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An unknown group exploded a massive quantity of ordnance that was stored in 40 underground bunkers outside Sebha. Experts defused a car bomb near a school in Ajdabiya. The captain of an oil tanker that illicitly loaded Libyan oil said the ship's owner had told him to take on the oil in Libya after crossing the Suez canal. The media head of Libya's Central Bank was freed after being tortured and shot by his kidnappers.

Armed men set up blockades on several roads leading to Tripoli airport. Protesters threatened a shutdown of the Ruwais power plant, which would cause outages in Tripoli. Security forces intercepted a shipment of 480 tons of subsidized flour that was being smuggled out of Benghazi via Sebha into Chad and Niger.

A former manager of a Benghazi hotel was murdered by gunmen who shouted the Shahada and "Allahu Akhbar." A prominent poet was shot dead in Benghazi yesterday, and a TV cameraman was wounded by gunfire. The head of ENI, the biggest foreign oil company working in Libya, warned that the continuing disruptions at the oil facilities risk permanently damaging the geology of the oilfields.

Tripoli airport was closed after missiles were fired at the runway and the control tower. An official of the Central Bank in Tripoli was kidnapped. A Tunisian diplomat was kidnapped in Tripoli on March 21. Staff blockaded the Military Intelligence headquarters in Tripoli to protest the appointment of Salah Badi, a former Air Force officer, as the new head. A colonel and a soldier were shot dead in separate attacks in Benghazi. Sebha airport has remained closed due to insecurity for the past three months.

Gunmen killed a soldier in Benghazi today and a navy recruit in Derna on March 21. Gunmen robbed a bank van in Derna of $600,000. An Italian who worked for a construction company in Tobruk was kidnapped. In Zawia, the military's former Chief of Staff was abducted and then released. The forces of Ibrahim Jadhran pushed one of three occupying brigades out of a military camp in Ajdabiya.

The US sailors who escorted the renegade oil tanker Morning Glory back to Libya have handed it over to the Libyan navy. Hours earlier, 16 people were killed in clashes between Libyan troops and separatist rebels in Ajdabiya, the hometown of Ibrahim Jathran, whose forces are blockading eastern oil terminals. The Tunisian ambassador denied reports that a member of his diplomatic staff was kidnapped in Tripoli. A rocket hit the offices of the intelligence department in Tripoli last night.

The airport in Tripoli has reopened after a missile attack that was later reported to be a small bomb. A tanker loaded with illicit oil is being escorted back to Libya by 25 US sailors, who have taken custody of three Libyans who had commandeered the ship from its crew. Japan donated $5 million for the UN project to secure Libya's weapons and explosives stockpiles slated to start in April. Two vehicles belonging to an independent TV station were blown up in Benghazi. Bombs were thrown at a police station in Sabri. The head of the Air Force was sacked.

Libya violence reaches new heights

Exclusive: The mysterious journey of the Libya oil tanker

Mohammed Al Douri, a leading Islamist in Derna who was an associate of wanted ex-Gitmo detainee and Ansar al Sharia leader Sufian Bin Qumu, was shot dead on March 17; a Benghazi group has reportedly begun killing extremists on its "hit list." Gunmen in Tripoli kidnapped a former Interior Ministry official. An officer in the army's high readiness unit was assassinated in Tripoli; his brother was attacked last week. The UN voted to impose sanctions for the illegal export of oil from Libya. Ibrahim Jadhran urged the Arab League to intervene on behalf of Cyrenaica federalists over the oil tanker affair.

After a bombing at a Benghazi military academy that killed at least 11 people and wounded many more, Justice Minister Marghani urged Libyans to "declare war on terrorists who have been killing Libyans and foreigners in the cities of Benghazi and Derna," and said international help is needed in the fight as Libya has no military or police force to bring the terrorists to justice. An Iraqi Christian professor at the University of Sirte was shot dead. The bodies of two people with their hands chopped off were found in Benghazi. Libya and Egypt agreed to suspend visa requirements for some border area residents. Ibrahim Jedran, whose militia took over Libya's eastern oil ports last year, accused the US of "piracy" for escorting a renegade tanker with illicit oil back to Libya.

Searching for Al Qaeda in Lebanon (I): Coming of Age

The US Navy intercepted a tanker laden with illicit Libyan oil and is returning it to port in Libya. As many as three car bombs detonated during a graduation ceremony at a military academy in Benghazi, killing 11 people and injuring 18 more. In separate car bomb attacks in Benghazi, an Air Force pilot was critically injured, and a soldier was killed. A group of men torched a secondary school in Derna, the fifth attack on Derna schools in the past year. Ousted prime minister Ali Zeidan said the current GNC head is "hostage" to Islamists; Zeidan also claimed to have refused the GNC's request to send arms to Syrian rebels.

US SEALs Take Control of Diverted Libyan Oil Tanker

Navy SEALs intercept tanker with Libyan oil

GNC head "Islamist" hostage, Libyans beware of Islamists at next election- Zeidan

In Derna, gunmen fatally shot four Islamists, and would-be robbers murdered two Derna bank employees. In Benghazi, two security officials were killed over the past two days, and a health official was murdered on March 13. Former prime minister Ali Zeidan called his ouster by the GNC invalid. Saudi authorities said Libyan Brotherhood members will be allowed into the kingdom for Haj and Umrah unless their names are on a list of banned individuals, despite the kingdom's recent designation of the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The UN has extended its support mission in Libya for another year.

North Korea denies role in tanker loaded with crude at rebel-held Libya port

The Libyan jihadist group Martyrs Brigades released a video showing its execution of a Free Syrian Army official in Libya in retaliation for the FSA's fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. The North Korean-flagged tanker that illegally took on oil evaded the Libyan Navy and was seen off the coast of Egypt; a Venezuelan-flagged tanker is now outside another Libyan oil port. The GNC gave Ibrahim Jadhran and his armed forces two weeks to hand over eastern oil terminals. An Indian doctor was shot dead in Derna on March 9.

Emboldened Libyan Militias Press Demands for Autonomy