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MSC in Jerusalem member targeted by Israeli Air Force

ITMC.jpgThe Israeli Air Force killed a member of the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem who was involved in the recent rocket attack on the Israeli city of Eilat from the Sinai Peninsula.

US Grapples With Rift Among Mideast Allies

Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered his ministers not to comment on the ongoing situation in Syria. Netanyahu also said that Iran has not yet crossed the nuclear red line he set at the UN. The Navy unveiled its 5th Dolphin class submarine. A Hamas terrorist was sentenced to 24 years in prison for terror activities.

Is Hamas Planning To Kidnap More Israelis?

Hizb Allah Resurrected: The Party of God's Return to Tradecraft

Burgas Terror Act Reenactment Deemed 99% Success

Israeli Air Force struck SSRC facility without entering Syrian airspace

Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center returns to Facebook

Reports: IRGC behind recent drone incursion off coast of Israel

How Hezbollah Trained an Operative to Spy on Israeli Tourists

Israel reportedly increased its security alert along the Lebanon border. The increase comes a day after the Air Force intercepted a drone believed to have been sent by Hezbollah. At the end of May, Israeli authorities will simulate the firing of hundreds of rockets and missiles from Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon. Deputy Defense Minister Dannon said, "I can tell you very clear that we know that Syria has used chemical weapons."

Arab Bank Must Face Trial Over Terror Attacks, Judge Says

The Israeli Air Force intercepted a drone five nautical miles off the coast of Israel near Haifa. Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel is prepared to deal with any threat posed by Syria or Lebanon in the air, land, or sea. The IDF will reportedly stop using white phosphorous as smokescreens in operations due to the negative publicity associated with it.

Israeli Air Force intercepts Hezbollah drone off coast of Israel

The Israeli Air Force intercepted a drone, which it said belonged to Hezbollah, off the coast of Israel near Haifa. This is the second such interception of a Hezbollah drone by Israel in seven months.

Why did the IDF's top analyst drop his Syria WMD bombshell?

Israel protests India's feting of journalist accused of aiding Iran in New Delhi car bombing

Israeli intelligence agencies remain divided over whether the Assad regime has used chemical weapons in Syria. Members of the Israeli security cabinet recently visited Mossad headquarters to familiarize themselves with the intelligence agency and receive briefings on a variety of security issues. Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein concluded that authorities can continue asking to view the emails of incoming visitors.

An Israeli delegation arrived in Turkey for discussions with Turkish officials on the potential for compensation for victims in the May 2010 flotilla incident. Defense Minister Ya'alon hinted that Israel had previously "acted" in Syria to prevent the transfer of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah. Ya'alon's comment is believed to be in reference to the January strike on the SSRC facility. New video from the Burgas bombing attack last July was released by Israeli TV.

Israel Embassy detains 'suspicious' Iranian man in Kathmandu

In official complaint, Israel tells Egypt rocket attack on Eilat violates peace accord