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Pope refers to 'Muslim brothers' on Good Friday

Drone base in Niger gives US a strategic foothold in West Africa

European Obstruction: NATO Reforms Moving at 'Snail's Pace'

Prominent al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike in 2012

Abd el Kader Mahmoud Mohamed el Sayed was a close advisor to al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri and served as a military commander in Afghanistan before he was killed. El Sayed was involved in the Luxor massacre and, while living in Milan, was recorded by Italian intelligence discussing terror plots against the West.

Security woes plague Benghazi

Prototype of European combat drone makes maiden flight

UN set to implicitly recognize Palestinian state, despite threats

From al Qaeda in Italy to Ansar al Sharia Tunisia

Two convicted members of an al Qaeda-affiliated terror network in Italy are now senior members of Ansar al Sharia Tunisia. One of them, Sami Ben Khemais Essid, was the head of al Qaeda's operations in Italy and plotted to attack the US Embassy in Rome in early 2001.

Pakistani Taliban Turn to Kidnapping to Finance Operations

Italian Premier Makes Surprise Visit To Afghanistan

Spain dismantles Pakistani human trafficking ring

Arab World: A souring mood in Tunisia

Setback for Pakistani teen facing blasphemy charges

Italian Supreme Court upholds guilty verdict against 23 Americans

Italy: Embassies 'secure from protests over anti-Islam film'

Italy: Mursi condemns anti-Islam film during Rome visit

Italy's defense minister said the country would be ready to intervene militarily in Syria in the event that the Assad regime was ousted. Humanitarian concerns would be the primary focus, he said.

Italy: Somali Olympic sprinter died at sea trying to reach Italian shores

Italy: Moroccan severely beats daughter in mall for refusing veil

World won't abandon Afghanistan: ISAF