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Zarqawi's nephew killed in Yemen drone strike

Muhammad Fazi al Harasheh, or Abu Hammam, waged jihad in Iraq in 2003 and 2005, and fought in Yemen for five months before being killed in a strike this spring.

Fourteen Iraqis were killed and dozens more were wounded in a pair of bombings at a market in a Shia neighborhood in Baghdad. Insurgents attempted to assassinate the head of the Sunni Endowment in Samarra.

Insurgents killed four policemen in two shooting in Mosul; three were gunned downed with silenced pistols near a school. Two civilians were killed in attacks in Baghdad and Tarmiya.

Fears grow for fate of Syria's chemical weapons

A suicide bomber killed 16 people and wounded 40 more at a funeral in Baqubah. The attack took place at the funeral of a Shia tribal leader in the city.

Insurgents killed a soldier and a child in two bombings in Fallujah. Two civilians were killed in an IED attack in Sharqat, and a security officer was killed in an IED attack in Kirkuk.

Thirty-two people were killed in a pair of car bombings that again targeted Shia pilgrims in Baghdad. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for this week's bombings that killed 70 people.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims credit for recent bombings

Pakistan boasted of nuclear strike on India within eight seconds

Seventy Iraqis, including Shia pilgrims and five soldiers, were killed in a series of coordinated bombings and attacks in Baghdad, Hillah, Karbala, and Balad. Al Qaeda in Iraq likely executed the attack. Two AQI fighters were arrested in Wasit.

Al Nusrah front claims latest suicide attack in Syria

Al-Nusrah-Front-banner.pngThe terror group said the "special martyrdom-operation" included a suicide attack inside a Syrian military camp and was followed up by an ambush that included seven IEDs.

70 Iraqis killed in attacks on Shia pilgrims, soldiers

Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri Maliki fights off attempt to push him out of office

Islamic State of Iraq claims suicide bombing on Shiite Endowment

Six people were killed in a mortar attack that targeted Shia pilgrims in Baghdad. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for the suicide attack that killed 25 people at the Shiite Endowment in Baghdad.

Insurgents killed four Iraqis in shootings and bombings in Baghdad, Balad Ruz, and Kirkuk. A colonel was killed and his family wounded in Baghdad, while a soldier was killed in Kirkuk.

The government executed Abed Hamoud, Saddam Hussein's private secretary, for ordering assassinations and detentions of political rivals. "Gunmen" killed two Awakening members in northern Baghdad.

Iran and Iraq: Battle of the ayatollahs

What happens to all that military gear?

A suicide bomber killed 26 Iraqis in an attack on the Shi'ite Endowment in Baghdad. Al Qaeda in Iraq had previously threatened to target Iraqi Shia in Baghdad and elsewhere.