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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed an Awakening leader and three of his sons in Samarra. Insurgents killed seven Iraqis in a bombing in Diwaniyah and killed another in a blast in Hamdaniyah. Police arrested six al Qaeda fighters in Tharthar.

Spending cuts create challenges for Army

Insurgents killed 22 Iraqis in a series of bombings in predominantly Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad. Prime Minister Maliki warned that the civil war in Syria may spill over into Iraq and Jordan.

Norway - Lies told for asylum

AP INTERVIEW: Iraq PM warns Syria war could spread

U.S. official: Iraq continues to allow Iranian overflights to Syria

Security forces killed two al Qaeda fighters in Abu Ghraib and detained an al Qaeda commander in Ninewa and two more fighters in Fallujah. US officials said Iraq is permitting Iranian aircraft to fly to Syria using Iraqi airspace.

Wathiq al Batat, the leader of the newly formed Mukhtar Army, a Shia militant group, threatened to attack the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, an Iranian terrorist group. Camp Liberty, where MEK is sheltering, has come under rocket attacks over the past few weeks.

Security forces killed two al Qaeda fighters near Haditha in Anbar province. Insurgents killed two Iraqi soldiers and a child in an IED attack in Rubaia.

Insurgents killed seven Awakening fighters in an attack on a checkpoint in Tuz Khumato. A civilian was killed in a car bombing in Baghdad.

"Gunmen" killed four Iraqi soldiers at a checkpoint in Duluiayah. Police captured 12 al Qaeda fighters near Mosul. The Army shut down three tunnels to Syria in Al Qaim.

Insurgents killed an Iraqi Army officer and three family members in Mosul and an Awakening leader in Madin. Security forces five al Qaeda fighters in Anbar and seven more in Ninewa.

Iranian-backed militant group in Iraq is recasting itself as a political player

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for yesterday's attacks in Baghdad that killed at least 37 Iraqis and wounded more than 130. Al Qaeda also warned Sunnis not to work with the Shia-dominated government.

Terrorists killed at least 37 Iraqis and wounded more than 130 others in a series of bombings in Shiite-dominated neighborhoods in Baghdad. Many of the attacks took place at markets.

A suicide bomber killed the head of Iraq's intelligence academy and two of his bodyguards in an attack outside of his home in Tal Afar. Police killed a suicide bomber in Diyala and arrested nine members of a rocket attack cell in Baghdad.

Al Nusrah Front claims suicide attacks in Damascus, al-Shadadi

Nine suicide attacks have now been reported in Syria so far this year; the al Qaeda affiliate has claimed credit for eight of them.

Insurgents killed an Awakening member in an IED attack in Baghdad province and bombed five communications towers in Mosul. The military launched a multi-brigade offensive against al Qaeda in Anbar province. Demonstrators in Anbar flew anti-al Qaeda banners.

Maghreb jihadists flock to Syria

Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate seizes control of another town

The Al Nusrah Front took control of the town of al-Shadadi in Hasakah province. Five Iraqi and Kuwati fighters were killed during the operation.