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Inside an al Qaeda stronghold in Yemen

A member of the Baghdad provincial council is a leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, according to the Baghdad Police Command. Insurgents killed four soldiers and a police officer in Wasit, and three soldiers west of Mosul.

US officials among the targets of Iran-linked assassination plots

At West Point, Asking if a War Doctrine Was Worth It

Insurgents killed three soldiers in an IED attack in Badoush near Mosul. A Brigadier General in the Interior Ministry was gunned down in Baghdad.

Iraqi president calls for dialogue to solve crisis

Insurgents killed three Lebanese Shia pilgrims in Ramadi, three civilians in Baqubah, and two policemen in Kirkuk. The central government informed Turkey that it required permission to build a pipeline to move oil from Kurdistan.

Insurgents killed six people, including four children, at the home of an Awakening member in Baqubah. Iraq wants drones to protect its oil platforms, facilities, and infrastructure.

Iraq turns to US drones to protect oil platforms

UN Seeks Iran Nuclear Deal Before Baghdad Talks

Insurgents killed a police captain, his wife, and three young children, in an attack at his home in Baghdad. The government is planning on building a $1 billion power plant in Anbar province.

Insurgents killed five people in a bombing at a pet market in Baghdad. Security forces detained five al Qaeda in Iraq fighters in Wasit.

The trial of Vice President Hashemi, who is outside the country, has begun. Security forces arrested five Ansar al Sunnah members in Kirkuk and "four Syrian infiltrators" in Mosul.

Insurgents killed five Iraqis in bombings in Fallujah and a policeman in a bombing in Kirkuk. Iraq is poised to overtake Iran as the number one oil producer in OPEC.

Insurgents killed four Iraqis in attacks in Ramadi and Baghdad. The Kurdistan Regional Government denied that it was hosting the Israeli Mossad.

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood is gaining influence over anti-Assad revolt

US May Scrap Costly Effort to Train Iraqi Police

Iran Promotes Its Candidate for Next Shiite Leader

Insurgents killed four people in attacks in Diyala province. Turkey said it would not extradite Vice President Hashemi despite an INTERPOL red notice for his arrest.

An Iraqi court ordered the release of Hezbollah commander Musa Ali Daqduq, but he will remain in prison as his case is appealed. INTERPOL issued a Red Notice warrant for Vice President Tariq al Hashemi.