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Egypt, Libya at odds over border control

New caretaker Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni was sworn in yesterday, and ousted former prime minister Ali Zeidan left for Europe. The GNC moved forward on a roadmap for new elections in July. The Tripoli Local Council is trying to remove armed groups from the capital. Misratan troops forced petroleum guards under the control of Ibrahim Jadhran out of parts of Sirte. A Benghazi police officer was fatally shot. The UN mission in Libya warned on March 10 that the country risks "embarking on a new trajectory of unprecedented violence."

Prime Minister Zeidan was sacked by the GNC, and the GNC voted to recall General Chief of Staff Jadallah Al-Obaidi. A North Korean-flagged tanker that illegally took on oil at Essider is on fire in international waters after being shot at by the Libyan Navy. Rebels clashed with government forces in Sirte.

Libya key source for illicit arms, fueling conflicts: UN envoy

Libyan vessels intercepted a North Korean-flagged tanker that illegally loaded oil, and escorted it to Misrata. The GNC issued an order authorizing militias in Tobruk, Benghazi, Sebha, Sirte, Misrata, and Tripoli to create a military force to bring the eastern oil terminals back under the government's control. The US warned of civil liability, penalties, and other sanctions for those illegally taking oil from Libya's terminals. In Benghazi, gunmen fatally shot a policeman and wounded another, and a bomb exploded under another police officer's car and killed him. Car bombs injured two people near Derna.

The Libyan Air Force refused orders to bomb a tanker that was illegally taking on oil at Essider. Prime Minister Zeidan said the Army refused orders from him and would answer only to the GNC and its commander in chief. A sum of $35 million was reportedly paid for the shipment and deposited in a Beida bank; the ship is said to be owned by a Saudi businessman. A former security officer was shot dead in Benghazi last night.

US military presence in Africa growing in small ways

Five members of a suspected assassination squad were arrested in Sirte. Rebel protesters at the Essider port say they have begun exporting oil; a North Korean-flagged tanker said to be under Saudi ownership docked at the port this morning. Prime Minister Zeidan threatened to bomb the tanker and said arrest warrants were issued for its crew.

Franco-German project to securely store stockpiles of arms in Libya

Saadi Gaddafi, a son of the former dictator, was extradited from Niger to Libya. A professed Salafist, he is suspected of organizing protests in Libya and the seizure of the Tamenhint airport in Sebha. His brother Saif is being held by a militia in Zintan which refuses to hand him over to the government. The bodies of a couple who had been kidnapped two days ago were found in Benghazi; the woman, a lawyer, was reportedly raped before being shot.

The kidnapped son of a Benghazi special forces commander was released after a month of captivity. The GNC is still considering whether to sack Prime Minister Zeidan, but no candidates to replace him have been named. Last week, a Libyan Cabinet member made a rare admission that radical Islamist groups are behind the continuing violence in Benghazi, Derna, and other areas in the southwest.

US Takes Training Role in Africa as Threats Grow and Budgets Shrink

The state TV station in Tripoli was attacked with RPGs, most likely by the
Jumaa al-Shahm militia. An Air Force colonel was assassinated in Benghazi. The General National Congress has relocated to a Tripoli hotel after protesters wounded six members of Congress and killed a security guard. GNC President Abu Sahmein said the GNC was considering ways to hand over power "as quickly as possible" to an elected body.

As many as 500 protesters denouncing lack of security in Benghazi, Derna, and Sirte torched cars at the GNC last night, calling for the GNC to resign. In separate attacks in Benghazi, a special forces member was killed in a car bombing, a Coptic Christian was shot, and a former security official was wounded. The bodies of four alleged Ansar al Sharia members who had fought in Syria were found on a road linking Benghazi's Benina airport to Al-Abyar; the bodies of two more men were found in Benghazi and Jarutha. Sirte officials, reportedly under pressure from Ansar al Sharia, ordered schoolgirls to wear the hijab. The head of the elections commission said 13 of 60 seats on the Constitutional Committee remain unfilled; he then resigned, citing the government's failure to provide election security.

Protesters stormed the GNC and wounded two members of parliament. In separate attacks in Benghazi over the weekend, gunmen shot and killed a Frenchman, assassinated a senior Air Force officer, and wounded an Egyptian and a policeman. In Sirte, gunmen assassinated the head of the military council; Ansar al Sharia is said to have a growing presence in the city. In Ajdabiya, the local council office was damaged by an RPG attack. In Tripoli, gunmen targeted the Moroccan Embassy on Feb. 28. In Derna, a women's cosmetics shop was bombed yesterday.

Slow death of Derna, Libya

A state of alert was declared in Benghazi after the storming of the Defence Ministry building in the city two nights ago and protests over deteriorating security. The head of the Benghazi local council threatened to withhold city revenues unless the federal government addresses security concerns. A Misratan militia plans to impose a curfew in Sebha.

Maghreb to tighten noose on Syria-bound jihadists

A US report said illicit trafficking in weapons, migrants, drugs, and smuggled goods now binds Libya's regions together more effectively than government does. Gunmen shot and killed a Benghazi policeman yesterday and injured another. Staff at a Benghazi hospital protested against growing insecurity. Violence in the south has caused the closure of a number of polling stations. Prime Minister Zeidan said Libya would start using Interpol red notices to arrest those who threaten security.

The military prosecutor said the air force helicopter that crashed near Essider two weeks ago was shot down by an armed group calling itself Al-Isnad Alamni; armed militants had fired at the aircraft as it was leaving Benghazi airport. A group of Bangladeshi workers kidnapped yesterday in Benghazi was freed by special forces. Arsonists torched the offices of the Bani Walid local council.