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Day of insurgent violence kills 19 in Afghanistan

NATO airstrike leaves 17 suspected militants dead in Afghanistan's Parwan province

US General Has Misgivings as Afghanistan Mission Ends

Afghan official says Western troops leaving prematurely

US moves ahead with plan for extra troops in Afghanistan until allies finalize plans

NATO launches Afghan training mission Resolute Support

Syria says US-led strikes have not weakened Islamic State

Official: Afghan President Orders Military Review

Europe, facing multiple threats, still isn't spending on defense

NATO promises Afghans air support after 2014 as it shuts key base

Ground operation in Syria 'not realistic', says Turkey

Arab Leaders Attack Islamic State With Intel

US signs pact to keep troops in Afghanistan past 2014

Taliban Press for Advantage as Politicians Work on Maneuvers in Kabul

Obama: US will 'take out' ISIS leaders

US says NATO group 'core' will form larger coalition to counter Islamic State

Obama and Cameron Call on NATO to Confront ISIS

NATO coalition in Afghanistan shrinking

Europe's fear: Turkey's porous border serves as gateway for ISIS's spread

US intervention in Libya now seen as a cautionary tale