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Militants Strike in Kashmir as Elections Approach

US Troop Pullout Affects India-Pakistan Rivalry

LeT one of the most potent terrorist group in South Asia: US

Pakistan may use LeT for proxy war in Kashmir: US report

Warning Signs Seen Ahead of India Bombings

Pakistani Militant, Price on Head, Lives in Open

Boko Haram emir praises al Qaeda

Abubakar-Shekau.jpgAbubakar Shekau said he and his fighters support jihad in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Libya, and Mali.

Pakistan helping terrorists enter India, claims Indian home minister

Stop all ventures in PoK, India tells China

Pakistan wedding rush to beat new UK visa laws

Pakistani jihadist groups fundraise, recruit openly in Rawalpindi

Bakht-Zamin-Khan.jpgThe emir of the Al Badar Mujahideen said his group is waging jihad in both Afghanistan and Kashmir, and the leader of Hizbul Mujahideen said his group's jihad is against the US and its allies.

Saudi Arabia's policy shift toward India helps nab terror suspects

Clashes erupt in Indian-administered Kashmir after fire guts popular Muslim shrine

Pakistan boasted of nuclear strike on India within eight seconds

Islamic militants threaten war on Pakistan over Kashmir

Pakistan - LeT threatens to blow up Attari Integrated Checkpost

Book review: Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Ahmed Rashid

Reprehensible that Pakistan's ISI maintains ties with Haqqani network: Senator John McCain

Pakistan - DPC vows to stand firm against resumption of NATO supplies

Action against militants urged, 'India amenable to Kashmir talks'