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Pakistani Militant, Price on Head, Lives in Open

Pakistani military calls HRW report 'a pack of lies,' and 'fabricated'

American Mumbai plotter to be sentenced in Chicago

Pakistan must arrest Hafiz Saeed to improve ties with India: Editorial

Pakistani Taliban threaten to avenge Kasab's execution

India asks Pakistan to increase security at embassy in Islamabad

Lashkar front JuD into mobile gaming?

'Mumbai case suspects trained at LeT camps'

Pakistan details how Lashkar-e-Taiba 2008 Mumbai attack gunmen were trained

Al-Qaida in Afghanistan is attempting a comeback

Attack on Schoolgirl in Pakistan Sparks Fears of Resurgent Taliban

Pakistani al Qaeda 'facilitator' killed in Kunar airstrike

Abdul Rauf and two other "insurgents" were killed in an airstrike in in the Marawarah district on Sept. 23. Rauf moved "foreign fighters" and built IEDs.

Pakistan - Kasab seeks presidential clemency

Oil depots in Mumbai put on terror alert

Senior al Qaeda leader, facilitator killed in airstrike in Kunar

Abu Walid, also known as Amru Mastur al Ghamrawi, was one of two al Qaeda leaders who were killed in an airstrike in the Watahpur district in Kunar on Aug 3. ISAF launched two airstrikes in Watahpur on Aug. 3.

Lashkar-e-Taiba leader's son added to US terror list

US adds 8 Lashkar-e-Taiba members to terrorism list

The US Treasury Department designated eight Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) leaders today, including the point man for the November 2008 attack on Mumbai. Also designated was the son of LeT chieftain Hafiz Saeed.

ISAF kills, captures al Qaeda-linked Taliban commanders in east

Mutaqi passed "critical information between the senior al Qaeda associated Taliban leaders in Kunar province" and plotted suicide attacks in the region. The commander in Ghazni helped al Qaeda fighters travel throughout the region.

ISAF kills Taliban district governor, 'dozens' of fighters in Kunar airstrikes

The Taliban reportedly gathered in Chapah Darah district to conduct a public execution when they were targeted in an airstrike. A second strike in Watahpur, a known haven for al Qaeda and the Lashkar-e-Taiba, killed "many" insurgents, including foreigners.

Al Qaeda in Spain: Alive, Well and Making Trouble