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Ansar al Sharia Libya honors Abu Anas al Libi

The Chief of Libya's Military Police, Colonel Ahmed Mustafa Al-Barghathi, was assassinated outside his home in Benghazi by masked gunmen. Two policemen were wounded in Tripoli after gunmen attacked a checkpoint; four members of a militia were arrested.

A local army commander was assassinated in Derna, considered one of the most dangerous places in Libya. A Benghazi Joint Operations Room spokesman claimed that an explosion near a police station actually targeted a plant nursery. A recent explosion that killed four Ansar al Sharia militants at a camp in Sirte is rumored to have been the result of a US drone attack.

Documents reveal NSA's extensive involvement in targeted killing program

Tripoli's Al-Ahly soccer team withdrew from the national league in protest after threats to its players and gun attacks on a player and the coach; security issues already prevent fans from attending soccer games, which are televised instead. The deputy spokesperson for the US Secretary of State disagreed with the notion that Libya was falling apart, but US businessmen have expressed concerns about growing instability, and a US Marine crisis response team was moved from Spain to Italy on Oct. 8.

Mayhem in Benghazi is being blamed on Ahmed Boukhtala, a militant leader with ties to Ansar al Sharia who is also suspected in the Sept. 11, 2012 on the US Consulate. Malta's consul in Benghazi left Libya after receiving a "credible threat" to his safety. A bomb killed a Benghazi policeman. Militants slit the throats of two soldiers in Benghazi. Four militants at an Ansar al Sharia camp in Sirte were killed while moving explosives; one of the dead militants was said to be an Egyptian, and two others were identified as Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Mashaiye and Adel Al-Forjani. Libyan professional soccer players in Tripoli are being threatened and attacked. A security official was assassinated in Zliten. Prime Minister Zeitan called the Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room "terrorists" who want to bring down the government.

Gunmen shot and killed a senior officer in Benghazi; another senior officer in Benghazi was injured in a car bombing. A Benghazi imam also was injured in a car bombing. The Benghazi home of a Sirte commander was bombed yesterday. The Derna head of the liberal National Forces Alliance party survived an assassination attempt on Oct. 11. A fire broke out near the Foreign Ministry yesterday. Mohamed Sawan, who heads the Justice and Construction party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, called for the resignation of Prime Minister Zeidan.

The Inevitable Rise Of Al-Qaeda in Libya

Tripoli security official Abdelmonem Al-Said, who founded the Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room militia in July, is suspected of involvement in a plot hatched a week ago to abduct Prime Minister Zeidan. The bodies of three men who had been tortured and killed were found outside the Tripoli suburb of Janzour. A car bomb damaged the joint Swedish-Finnish consulate in Benghazi. Abu Shaala, of Misrata, threatened to kill himself in Tobruk over the capture of Abu Anas al Libi.

Marines again moved to Italy as Libya falters

An armed group seized Prime Minister Zeidan from his hotel and held him for several hours before he was rescued. A spokesman for the group, which had been hired to provide security in Tripoli, said Zeidan was "arrested" after reports that the Libyan government had been aware of the US operation to capture Abu Anas al Libi. The group that abducted him, the Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room, has ties to the defense and interior ministries. The LHOR has since denied involvement in the abduction. An armed group shot the Mizdah local council chief in an attempt to kidnap him. A Benghazi bomb disposal expert survived an assassination attempt. A criminal investigator in Derna was assassinated.

Ansar al Sharia Libya denounces capture of top al Qaeda operative

Ansar al Sharia Libya has issued a statement saying "we must seek to release the captive brother" Abu Anas al Libi, who was seized by US forces on Oct. 5.

Using new counterterror guidelines, US forces backed off in Somalia raid

The GNC demanded that the US surrender Abu Anas al-Liby, an al Qaeda operative indicted by the US. Prime Minister Zeidan said the raid that captured al-Liby would not harm Libyan-US relations, but that Libyan suspects should be tried at home. Jihadists have issued calls to avenge al-Liby's capture. Armed members of the army's Battalion 166 stormed the Prime Minister's office demanding back pay. Police hunting members of an Islamist group who attacked a police checkpoint have surrounded the group near Sousa.

State Department designates longtime Zawahiri subordinate

The State Department designated Muhammad Jamal and the Muhammad Jamal Network (MJN) as terrorists. Jamal established connections to al Qaeda's senior leadership, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Key al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al-Liby is being interrogated on a US naval vessel in the Mediterranean after his capture in Tripoli on Oct. 5. A Pakistani warship visited Tripoli to boost military ties and cooperation between the two countries. A new order of Humvees will arrive soon; militants stole 14 Humvees this summer. The GNC ousted a congressman who had alleged that the Islamist J&C party illegally sold oil to the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Qaeda is said to have camps near Libya's porous southern borders, an area stretching from Algeria to Sudan which is patrolled only by Tuareg and Tebu militias.

US commando raids suggest future shape of counterterror bids

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has contacted US officials and asked them "to provide an explanation" for the capture of longtime al Qaeda leader Abu Anas al Libi on Libyan soil. Assassins gunned down a Libyan Air Force colonel in Benghazi.

'Core' al Qaeda member captured in Libya

Anas-al-Libi.jpgA senior al Qaeda operative, Abu Anas al Libi, was captured in Tripoli, Libya. Al Libi has served al Qaeda since the 1990s. According to a report published by the Library of Congress in August 2012, he was the "builder of al Qaeda's network in Libya."

US special forces captured Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai a.k.a. Abu Anas al-Liby in Tripoli, wanted for his role in al Qaeda's 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Nation Party head Abdulhakim Belhaj denied allegations that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group led by Belhaj has conducted assassinations in Tunisia with Ansar al Sharia, including that of secular politician Chokri Belaid. Gunmen ambushed security forces at the Tarhuna-Bani Walid checkpoint, killing 15 troops and wounding four. Several brigades were authorized to protect the Tripoli suburb of Suq-Al-Juma after the police station was attacked. In Benghazi, a retired senior police officer was assassinated, and two police stations were bombed. A 21-vehicle convoy of pilgrims was robbed at gunpoint.