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Abu Sayyaf al-Ansari, a Lebanon-based Sunni militant, has reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. Security measures are being enhanced due to recent threats by Islamist groups, including the Al Nusrah Front, that they will attack targets in Lebanon, particularly those linked to Hezbollah.

The Marwan Hadid Brigades, an affiliate of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, and the Al Nusrah Front in Lebanon fired several rockets from Syria into Hermel. Al Nusrah and the Abdullah Azzam Brigades issued a joint statement crediting the Marwan Hadid Brigades for the rocket attacks, and warned of further attacks in both Syria and Lebanon unless Hezbollah withdraws from Syria and Sunni youth are freed from Lebanese prisons. Saad Hariri, the head of the Future party, said Lebanese and Sunnis do not want to be dragged into a conflict between Hezbollah and al Qaeda. Qatari officials are said to be in direct contact with the kidnappers of 13 Syrian nuns. A Palestinian suspected of membership in a terrorist group was interrogated.

Regional wave of Sunni extremism reaches Lebanon

The Al Nusrah Front in Lebanon, which claimed a suicide bombing in Beirut on Jan. 21, warned Sunnis in Lebanon to avoid areas where Hezbollah operates as the group's bases will be targeted for attacks. Both the Army and Hezbollah set up checkpoints in Beirut after rumors surfaced that two suicide bombers were planning attacks in the southern suburbs. Military forces repelled an attempt by an armed group to infiltrate into the Bekaa valley from Syria.

Security forces killed Ibrahim Abdul-Moti Abu Muaileq, a Palestinian Abdullah Azzam Brigades operative known as Abu Jaafar, in a shootout after he tried to elude arrest at a checkpoint in the Bekaa valley. Muaileq was accused of coordinating with the emir of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham on the movement of suicide bombers from Qalamoun in Syria into Lebanon. The arrest is part of an army effort to track down members of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, which, like ISIS, has conducted suicide attacks in Lebanon in recent months. The World Health Organization predicted that 1.5 million Syrian refugees will enter Lebanon this year; already some 1.3 million have sought refuge in the country.

Lebanon Special Tribunal defense to link Abu Adass to Al Qaeda

Security forces detained Hussein Sharafeddine, a rapper with a long beard, in the south Beirut neighborhood where a car bomb killed four people the day before. The Future party said security will not return to Lebanon unless Hezbollah withdraws from Syria. Eight soldiers were wounded in Tripoli during clashes between supporters and opponents of the Assad regime.

Former NATO commander warns of wider war in Middle East

A suicide car bombing killed four people and wounded 46 more in a Hezbollah neighborhood in southern Beirut, the third bombing targeting Hezbollah in Lebanon so far this year, and the fourth such attack by al Qaeda in the country since November. The Al Nusrah Front in Lebanon claimed the attack, saying it was retaliation for Hezbollah killings in the city of Arsal and in Syria.

Al Nusrah Front again targets Hezbollah in Lebanon

Region Boiling, Israel Takes Up Castle Strategy

The army detained and later released four British men "with an Islamist appearance" in Zahle. Some 20 rockets and shells fired from Syria hit in Arsal, killing six children and one adult. The prosecutor in the Special Tribunal on the 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri said defendant Hussein Oneissi, a Hezbollah operative, falsely set up a claim of responsibility by a group called Nusra and Jihad in Greater Syria and framed an innocent man, Abu Ahmad Dass.

Hezbollah digs in for more conflict with Israel

Hezbollah at War in Syria: Forces, Operations, Effects and Implications

An Al Nusrah Front suicide bomber killed five people in an attack in the Hezbollah stronghold of Hermel. The army confiscated five RPGs and various types of ammunition from a car in Zahle that was traveling to Arsal. Two rockets fired from Syria landed in the northern Bekaa valley village of Ras Baalbek.

Al Nusrah Front suicide bomber kills 5 in attack on Hezbollah

AL Qaeda-affiliated groups are stepping up attacks on Hezbollah and Iranian interests in Lebanon as the Syrian civil war rages.

Prosecutors build Hariri bomb plot case on cellphone logs

Security forces captured Jamal Daftardar, a.k.a. Mohammad Ahmad al-Masri, a senior Abdullah Azzam Brigades operative who was a candidate to replace recently deceased leader Majid al Majid. A second suspect was killed during the raid, which took place at a residence in the Bekaa valley.

Justice or Peace? Hariri Trial Could Spark Further Unrest in Lebanon

Defending Israel's Natural Gas