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Elite unit guards Israel against Sinai threats

Hezbollah releases new video on 2006 abduction of Israeli soldiers

US Deputy Secretary of Defense Carter traveled to Israel to meet with senior Israeli officials, including Defense Minister Ya'alon. His visit comes at the start of a bilateral aerial exercise between the IDF and EUCOM. The foreign ministry opened a virtual embassy to reach out to residents of Gulf nations. Prime Minister Netanyahu said the fall of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt shows the weakness of political Islam. Israeli intelligence officials said Hamas test-fired the M-75 missile in mid-June. At least one rocket was fired from Gaza toward Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed Secretary of State Kerry's announcement regarding a potential resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians. Minister for intelligence and strategic affairs Steinitz said Israel will likely release a number of Palestinian prisoners if the Palestinian leaderships takes negotiations seriously. A delegation of senior IDF officers left for the US, where they will meet with their American counterparts.

Authorities filed an indictment against a Palestinian, who is believed to have fought with Fatah's al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hamas' al Aqsa Defenders, on a number of security charges. An Iron Dome missile defense battery was deployed near Eilat out of fear of potential rocket attacks from the Sinai. An Israeli official said that if negotiations with the Palestinians do resume, they will take months.

Israel indicts Palestinian tied to number of terror groups

Israeli authorities today filed an indictment against Wael Abu Reda, a Palestinian who has purportedly committed a plethora of security offenses during his time in a number of Palestinian terror groups, including Hamas' al Aqsa Defenders.

Islamists Blamed for Uptick in Sinai Violence After Morsi's Ouster

Drones increasingly opposed: Poll

Israel is reportedly preparing a number of "peace gestures" to encourage the Palestinian leadership to return to negotiations. Prime Minister Netanyahu's office denied reports that Israel had accepted a plan to use the 1967 borders as a basis for the resumption of peace talks. Military Intelligence Chief Aviv Kochavi is in the US for talks with American officials on a number of topics, including Russia's plans to provide Syria with S-300 missiles. Two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel.

1 year after Burgas: What do we know?

One Year On, Bulgaria Still Hunts for Anti-Israeli Bus Bomber

Rapper Bushido causes German government scandal

IDF: Navy stopped boat in December for suspicion of arms smuggling

Israel scratching its head after US officials (again) leak Syria strike

Satellite imagery of Israeli strike in Latakia released

IDF chief Gantz said that terrorists "continue to settle down in Sinai and we follow that daily." Israeli officials believe the EU will soon designate at least Hezbollah's military wing as a terror group. A former Israeli official said that US leaks regarding Israeli operations against advanced weaponry in Syria are problematic. Israel reportedly approved the entry of two Egyptian infantry battalions into the Sinai to target militants.

Israeli Military Invests In Cyber Warfare

Prime Minister Netanyahu told his cabinet that "now, more than ever, it is important to stiffen the economic sanctions and present Iran with a credible military option." Responding to reports of a recent Israeli strike in Syria, Netanyahu reiterated that Israel has red lines that it is determined to uphold. Muhammad Abed Al Jfar Nasser Mfarja pled guilty to a lesser charge related to his involvement in a bus bombing in Tel Aviv last November. Gunfire erupted near the border between Israel and Egypt shortly after a terror cell was identified by an IDF outpost.

US officials confirm Israeli strike on Yakhont missiles in Syria

With upheaval in Arab world, IDF facing future of threats unlike any in the past