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The death toll rose in the clash between special forces and Ansar al Sharia in Benghazi, as eight special forces troops are said to have been captured and killed, in addition to the nine already reported dead. The government condemned Ansar al Sharia as a terrorist group that attacked legitimate government forces; it is reportedly the first time Libyan authorities have done so. Another special forces member in Benghazi escaped assassination when a bomb attached to his car blew up.

General's opinion on Benghazi draws a rebuke

At least five soldiers were killed and 11 people wounded during heavy fighting between Ansar al Sharia and the Saiqa Special Forces in Benghazi last night after the militants raided a security headquarters and tried to recover a vehicle packed with explosives. A convoy of 20 Ansar al Sharia technicals had reportedly moved into the city following clashes with security forces earlier in the night. Four masked men kidnapped a lawyer from the Benghazi prosecutor's office yesterday. A car blew up in Tripoli when a grenade carried by the driver exploded.

Gunmen killed a Benghazi security official and injured his colleague in an attack near the Benghazi Al-Ahly football club. A former security official was killed near Derna. The road to Tripoli airport was blocked due to clashes with RPG-wielding drug dealers that left two alleged dealers dead and destroyed several vehicles. Protesters forced the closure of an oil field in Marada.

Email Suggests White House Strategy on Benghazi

A Benghazi security officer was severely injured by a car bomb. Security forces in Tobruk clashed with armed smugglers near the Egyptian border, who fled into Egypt. The Abu Saleem Brigade, an Islamist militia, is building a wall at a Derna university to segregate the sexes, and has agreed to provide security so long as the wall is built and female students wear the abeya and the hijab.

Gunmen from Benghazi with heavy weapons attacked Congress, sending lawmakers fleeing out a back door; several people were injured during the attack, which resulted in a postponement of the voting for a new prime minister. A suicide car bomber attacked the Saiqa special forces base in Benghazi, killing two special forces members and injuring two other people. A security official was found dead at Tripoli's Mitiga airbase. Employees and security officials protested the continued closure of Sebha airport. On April 27, Ansar al Sharia in Libya released photos of an April 5 practice raid in Benghazi showing fighters waving the flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham.

The Foreign Ministry denied reports that convicted terrorist Mohamed Dersi had arrived in Libya from Jordan. A bank security van was hijacked in Tripoli and robbed of LD 6 million by 10 masked gunmen who also abducted two security guards. In Benghazi, gunmen tried to kill a special forces investigator, a car bomb destroyed several cars and houses, and the body of a woman who had been shot in the head was found on a coastal road.

A bomb under a policeman's car in Benghazi damaged several cars and buildings, but there were no casualties. The committee charged with drafting Libya's constitution held its first meeting today, in Beida, a coastal city in eastern Libya between Benghazi and Derna.

The US Embassy denied reports that it was attacked last night; US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns is visiting Tripoli. Jordan's ambassador to Libya is still being held hostage; he was kidnapped last week reportedly by a Libyan al Qaeda affiliate that is demanding the release of Mohamed Dersi, a Libyan serving a life term for plotting to blow up Jordan's main airport. In Benghazi, security forces seized two large shipping containers of smuggled ammunition, and raided a museum being used to store weapons and drugs. Islamist militants threw two male obstetricians out of a Tripoli hospital.

In Benghazi, a special forces member escaped assassination, and a bomb destroyed a beauty salon and several cars. Security forces in the city raided the Souq Jinihin market, where they confiscated large quantities of weapons and ammunition as well as drugs and alcohol. At least three people have been killed in recent clashes in Sebha.

From dawa to hesba: the strange evolution of Ansar al Sharia

Mohamed Suleiman Tajouri, a Benghazi member of Ansar al Sharia, was shot dead in Derna by gunmen who targeted a car in which he was riding with Hani Al Hawari and another man. Al Hawari, a member of the Army of the Islamic State of Libya, was injured slightly. Four armed men broke into the Portuguese embassy in Tripoli, beat up the guards, and escaped when police arrived. The Janzour branch of Tripoli University implemented a strict dress code.

ISIS' 'Diyala Division' lauds foreign suicide bombers, including Dane

The Diyala Division praised 26 suicide bombers, including foreign fighters from Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Tajikistan, Chechnya, and Denmark.

A female US embassy employee who was kidnapped and injured by gunfire managed to escape her captors. A Tunisian diplomat was reportedly kidnapped in Tripoli. Ansar al Sharia member Mohamed Mahlaz Shawaihdy was killed on April 14 in Benghazi; a large contingent of Ansar al Sharia members visited the hospital where his body was brought. A Benghazi candidate for election survived a murder attempt on April 15. One man was murdered and another injured in separate drive-by shootings in Benghazi. A Sebha councilman was murdered. Kidnappers holding the Jordanian ambassador are seeking the release of Mohamed Dersi, a Libyan member of al Qaeda serving a life term for plotting to blow up a Jordanian airport.

Al Qaeda's general manager threatens America in video of large gathering

A video of Nasir al Wuhayshi, al Qaeda's general manager, has sparked renewed interest in the media. Wuhayshi threatens the US in the video. His "core" leadership role gives him influence across al Qaeda's international network.

Libya faces wave of illegal immigrants

Masked gunmen in Tripoli kidnapped Jordan's ambassador, Fawaz al Itan, and shot his driver; the kidnappers are said to be demanding the release of Libyans imprisoned in Jordan. The Interior Ministry plans to step up security in Benghazi and Tripoli. The trial of Saif and Saadi Ghaddafi and 35 other former regime officials was postponed until April 27 as 14 of the defendants were absent.

Wanted terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar has reportedly taken refuge in Libya, where he continues to plan attacks across the Sahel region. Newly appointed Prime Minister al Thinni announced his resignation after gunmen attacked his house last night and stole his car, but he agreed to serve until the GNC names his replacement. In Tripoli, two prisoners, a Libyan and a foreigner, were killed during an attempted jailbreak on April 11; the day before, 10 prisoners escaped. Protesters have begun blockading Zawia oil terminal. A Misratan militia has seized the Sebha airport and military barracks from another militia. Noting security challenges for US officials in Libya, the US Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary said recently that "[i]t's very difficult to move around within Tripoli, much less beyond Tripoli."

Inside the FBI's secret relationship with special operations