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Lebanon, France finalize $3B arms deal: report

Long-awaited Bekaa Valley security plan implemented

Lebanon - Long-awaited Bekaa Valley security plan implemented

No letup in flight of Iraqi Christians into Lebanon

French arms shipments set to arrive in Lebanon

Lebanese support ISIS airstrikes: survey

Lebanese general: Negotiations with ISIS require more time

Al Qaeda's Nusrah lays out conditions to release captured Lebanese soldiers

Dane in Lebanon arrested for being alleged IS fighter

Lebanon army steps up Tripoli battle against militants

Civilians flee during break in north Lebanon fighting

Islamic State sets sights on sea in Lebanon

Sirajeddine Zureiqat, said to be the new emir of the al Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades, urged followers to attack the "puppetmaster" Hezbollah, not the Lebanese Army. Syrian terrorist suspects Ahmad Atef Jenayat and Saleh Mohammad Halloum were referred to the judiciary; Jenayat is linked to a June suicide bombing plot involving slain facilitator Monzer al Hassan.

Lebanese soldier defects to al Qaeda's Syrian branch

The Al Nusrah Front has announced that a Lebanese soldier, Mohammed Antar, has defected to the jihadist group. Al Nusrah has released a photo and video of Antar, which are part of the organization's ongoing propaganda campaign against Iran, Hezbollah, and the Lebanese government.

Jihadist attacks on Army aim to secure access to sea: Lebanese Army chief

France says $3B Lebanon weapons deal to go ahead

The US condemned the Hezbollah bomb attack on Oct. 7 that wounded two Israeli soldiers in the Shebaa Farms area near an Israeli outpost. Lebanon accused Israel of shelling with cluster bombs in response to the attack. Hezbollah clashed with the Al Nusrah Front in the Qalamoun area near the Syrian border, reportedly capturing the Umm Khorj post from which Al Nusrah attacked a Hezbollah post in Brital on Oct. 5.

Lebanon - Deadly border clashes signal darker days ahead

Al Nusrah rejects hostage deal as families vow escalation

Al Nusrah Front releases video, photos from battle against Hezbollah

The Al Nusrah Front reportedly launched attacks on a number of Hezbollah outposts yesterday. The group has released a video and pictures from one of its raids.