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Anxious China emerges as diplomatic player in Afghanistan

One dead as gunmen attack NATO trucks in Jamrud

NATO to triple Baltic air patrol from next month

Ukraine Crisis Exposes Gaps Between Berlin and NATO

NATO: Merchant ship shot at in Strait of Hormuz

NATO appoints anti-war protester as next secretary general

Military Cuts Render NATO Less Formidable as Deterrent to Russia

'Absence of US presence post 2014 to boost Al Qaeda': top NATO commander

Newly technology built to stop suicide car bombers

Study Warns on Afghan Troop Cuts

Russia, NATO plan joint operation on Syria's chemical weapons

Obama and Hollande: France and the US enjoy a renewed alliance

Lack of bilateral agreement would be blow to Afghan army, NATO chief says

In lieu of Afghan security pact, NATO must remain flexible, defense chiefs say

US Softens Deadline for Deal to Keep Troops in Afghanistan

NATO troops forced to risk dilapidated tunnel to get out of Afghanistan

No tolerance for militants headed to Syria, Turkish FM Davuto─člu says

NATO plans bigger exercises as it winds down Afghan mission

American, NATO officials offer mixed reports on readiness of Afghan troops ahead of withdrawal

Angry Pakistan to assess US ties after killing of militant disrupts talks