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Islamic State attacks Iraqi border crossing with Jordan

Jordan's arrest of Brotherhood leader triggers debate

Arab World Is Called Upon to Denounce Islamic State

Lebanese support ISIS airstrikes: survey

To counter rise of Islamic State, Jordan imposes rules on Muslim clerics

Security forces arrested influential al Qaeda-linked cleric Abu Mohammad al Maqdisi on Oct. 27, on charges of using the Internet to incite terrorism. Former Prime Minister Marouf al Bakhit recently estimated that up to 4,000 Jordanians are active in the Islamic State. Some 20 Jordanian clerics are said to have taken leadership positions in the Islamic State, including Salafist hardliners Omar Mahdi Zeidan and Saad Hneity.

Christians of Mosul Find Haven in Jordan

US military to teach Syrian opposition forces defense only

How an American suicide bomber's travels went unmonitored

King Abdullah II reiterated Jordan's support for the international coalition against terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Forty Salafists jailed on charges related to Syria threatened a hunger strike in protest against prison conditions. The trials of eight Jordanians suspected of membership in the Islamic State are set to begin on Oct. 13. Police arrested a man in Ruseifa in Zarqa who is wanted on over 100 charges.

Who are the members of the coalition against ISIS?

Arab Leaders Attack Islamic State With Intel

Authorities have arrested 100 Islamic State members suspected of plotting attacks on "critical facilities," and security is being stepped up along the border with Syria. Abdul Shehadeh Tahawi, the leader of Jordan's Salafi jihadists who is currently imprisoned in Zarqa, called the international coalition against the Islamic State a "satanic" invasion against Muslim "civilians, women and children and the elderly."

US envoy Allen arrives in Iraq, to visit Jordan, Egypt, Turkey

Jordan on high alert for possible IS retaliation

Arab nations join Syria strikes as Al Nusrah Front threatens retaliation

Jordan, along with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, joined in US-led airstrikes on the Islamic State in northern Syria. The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood condemned Jordan's participation in the fight against the Islamic State. The Secretary General of the Arab Federation for Combating Counterfeiting and Forgery warned that Islamic State members have acquired forged passports from multiple nations so as to facilitate their movements across national borders; he also said the terrorist group is planning to flood Iraq with counterfeit money.

US, Defending Kurds in Syria, Expands Airstrikes Against Islamic State Militants

Belgium, Netherlands to offer fighter jets for ISIS strikes

Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges by Jordan court and released from jail