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Lebanese army says three more soldiers killed in Friday's attack

Senior Qods Force general killed in suspected Israeli airstrike

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps confirmed that Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Allah-Dadi was killed in an airstrike in Syria. He was assigned to help Hezbollah and Syria battle jihadist groups.

Hezbollah commanders killed in suspected Israeli airstrike

Jihad Imad Mughniyah, the son of the notorious founder and military and intelligence commander of Hezbollah up until his assassination in 2008, was among six Hezbollah operatives killed in a suspected airstrike in Quneitra, Syria.

Lebanese Army thwarts more suicide bomb plots

A Who's Who: The Kingpins of the "Islamist Floor" in Lebanon's Roumieh Prison

Lebanese police dismantle a prison's 'jihadist emirate'

Lebanese inmates get online, but at what cost to security?

Security forces raided the notorious Roumieh prison today, searching for suspects linked to the Jan. 9 double suicide attack in Tripoli. Families of Islamist prisoners protested the raid, and the Al Nusrah Front threatened to retaliate for it.

Tripoli suicide bombers kept low profile

Lebanon entered dangerous security stage: reports

Jihadi militants in Lebanon establishing 'Islamic State of Qalamoun' near Ersal

A suicide bombing at a cafe in the northern city of Tripoli killed nine people and wounded 30 others. A second suicide bomber detonated outside the cafe. The attack was claimed by the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's Syrian branch.

Al Nusrah Front suicide bombers strike in Lebanon, kill at least 7

Al Qaeda's official branch in Syria launched a double suicide attack in a predominately Alawite neighborhood of Tripoli.

French weapons will not be delivered to Lebanon before March: report

Extremists Harming Islam, Leader of Hezbollah Says

Syria regime fights off the Al Nusrah Front in Aleppo

ISIS, Al Nusrah militants number 3,000 on Lebanon-Syria border: report

Hezbollah admits 'major infiltrations' by foreign spy agencies

Islamic State seeking bases inside Lebanon: Lebanon security chief

Report: Sleeper Cells to Stage Attacks on Vital Areas of Lebanon