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Officials in the east-central state of Benue confirmed that Boko Haram has infiltrated the state and appealed to the federal government to deploy antiterrorism forces to Benue. In Kano state, police said they had recovered 1,123 improved explosive devices in the state in 2012 and had defused 68 such devices that year.

Suspected Boko Haram militants staged a brazen attack against the Nigerian Prison Service Farm Center in Maiduguri, freeing several jailed inmates. The previous day, Boko Haram militants and Nigerian state security forces clashed near Maiduguri and Marte, leaving at least seven killed.

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Nigeria Emerges as Center for Pirate Attacks

Suspected Boko Haram militants killed a soldier, a policeman, an old woman, and her grandchild at the police and municipal headquarters in Song in Adamawa state; they also burned the buildings. Similar attacks took place last week in Maiha, Hong, and Fufore, also in Adamawa state, which borders Cameroon.

President Goodluck Jonathan claimed that most of the Boko Haram members involved in major attacks throughout the country in 2011 "have been arrested." The attacks he mentioned included the suicide attack in the UN building and police headquarters in Abuja.

The army claimed it killed 13 Boko Haram militants in a gun battle in Maiduguri. One soldier also died in the clash, which erupted after the militants bombed army checkpoints.

In Nigeria, trapped between Islamist radicals and security forces

A senior church pastor of the Nigerian Church of the Brethren announced that around 50 of their churches had been burnt and at least 109 members had been killed in northern Nigeria since the insurrection by Boko Haram began. A former president of Nigeria predicted that the existence of Boko Haram will soon come to an end.

Four Boko Haram fighters and a policeman were killed in clashes in Damaturu, the provincial capital of Yobe. Security forces detained 59 people during the operation.

Suspected Boko Haram militants attacked a village last night in northeastern Nigeria and executed a group of 15 men, women, and children by tying them up and slitting their throats. A separate Boko Haram attack in Maiha near the border with Cameroon left at least two dead. The attackers burnt down the police divisional headquarters, a court, a satellite prison, a local education authority building, and a government lodge.

Al-Qaeda group: France endangers hostages by intervening in Mali

Boko Haram attacks 2 churches in northern Nigeria, kills 12

Boko_Haram_2011_Bombing.jpg Boko Haram fighters unleashed a series of attacks across northern Nigeria on Christmas Eve, killing at least 12 Christian worshipers and burning down two churches. Separately, Nigerian security forces killed 14 suspected Boko Haram members in northern Nigeria.

Security forces conducted a house-to-house search in Kano, where they found explosives in various locations and made some arrests. The military said the measures were taken to thwart a major terrorist attack planned to disrupt Christmas celebrations in the city.

The Nigerian Islamist group Ansaru claimed the kidnapping of a French engineer, saying it was retribution for France's ban on the niqab and the French role in Mali. Ansaru is believed to be an offshoot of Boko Haram. The UK added the al Qaeda-linked Ansaru to its terrorist list last month.

Two suicide car bombers attacked the offices of two mobile phone firms in Kano; the bombers died, and a security guard was injured. Boko Haram is suspected in the attacks.

Boko Haram suicide bombers attack mobile phone companies in Nigeria

France said al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb was likely behind the kidnapping of a Frenchman in Katsina; the local police claimed it looked like an "inside job." A court admitted into evidence over 200 pieces of improvised explosives in the case of six Boko Haram suspects arrested in July 2011.

A group of 30 gunmen stormed a residence in Katsina state near the Niger border, killed a security guard and a neighbor, and kidnapped a French engineer. The group threw a grenade at a police station following the kidnapping.

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