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Report: Former head of al Qaeda's network in Iran now operates in Syria

Muhsin al Fadhli, a senior al Qaeda leader from Kuwait, is reportedly now operating inside Syria as part of the Al Nusrah Front. Al Fadhli has been tied to a string of plots against Western interests.

New Kuwaiti Justice Minister Has Deep Extremist Ties

Syrian conflict said to fuel sectarian tensions in Persian Gulf

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait tighten controls on clerics

Tweeting Gulf Arabs Wire War Chest to Fight Assad on Every Front

Private Donors' Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria

Syrian conflict: Persian Gulf officials, tired of waiting for US, move to boost aid to rebels

US allies let funds flow to al Qaeda in Syria

Private donations give edge to Islamists in Syria, officials say

Plenty of money for weapons in Syria, little for refugees

Money, guns flowing from Kuwait to Syria's most radical rebel factions

Former bin Laden spokesman in US custody

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith served Osama bin Laden as a spokesman, threatened mass casualty attacks against America, and recruited the al Qaeda cell responsible for a 2002 attack on US Marines in Kuwait. He lived under a loose former of house arrest in Iran for years before being reportedly freed in 2010.

Three former Kuwaiti opposition lawmakers were sentenced to three years in prison for insulting the country's emir. On Sunday, a Twitter user was also sentenced to five years for a post considered offensive to the emir.

As NATO Prepares for Afghan Withdrawal, Uzbekistan Seeks War's Leftovers

Washington casts wary eye at Muslim Brotherhood

Kuwait's Prime Minister said more than 60 Islamists held by the UAE for plotting to overthrow the government were financed by Kuwaiti nationals. The plotters belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.

A Kuwaiti court sentenced a man to two years in prison for insulting the country's ruler on Twitter. Security forces dispersed several hundred demonstrators protesting against parliamentary elections.

Tensions flare between UAE and Muslim Brotherhood

The high cost of disengagement

Rich young Kuwaitis challenge old guard government