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A US audit said that most of the $6.6 billion in reconstruction funds that was thought to have been missing for Iraq has been accounted for. Iraq's central bank said it is not responsible for the funds.

$6.6 billion in lost Iraq cash now accounted for, inspector says

Insurgents killed 18 Iraqis in a pair of bombings in Sadr City in Baghdad. Police killed three "gunmen" in an area west of Mosul.

Mao's Rockets and the Eastern Afghan Border War, Part I

Insurgents killed 11 Iraqis in attacks in Mosul, Tikrit, Baghdad, and Abu Ghraib. Security forces detained five senior Baathists in Al Kut and 20 party members in Kirkuk, and detained 29 wanted men in Mosul.

Insurgents killed three security guards at an oil facility in Baqubah and a traffic policeman in Baghdad. Prime Minister Maliki ordered the closing of the Justice and Accountability Commission.

How the Obama administration bungled the Iraq withdrawal negotiations

Watchdog slams US training of Iraqi cops

US Troop Pullout Heightens Concerns Over Iran in Region

Iraqi speaker warns of meddling after US pullout

Iran influence high as US forces leave Iraq

Security forces detained 47 Baathists and terrorists during raids in Kirkuk and Diyala; 16 more Baathists were detained in Al Kut. US Defense Secretary Panetta said Iraq is capable of dealing with Iranian-backed militias.

US Scales Back Diplomacy in Iraq Amid Fiscal and Security Concerns

US and Iraq Had Not Expected Troops Would Have to Leave

US and Iraq Had Not Expected Troops Would Have to Leave

US to complete pullout from Iraq by end of year

President Obama formally announced that all US combat forces will withdraw from Iraq by the end of December. Four Iraqis were killed in three bombings in Baghdad's Sadr City.

Insurgents killed an Iraqi Army colonel in Baghdad. Security forces broke up an al Qaeda cell in Karbala. The presidency approved the execution of 53 people, including "five foreigners."

US fears more plots from Iran's Quds Force

Turkey steps up offensive in Iraq after Kurdish raids