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters fired mortars at a military unit in Sultan Kudarat province. At least 20 MILF fighters attacked a road-building construction site in Maguindanao, killing a worker and wounding four other civilians. The military announced that General Ben Dolorfino, a Muslim convert, was appointed to command the Philippine Armed Forces in Western Mindanao.

Philippines arrests Jemaah Islamiyah fighters

Four Abu Sayyaf fighters were killed and two Marines were wounded in intense fighting in Sulu province. On Saturday, at least 10 Moro Islamic Liberation Front insurgents were killed and 20 wounded in Maguindanao. Although the Phillippine constitution prohibits the participation of foreign troops in combat operations, US military commanders declared that their primary mission in the Philippines is to deny terrorists sanctuary, and they pledged further intelligence-sharing.

Marines assaulted an outpost of Abu Sayyaf near Parang on Jolo island, killing four terrorists and forcing them deeper into the jungle. The military has shifted tactics against Abu Sayyaf, focusing on a campaign of attrition to aggressively reduce their fighting capacity.

Blasts kill 1, wound 32 near Philippines beauty contest

Philippine military shifts tactics against Abu Sayyaf

Abu Sayyaf fighters ambushed a squad of Marines and National Police in Parang town in Sulu province, killing six troops and wounding ten. Police and militia rescued two abducted workers employed by a US-funded international development project in Mindanao within hours after they were abducted, thanks to prompt cooperation from local residents

Red Cross hostage alive amid clashes in Philippines

Eight Abu Sayaaf fighters and two soldiers were killed during a raid on a terrorist camp in the southern province of Sulu. Abu Sayyaf leader Albader Parad, who is said to be behind the kidnapping of Red Cross workers, was among 13 wounded. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said the government is prepared for a new round of talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Kamsa Limaya, an Abu Sayyaf leader, was arrested on June 4 at a checkpoint in Basilan in connection with kidnappings in 2008. An Army soldier was killed and two were wounded in Maguindanao when their truck hit a land mine placed by Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters. The Army also accused MILF of contaminating a nearby creek, sickening 10 Army troops who drank the water.

An Abu Sayyaf commander, Alimari Alamirul, was killed in fighting in Basilan province. After three days of intense fighting that culminated in the capture of a Moro Islamic Liberation Front camp, 30 rebel fighters have been killed and twenty wounded in Maguindanao province.

Nine fighters from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and one civilian were killed in clashes in Maguindanao province. The soldiers attacked MILF camps after two Army bases were attacked by company-sized forces of MILF fighters. Abu Sayyaf released a Sri Lankan peace activist after nearly four months of captivity. The US is attempting to ensure the bounties for captured Abu Sayyaf leaders are paid to the proper person.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front detonated an improvised explosive device while a group of soldiers and civilians were washing in a creek in Maguindanao, killing a soldier and a civilian and wounding four others. MILF bombed two electrical transmission towers in Maguindanao, knocking out power over a wide area.

Exchanging their firearms for monetary reward, 19 Moro Islamic Liberation Front insurgents surrendered at a military encampment in lligan City. In the village of Bulanan in Maguindanao province, three MILF fighters were killed by an Army patrol. Despite the violence, the Philippine government reiterated its support for a peace treaty with MILF, with the assistance of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

The Army attacked an Abu Sayyaf jungle outpost on Basilan island, killing two leaders and eight insurgents who were involved in the beheading of a farmer and the kidnapping of three school teachers who were freed yesterday. Rogue members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front were attached to the Abu Sayyaf militants in their jungle hideout. Two Abu Sayyaf members were arrested in Sulu as suspects in the attempted assassination of the governor of Sulu province on May 13.