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Mali's new prime minister, Oumar Tatam Ly, unveiled a 34-person cabinet that includes two members of the military junta that overthrew the previous government. The US has lifted restrictions placed on Mali at the time of the coup, allowing the immediate resumption of development assistance. The US also promised to "continue to assess when and how to reengage with Malian security institutions."

Mali's new PM forms first post-war cabinet

Laaouar turns to propaganda to boost image

Residents of Gao recently protested the return of a number of former jihadists to the area, and complained that authorities have released them in exchange for money. The head negotiator for the MNLA and the High Council of Azawad said the Tuareg rebels want a political and legal status for the territory called Azawad.

Insight: UN's Mali task is state-building as much as peacekeeping

Al Qaeda group led by Belmokhtar, MUJAO unite to form al-Murabitoon

Over 100 Nigerian Soldiers Stranded in Mali, As Authorities Mull Road Trip

Morocco takes down al-Qaeda cell

Extremists exploit Sahel unrest

Official election results confirm that Ibrahim Boubacar Keita won the Aug. 11 presidential election. Captain Amadou Sanogo, who led the March 2012 coup, was promoted to the rank of four-star general. Three Malian separatist groups, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), the Touareg tribal-led Supreme Council for Azawad Unity (HCUA), and the Arab Movement for Azawad (MAA), agreed on Aug. 9 to end acts that could "undermine peaceful co-existence"; they also called for a political settlement with the government and the release of Azawadi detainees.

Runoff rival Soumaila Cisse conceded defeat last night, acknowledging that former Prime Minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has won the election for president. The UN mission in Mali said there were no significant incidents during Sunday's voting, and that "the lack of violence was impressive in a country which has just emerged from conflict."

Wuhayshi imparted lessons of AQAP operations in Yemen to AQIM

The al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula emir was providing guidance to al Qaeda's affiliate in North Africa on its operation in northern Mali more than one year ago.

Independent observers praise Mali election

Tuareg of northern Mali say election alone will not bring peace

Warlords' Rivalry Vexes Northern Mali

Al Qaeda's widening North African jihad confounds foes

After an unprecedented 53% national turnout in the presidential election on July 28, frontrunner former prime minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keita will face ex-finance minister Soumaila Cisse in a runoff election on Aug. 11. Malian refugees have begun returning home from Mauritania.

Who is Mali's 'IBK': junta's man or people's president?

A fresh start for Mali?

France congratulated Mali on the smooth running of its first presidential election since a military coup in March 2012. The al Qaeda-linked Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO) had threatened to target voters, election officials, and government and military sites. Although the vote count will not be complete until later this week, initial reports suggested that favorite Ibrahim Boubacar Keita is in the lead and may be able to avoid a runoff election.