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Al-Qaida's growing closeness to LeT, JeM worries security establishment

Al Qaeda video highlights fighting in Ghazni

Fighting terrorism

ISAF captures al Qaeda trainer in Kunar

The al Qaeda leader was targeted in a raid in the Watahpur district, a known hub for the terror group, on June 6.

Suicide assault team hits hospital in Quetta

ISAF targets al Qaeda leader in Kunar

The target of the raid was a senior al Qaida leader who serves as an operations chief, trainer, and facilitator in the east.

ISAF captures senior Lashkar-e-Taiba leader in Ghazni

Also, an "insurgent leader" who financed foreign fighters and coordinated attacks throughout Afghanistan was killed in Kunar province.

Taliban overrun Afghan National Army outpost in Kunar

LeT one of the most potent terrorist group in South Asia: US

Pakistan may use LeT for proxy war in Kashmir: US report

'Legal help to Hafiz Saeed will strengthen Indian allegations'

Pakistani al Qaeda 'company' commander praises Mumbai attacker

Asmatullah Muawiya said that the executions of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru will fuel a new round of attacks on India, and that Kashmir will become a focal point for jihadists after the US abandons Afghanistan.

Warning Signs Seen Ahead of India Bombings

Lashkar-e-Taiba Founder Takes Less Militant Tone in Pakistan

Pakistani Militant, Price on Head, Lives in Open

Pakistani military calls HRW report 'a pack of lies,' and 'fabricated'

American Mumbai plotter to be sentenced in Chicago

Pakistan must arrest Hafiz Saeed to improve ties with India: Editorial

Pakistani Taliban threaten to avenge Kasab's execution

India asks Pakistan to increase security at embassy in Islamabad