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Lebanese Sunni clerics urge protests over bombardment of Arsal

Following two days of clashes in Arsal between the Al Nusrah Front and Lebanese forces, Army Chief Kawaghi said 10 soldiers had been killed, 25 wounded, and 13 more were missing. He also said the capture of Al Nusrah commander Imad Jomaa, who was detained while putting on the "final touches" for a long-planned attack in the area, was not the triggering factor for the clashes. Residents are fleeing the battle in Arsal; the Army has sent in reinforcements. Some 20 abducted soldiers appeared in an Al Nusrah video professing their "defection" from the Army and Hezbollah. Al Nusrah also reportedly denied it was involved in the Arsal clashes.

Tribesmen force Islamic State militants out of Syrian villages

In Tunnel War, Israeli Playbook Offers Few Ideas

Lebanon - Arsal officials demand a Tripoli-style security plan

The army detained seven or eight Syrians in Arsal suspected of membership in the Al Nusrah Front. Hezbollah and the Syrian regime are waging a war of attrition against jihadists from Al Nusrah and the Islamic State that are holed up in the mountainous border areas near Arsal and Qalamoun. A top Hezbollah official was killed in the Qalamoun area on July 28 along with three other Hezbollah fighters.

Hamas Hopes for Hizbullah Assistance against Israel from South Lebanon

UNIFIL Says Lebanon Situation 'Very Critical,' Assures Calm Is 'Guaranteed'

Islamic Jihad: No ceasefire until Gaza blockade is lifted

The Al Nusrah Front and Hezbollah clashed for the past two days on the Lebanese border near Arsal, where some 4,000 Syrian rebel fighters are said to be holed up. The Army arrested a Syrian man in Brital and confiscated military equipment, ammunition, and six cars, two of which were stolen. The Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade made threats on Twitter against the head of Lebanon's cybercrime agency after she said the operators of the group's previous Twitter account would soon be arrested.

Israel army on alert on Syria, Lebanon border

A judge issued arrest warrants for three Palestinians suspected of membership in the Al Nusrah Front. Hezbollah chief Nasrallah said the group would provide "all means of support" to the Palestinian resistance. Clashes broke out at an Army checkpoint in Arsal, and a Syrian Air Force strike just inside the Lebanese border near Arsal killed some 20 Syrian rebel fighters.

The Al Nusrah Front posted video of a Lebanese soldier who defected to join the terror group. A Palestinian who was kidnapped in Baalbek was released after a $100,000 ransom was paid. Four rockets launched from the Syrian border area landed in Bekaa Valley towns.

Watchmen guard Ras Baalbek against attacks

Al Monzer al Hassan, a terrorist facilitator with dual Swedish-Lebanese nationality who delivered explosives to two Saudi suicide bombers in Beirut last month, was shot dead during a raid in Tripoli as security forces were trying to arrest him; two accomplices were arrested. Security forces in Tripoli also arrested Hussam al Sabbagh, a wanted Lebanese-Australian with links to al Qaeda who commands Salafist forces in the city. Hamas officials thanked Sidon residents for their financial support of its jihad. Samir Geagea, leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, slammed the Islamic State's ultimatum to Christians, saying that "Christians and the various minorities in Iraq ... have not been subjected to such treatment since the start and early spread of Islam."

Lebanese troops deployed at 100 new points along the Syrian border in the northern Bekaa Valley, after reports that security forces had disrupted a major terrorist attack by about 2,000 Islamist fighters on Lebanese border villages. US officials reportedly tipped off Lebanese authorities about the planned militant operation, called "Laylat al-Qadr" (Night of Destiny), which sought to kidnap Lebanese troops and residents to be swapped for Al Qaeda, Al Nusrah Front, and Abdullah Azzam Brigades members held in Roumieh prison. The plot also called for massacres of Shiite villages in an effort to draw the area into a sectarian war. Security forces in southern Beirut arrested "Aa. H," a "very dangerous fugitive"; assailants fired at police in an attempt to free him but failed. Soldiers discovered a pad for launching Katyusha rockets towards Israel. Coordination between Lebanese forces and Hezbollah along the Syrian border is said to be "weak."

Lebanon TV channels to adopt common newscast supporting Gaza

Residents of Arsal said fighting across the border near Qalamoun is starting to spill over into Arsal, and expressed concern about attacks from both Hezbollah and the Al Nusrah Front. A Free Syrian Army commander said FSA soldiers are fighting alongside Al Nusrah outside Arsal. Al Nusrah and Hezbollah clashed along the northeastern border; over 100 people were said to have been killed in the fighting, including an aide to Abdullah Azzam Brigades spokesman Sirajeddine Zouraikat. The release from prison of the leaders of rival Tripoli militias is likely to be delayed.

The Al Nusrah Front ambushed and killed three Hezbollah fighters attempting to enter Syria from two Lebanese villages near the border. Gunmen kidnapped an engineer and took him to the Arsal area. Officials in Arsal expressed solidarity with the Army against jihadists. The Foreign Ministry filed a complaint with the UN alleging that Israel has violated Lebanon's territorial integrity 516 times since Jan. 1.

Neglected Tripoli finds strength in ISIS flag