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The Army arrested Rabih Abdel-Karim Younes in Hnaider in Akkar, and seized about 6,600 bullets from his van. Police in Arsal arrested an armed Syrian national who was trying to infiltrate into Lebanon. The UN is seeking to establish Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon that are farther from the border.

Red Cross Says Far More Funds Needed for Syria

Masked gunmen shot wanted Fatah official Alaa Ali Hajir in the Ain al Hilweh camp. Four wanted Tripoli militia leaders turned themselves in to the Army; four other militants surrendered to Army intelligence later in the day.

Intelligence agents arrested Arsal residents Hussein al-Hujairi and Hilal Amoun at a checkpoint in Hrabta in the Bekaa valley, and seized their car, which was loaded with weapons and RPGs. A rocket fired from an area near the Syrian border landed in Ain al-Jawzeh in the Bekaa valley; the Free Sunnis of Baalbek brigade claimed the attack.

Members of the Al Nusrah Front drove from hideouts along the Syrian border to Arsal, where they kidnapped four Syrians. Fighters from Al Nusrah, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, and the Free Syrian Army are thought to be living on the outskirts of Arsal. The Army arrested five people in southern Beirut on weapons charges, and confiscated a grenade and military equipment.

Security services are investigating reports that T.M.T., a Palestinian in the Al Nusrah Front, is recruiting fighters for terrorist attacks in Lebanon and is in "constant contact" with al Qaeda in Syria, Pakistan, and Iraq; and that Ghazi A., a Lebanese man from Wadi Khaled, is working with Abdel-Mohsen H., a Lebanese explosives expert, to train and equip Al Nusrah cells in Lebanon. Yahya Allouki, the brother of wanted militia commander Ziad Allouki, was arrested in Tripoli on weapons charges. A military judge called for the death penalty for 10 people, including a Syrian intelligence officer, accused of plotting the Aug. 23, 2013 twin car bombings in Tripoli.

Hamas not giving up military wing, despite agreement

Residents clashed with armed Syrian rebels in Arsal; three Lebanese men were wounded and two others possibly kidnapped. A senior Iranian military official claimed that Lebanon is now Iran's first line of defense.

Members of the Syrian Sunni militant group Liwaa Ahrar al-Sunna clashed with Hezbollah fighters outside the border town of Brital. Baalbek residents protested Army security sweeps. Authorities detained 49 Syrian and Palestinian refugees who were trying to travel from Syria via Lebanon to another Arab country with false documents. The Army arrested seven wanted persons in possession of weapons and military gear in southern Beirut.

The Sunni militant group Liwaa Ahrar al-Sunna claimed to have captured three Hezbollah members near Baalbek. Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Lebanon returned after a month's absence blamed on security concerns.

Lebanon - Beirut's southern suburbs exhale as bombings fade

A group of gunmen ambushed a Lebanese army patrol on the outskirts of Arsal, sparking a clash in which five soldiers were injured. Security forces mounted a search for the gunmen, who escaped. A Lebanese group called Liwaa Ahrar Al-Sunna claimed the attack.

Head of Lebanon's Islamic Group opposes any intervention in Syria

Security forces in the Bekaa valley arrested Syrian national Amjad Shehadeh, who is suspected of recruiting fighters for the Al Nusrah Front. Mohammad Abdeldayem al Aaraj, a.k.a. Abou Jassem, the head of the Free Syrian Army's military council in the Syrian regions of Qusair and Qalamoun, was arrested on April 24 in Arsal with nine Syrian fighters. That same day, security forces also arrested three Syrians in Arsal; one had a suicide vest. A military judge issued 55 arrest warrants for suspects involved in Tripoli violence, including Arab Democratic Party figures Ali and Riifat Eid.

Omar al-Hajj Youssef a.k.a. Omar Hakim was arrested in Tripoli after he tossed a grenade at a military unit, injuring seven soldiers and six civilians. Islamists in the Ain al Hilweh refugee camp took military and security measures "to send a message" to rivals in the camp. Former Security Chief Jamil al-Sayyed talked with President Assad of Syria about the regime's military operations across the border from Akkar and the Bekaa valley.

Assailants threw grenades at soldiers in Tripoli; eight soldiers were wounded as well as two civilians. The Army deployed in southern Beirut after clashes between families in which several people were wounded, an apartment was set on fire, and at least one RPG was used.

Lebanon - Tripoli militia leaders abound despite crackdown

Three rockets hit outside Hermel, slightly wounding a woman; the Brigade of Free Sunnis in Baalbek claimed the attack. A worker lost his leg after stepping on a landmine near Baalbek. A Jordanian fighter was arrested in Arsal. A string of 11 car bomb cases from late 2013 and early 2014 was referred to the Justice Council. The case of senior Abdullah Azzam Brigades operative Jamal Daftardar was referred to the military prosecutor. Ghassan Qorhani a.k.a. Abu Ahmad, a prominent militia leader, said that both the Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham operate freely in northern Lebanon and that they also travel to Turkey by sea.

The Panopticon: A peek into Lebanese prisons

Warrants were issued for the arrest of Qossay Moussa, a Lebanese national from Wadi Khaled, and Hussein Berri, a stateless resident, who are accused of membership in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham and plotting to kill Lebanese soldiers. Security forces arrested 10 Syrians with fake IDs trying to enter Lebanon in Arsal. The UN Secretary General warned that the Syrian conflict poses a serious threat to Lebanon's stability. Germany vowed to continue its support for the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. Russia said it will bolster its support for Lebanon's military defense capabilities.