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Watchmen guard Ras Baalbek against attacks

Al Monzer al Hassan, a terrorist facilitator with dual Swedish-Lebanese nationality who delivered explosives to two Saudi suicide bombers in Beirut last month, was shot dead during a raid in Tripoli as security forces were trying to arrest him; two accomplices were arrested. Security forces in Tripoli also arrested Hussam al Sabbagh, a wanted Lebanese-Australian with links to al Qaeda who commands Salafist forces in the city. Hamas officials thanked Sidon residents for their financial support of its jihad. Samir Geagea, leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, slammed the Islamic State's ultimatum to Christians, saying that "Christians and the various minorities in Iraq ... have not been subjected to such treatment since the start and early spread of Islam."

Lebanese troops deployed at 100 new points along the Syrian border in the northern Bekaa Valley, after reports that security forces had disrupted a major terrorist attack by about 2,000 Islamist fighters on Lebanese border villages. US officials reportedly tipped off Lebanese authorities about the planned militant operation, called "Laylat al-Qadr" (Night of Destiny), which sought to kidnap Lebanese troops and residents to be swapped for Al Qaeda, Al Nusrah Front, and Abdullah Azzam Brigades members held in Roumieh prison. The plot also called for massacres of Shiite villages in an effort to draw the area into a sectarian war. Security forces in southern Beirut arrested "Aa. H," a "very dangerous fugitive"; assailants fired at police in an attempt to free him but failed. Soldiers discovered a pad for launching Katyusha rockets towards Israel. Coordination between Lebanese forces and Hezbollah along the Syrian border is said to be "weak."

Lebanon TV channels to adopt common newscast supporting Gaza

Residents of Arsal said fighting across the border near Qalamoun is starting to spill over into Arsal, and expressed concern about attacks from both Hezbollah and the Al Nusrah Front. A Free Syrian Army commander said FSA soldiers are fighting alongside Al Nusrah outside Arsal. Al Nusrah and Hezbollah clashed along the northeastern border; over 100 people were said to have been killed in the fighting, including an aide to Abdullah Azzam Brigades spokesman Sirajeddine Zouraikat. The release from prison of the leaders of rival Tripoli militias is likely to be delayed.

The Al Nusrah Front ambushed and killed three Hezbollah fighters attempting to enter Syria from two Lebanese villages near the border. Gunmen kidnapped an engineer and took him to the Arsal area. Officials in Arsal expressed solidarity with the Army against jihadists. The Foreign Ministry filed a complaint with the UN alleging that Israel has violated Lebanon's territorial integrity 516 times since Jan. 1.

Neglected Tripoli finds strength in ISIS flag

Two men, a Lebanese and a Syrian, were accused of belonging to the Islamic State for the purpose of carrying out terrorist attacks. Security forces arrested two Palestinian brothers on suspicion of firing rockets into Israel from Tyre. The army is increasing its patrols in an effort to prevent further rocket attacks on Israel from Lebanese territory. Syrian jets shelled areas of Arsal yesterday, wounding 11 people.

Abdullah Azzam Brigades launches rocket attacks from Gaza

Security situation may spark spy wars in Lebanon

For the fourth day in a row, rockets were fired from south Lebanon into Israel; Israeli forces retaliated by shelling the source. Lebanese security forces found two rocket launch pads south of Tyre, and arrested a suspect near the Rashidieh refugee camp. The Army is searching for militants who many have entered Lebanon from Syria near Baalbek. A military judge called for the death penalty for 23 suspected members of the al Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades, including top official Naim Mahmoud Abbas, Ziad al-Jarrah Battalion member Jamal Daftardar, and female jihadist Joumana Hmayyed; among the 17 suspects still at large are Brigades spokesman Brigades spokesman Sheikh Sirajeddine Zouraykat.

In a clash between Hezbollah fighters and Syrian rebels near Arsal, one Hezbollah fighter and three Syrians were killed, and at least 10 from each side were wounded. Israeli forces fired flares near Aita al-Shaab after rockets were launched from Lebanon towards Israel. Italian UN peacekeepers briefly arrested journalists covering the rocket launches near Tyre.

The head of Hamas' International Relations Department claimed that Hamas and Hezbollah have "constant field cooperation and coordination." Hezbollah has reportedly sent reinforcements to aid Assad regime troops in Damascus. Lebanese forces arrested a member of Jemaah Islamiyah in the Bekaa Valley who allegedly fired rockets at Israel yesterday; three more rockets were launched towards Israel today. Israeli artillery responded swiftly to yesterday's rocket fire. Security forces are concerned that Islamist militants will kidnap soldiers in exchange for inmates at Roumieh prison. A magistrate called for the death penalty for top Arab Democratic Party official Rifaat Eid and three others accused of murder and terrorism.

A military judge issued an arrest warrant for B.M., a defector from the Syrian army suspected of membership in the Islamic State who allegedly was recruiting fellow Syrians for suicide attacks against the Assad regime. The suspect, who was arrested on the Beirut-Bekaa highway, had fought with the Islamic Farouq Brigades in Syria. Demonstrators carrying Islamic State banners blocked roads in Tripoli for a second day, demanding the release of dozens of inmates from Roumieh prison.

Lebanese jihadis pledging allegiance to the Islamic State

Security sources warned that suicide bombers from the Al Nusrah Front and other extremist groups are preparing to launch attacks, possibly in Shiite and Christian areas. Extremists from Syria infiltrated into Arsal and executed the father of a teenage boy who had been similarly executed in Arsal last month. Would-be Saudi suicide bomber Ali al-Thweni was charged with membership in the ISIS, possession of car bombs and a suicide belt, and recruiting suicide bombers for attacks in Lebanon. A rocket fired from the Eastern Mountains landed in a Bekaa Valley town. In a video posted on July 6, the Islamic State threatened to release Muslim captives from jails in Lebanon and elsewhere and "liquidate" judges, security forces, and guards. Moustafa Abdul Hay, a 22-year-old from Tripoli who joined the Ahrar al Sham two years ago and more recently joined the ISIS, reportedly became the first Lebanese suicide bomber in Iraq since the declaration of the IS caliphate. Hezbollah's deputy secretary general, Sheikh Naim Qassem, claimed that the terrorist group Islamic State is sponsored by the US.

Fears of ISIS grow in Lebanon

Western help, boosted cooperation behind security successes

An Al Nusrah Front official in Qalamoun, Syria released a speech claiming that the terror group has penetrated security and has "thousands" of mujahideen inside Lebanon ready to begin battle against Shiite villages; he also promised speedy relief to inmates in Roumieh and other prisons. The military prosecutor charged 28 suspects with membership in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, planning to carry out suicide and other bomb attacks, training suicide bombers for attacks in Beirut, and purchasing materials for bombs; seven of the suspects are in custody. A grenade blew up near a Tripoli cafe; four suspects have been arrested for recent grenade attacks in the city. A judge called for the death penalty for two Syrian brothers, along with four other Syrians, accused of membership in the Ziad Jarrah Brigades and preparing arms and explosives for use in Syria; one of the brothers, Mahmoud Mohammad Rabii, is at large. Two men, a Sudanese and a Tunisian, were arrested in Tripoli on security-related charges. Police arrested Qassem Husseini, the leader of a 50-member Bekaa Valley kidnapping gang, along with his brother Zein al-Abidine al-Husseini. Syrian airstrikes bombed "groups of gunmen" in Arsal yesterday.

ISIS preparing attacks in Lebanon: report