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Philippine military shifts tactics against Abu Sayyaf

Abu Sayyaf fighters ambushed a squad of Marines and National Police in Parang town in Sulu province, killing six troops and wounding ten. Police and militia rescued two abducted workers employed by a US-funded international development project in Mindanao within hours after they were abducted, thanks to prompt cooperation from local residents

Red Cross hostage alive amid clashes in Philippines

Eight Abu Sayaaf fighters and two soldiers were killed during a raid on a terrorist camp in the southern province of Sulu. Abu Sayyaf leader Albader Parad, who is said to be behind the kidnapping of Red Cross workers, was among 13 wounded. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said the government is prepared for a new round of talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Kamsa Limaya, an Abu Sayyaf leader, was arrested on June 4 at a checkpoint in Basilan in connection with kidnappings in 2008. An Army soldier was killed and two were wounded in Maguindanao when their truck hit a land mine placed by Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters. The Army also accused MILF of contaminating a nearby creek, sickening 10 Army troops who drank the water.

An Abu Sayyaf commander, Alimari Alamirul, was killed in fighting in Basilan province. After three days of intense fighting that culminated in the capture of a Moro Islamic Liberation Front camp, 30 rebel fighters have been killed and twenty wounded in Maguindanao province.

Nine fighters from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and one civilian were killed in clashes in Maguindanao province. The soldiers attacked MILF camps after two Army bases were attacked by company-sized forces of MILF fighters. Abu Sayyaf released a Sri Lankan peace activist after nearly four months of captivity. The US is attempting to ensure the bounties for captured Abu Sayyaf leaders are paid to the proper person.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front detonated an improvised explosive device while a group of soldiers and civilians were washing in a creek in Maguindanao, killing a soldier and a civilian and wounding four others. MILF bombed two electrical transmission towers in Maguindanao, knocking out power over a wide area.

Exchanging their firearms for monetary reward, 19 Moro Islamic Liberation Front insurgents surrendered at a military encampment in lligan City. In the village of Bulanan in Maguindanao province, three MILF fighters were killed by an Army patrol. Despite the violence, the Philippine government reiterated its support for a peace treaty with MILF, with the assistance of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

The Army attacked an Abu Sayyaf jungle outpost on Basilan island, killing two leaders and eight insurgents who were involved in the beheading of a farmer and the kidnapping of three school teachers who were freed yesterday. Rogue members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front were attached to the Abu Sayyaf militants in their jungle hideout. Two Abu Sayyaf members were arrested in Sulu as suspects in the attempted assassination of the governor of Sulu province on May 13.

Rogue Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters bombed a major bridge in Maguindanao and burned several local homes. Abu Sayyaf released three schoolteachers abducted in Zamboanga in January. The US announced $2.5 million in rewards for Abu Sayyaf members involved in the kidnapping of three Americans in 2001.

Police disarmed an IED made with chemical fertilizers and packed with nails at a ticket office in the port of Nasipit in Agusan del Norte. According to the Italian ambassador, Abu Sayyaf captive and Italian citizen Eugenio Vagni is expected to be released from captivity within the week. Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters launched several attacks on Army positions in Maguindanao, targeting artillery positions and munition dumps.

A truck was ambushed near Zamboanga City by rogue Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels, killing three civilians and wounding five. The military also claimed that MILF occupied six Christian villages in Mindanao. A MILF commander, Maj. General Alfredo Cayton, was wounded in Maguindanao last week during an Army assault.

Abu Sayyaf terrorists beheaded a 61-year-old man who was abducted from Zamboanga City three weeks ago, sparking concern for the safety of six school teachers held captive in the same area. The Court of Appeals in Manila upheld the conviction of former Abu Sayyaf leader Hector Abubakar Janjalani for drug violations leading to his arrest in 2000.

A commander of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front surrendered with 57 of his men and 42 small arms to the Army's First Infantry Division in Lanao Del Norte province. Two weeks ago, 11 other MILF leaders surrendered in Lanao Del Norte after negotiations with government officials.

Fifty Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters raided a remote village in Sultan Kudarat province, captured twenty villagers, burned homes, and stole farm animals while they used the civilians as human shields against pursuing Army troops. Although MILF peacefully released the hostages after making an escape, an Army official cited the attack as evidence that the rebel group's command structure has collapsed.

The Philippine government formally requested that Malaysia extradite four Abu Sayyaf suspects wanted for taking part in the kidnapping of ten European tourists and eleven Asian workers in 2000. The Abu Sayyaf members have been detained by the Malaysian government for non-terrorism charges, including violating immigration law.

A town mayor and at least three security personnel were wounded when Abu Sayyaf militants exploded a bomb-rigged motorcycle near the convoy of Sulu Governor Sakur Tan on Jolo island. The military bombed Moro Islamic Liberation Front positions in Maguindanao province after a clash broke out between the Army and hundreds of MILF fighters.

Twenty-five Abu Sayyaf fighters and five government officials were killed during fighting on Jolo island. Abu Sayyaf fighters started the fighting after ambushing and murdering the chief superintendent and four of his men. Police and government forces pursued the Abu Sayyaf fighters, who are said to be holding the last Red Cross worker hostage.

Heavily-armed Abu Sayyaf fighters ambushed police, killing four police officers, including the chief of police in Sulu. Four Abu Sayyaf fighters were killed in the ensuing firefight. Two fishermen were wounded in Sarangani by suspected Moro Islamic Front rebels who indiscriminately attacked a coastal village.