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The UN said French and Chadian troops have destroyed almost six tonnes of explosives and weapons that they found recently in two caches located about 95 miles southwest of Tessalit. In September nearly a tonne of explosives was found near Anefis.

The government has filed treason charges against former President Amadou Toumani, who was ousted by a military coup in April 2013. He is accused of "naming incompetent officers and soldiers, whose patriotism was questionable, to high-level posts." The Defense Ministry recently announced the arrest of Aliou Mahamar Toure, the brutal former chief of Islamic Police in Gao; he was reportedly detained while driving a scooter near Bourem.

US adds Belmokhtar's brigades to terrorist lists

Mokhtar Belmokhtar's al-Mulathameen Brigade is behind terror attacks in Niger, Algeria, and Mali. Its "aliases," the al-Murabitoon Brigade and al Mua'qi'oon Biddam, have also been added to the US's lists of terror groups.

A suicide car bombing in Kidal killed two Senegalese members of the UN peacekeeping force and destroyed the only operating bank in the town. Several other people were seriously injured, and more casualties are feared from the collapse of the bank building. In the town of Teringuite, at least 80 militants from the al Qaeda-linked Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO) led by commander Abou Dardar attacked a Tuareg camp and killed two people.

Organised crime and terrorism among big threats facing the Sahel

French military forces have killed 19 Islamist militants during an ongoing operation north of Timbuktu. The French operation, said to involve a large number of troops and about 100 military vehicles and helicopters, was launched last week against al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb fighters in the area between the communes of Bouje-Baya and Arouane. A local security source said "there are a lot of jihadi movements" in the area.

An AP reporter's quest to find bodies of victims killed by Malian military ends in the desert

Authorities have discovered a mass grave in Diago, just north of Bamako, containing the bodies of 21 people. An investigation is proceeding to determine whether they are the remains of 21 soldiers who disappeared during a failed counter-coup in April 2012.

Africa: AU Member States' Reluctance to Transform State Broadcaster Undermines Good Governance

Maghreb still faces Mali menace

After a flareup of violence in Kidal, the separatist Tuareg Azawad group, consisting of the MNLA, MAA, and HCUA, ended its ceasefire with the government. The International Red Cross said conflict in the north is depriving most Malians in the area of access to health services. Cheibani Ould Hama, a Malian member of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb linked to the murder of an American official in Niger in 2000, was arrested along with three other persons in northern Mali by French forces.

Local security forces detained General Amadou Sanogo, the leader of the March 2012 military coup, for questioning. He is suspected of financial crimes and involvement in the deaths and disappearances of soldiers who resisted the coup last year.

A senior security official warned that Ansar Dine has reemerged as a threat and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb leader Abdelkrim al-Targui "is closing in too." Kidal residents complained of the continuing presence of extremist groups. The Malian military is trying to combat sleeper cells in areas such as Gao and Timbuktu. The reconciliation minister for the north said that "rebels, terrorists, and drug traffickers switch between Ansar Dine, MUJAO, and AQIM." The MINUMSA force in Mali is still at less than half its planned 12,600-man strength.

Mali votes in parliamentary elections amid high security

Turnout was low in parliamentary elections today. Demonstrators protested in Kidal against the elections, and gunmen stole ballot boxes and election materials in Goundam and Lere, near Timbuktu. Tuareg separatists smashed car windows in Gao, and destroyed ballot boxes in Tataye. Sixteen people were killed in clashes between ethnic Peul and separatist Tuareg near the Niger border.

French special forces in Tessalit killed Hacene Ould Khalill, a.k.a. Jouleibib, a Mauritanian national who served as deputy head of Mokhtar Belmokhtar's Those Who Sign in Blood Brigade, which merged with MUJAO in August. Suspected MUJAO militants fired rockets into Gao. At least three French soldiers in an armored vehicle were wounded in an explosion outside Kidal.

Mali: RFI Journalists Killed Due to Oil Leak, French Investigator

Boko Haram Expands Reach With Kidnapping of French Priest

French and Malian authorities are searching for Baye Ag Bakabo, a Tuareg rebel and drug trafficker linked to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, who is suspected in the murders of two French journalists in Kidal. No arrests have been made so far. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said militants from the Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram have trained in Mali. Libya's foreign minister said al Qaeda elements maintain links with organized crime networks, which presents border security challenges.

Insight: Revival of Islamists in Mali tests French, UN nerve