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When Assad shells rebels, Israel goes on alert and learns

Israel could swoop on S-300 missiles in Syria, but with risks

Argentinian prosecutor alleges extensive Iranian terror activity in South America

Defense Minister Ya'alon said that Israel "will know what to do" if Russia sends advanced antiaircraft weaponry to Syria. A high-level military intelligence delegation arrived in Moscow to convince Russia not to send advanced antiaircraft weaponry to Syria. An IDF official warned that Israeli intelligence is seeing the migration of global jihadists from Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan into Syria, Gaza, and the Sinai.

Israeli or U.S. Action Against Iran: Who Will Do It If It Must Be Done?

The Israel-Egypt-Hamas Triangle in the Sinai

Rebel Leaders in Syria Ask for Weapons from the West

When Israel hits Syria, it hones military edge for wider war

How Iranian weapons go through Syria to Hezbollah

Geneva talks on Syria last chance to avoid foreign intervention

West may boost Syria rebels if Assad won't talk peace

More Palestinian kidnapping plots thwarted by Israel

In response to fire from Syria, the IDF destroyed a Syrian army position. IDF Chief Gantz warned that Assad "will have to bear the consequences" for continued attacks against Israeli forces in the Golan. Home Front Defense Minister Erdan said it was only a matter of time before missiles are fired at Israel's major population centers. During a recent raid, IDF forces uncovered a weapons cache in the home of a wanted Palestinian terrorist near Nablus.

Palestinian prisoners used forbidden mobile phones to plot terror attacks

Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel is determined to keep preventing arms shipments from reaching Hezbollah. He also said it is not true that Israel prefers Bashar al Assad over the rebels. In terms of systems sold, Israel is the largest exporter of drones in the world.

The head of the CIA made a surprise trip to Israel to discuss the ongoing turmoil in Syria with Israeli officials. His trip came a day after an Israeli official warned that more strikes may take place against advance weaponry in Syria.

Satellite imagery of Israeli airstrike at Damascus airport released

Tunneling KFC to Gazans Craving the World Outside

Prime Minister Netanyahu is planning a trip to Moscow soon to convince Russia not to provide Syrian with S-300 missile defense systems. A Palestinian was sentenced to four years in prison for terror-related activities.

Hezbollah and Al Qaeda Fighters Edging Closer to Full Scale Confrontation