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Abu Musab al-Suri, the New Mastermind of Jihad

The government postponed a reconciliation conference. Vice President Tariq al Hashemi, who is wanted for terrorism charges, has arrived in Saudi Arabia.

Vice President Tareq al Hashemi, who is wanted for terrorism charges, left Kurdistan for Qatar. Prime Minister Maliki chided Qatar and Saudi Arabia for arming Syrian rebels. The government said the March death toll was the lowest since the US invaded in 2003.

Opposition says Syrian rebel fighters to get salaries

Foreign Fighters Join Syrian Rebels: Jihadists Declare Holy War Against Assad Regime

Arab Revolts Risk Fuelling Sectarian Tensions

UN refugee agency reports big rise in asylum claims

Obama's Over-Hasty Withdrawal: Iraq Is Neither Sovereign, Stable nor Self-Reliant

Security forces arrested seven al Qaeda in Iraq fighters in Suwaira in Wasit province. The government approved the payment of $560 million from oil companies to the Kurdish Regional Government.

Security forces detained 11 "terrorists" in Daqouq and Rashad near Kirkuk. Insurgents killed a policemen in Fallujah. The government declared a 10-day-long vacation in preparation for the Arab League summit.

Insight: Iraq war over? Not where Qaeda rules through fear

Twenty-two policemen were arrested after 19 prisoners escaped from a jail in Kirkuk. Eleven of the prisoners were in jail with terrorism-related charges; one has since been recaptured.

Toulouse siege: The 'white emir' who may have inspired Mohamed Merah

Despite mounting criticism, Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki remains powerful

Mohammed Merah dead: Toulouse Al Qaeda fanatic had sick video of himself executing victims

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for a series of bombings and attacks across the country on March 19 that killed 46 Iraqis. AQI said the target was the "fool government preparing" for next week's Arab League summit in Baghdad.

Islamists seek influence in Syria uprising

Attacks Hit Iraq as It Prepares to Host Arab League

Forty-six Iraqis were killed in a series of suicide attacks and car bombings in Karbala, Kirkuk, Baghdad, and other cities. Security forces detained a senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader in Baqubah.

Sadrists in Iraq Free American Who Says He Was Kidnapped