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Inside Jabhat al Nusra - the most extreme wing of Syria's struggle

"Gunmen" kidnapped 20 Iraqi police recruits at a cafe in Bayji. The recruits are thought to have been taken to Anbar province near the border with Syria; al Qaeda is suspected of carrying out the operation.

Boko Haram emir praises al Qaeda

Abubakar-Shekau.jpgAbubakar Shekau said he and his fighters support jihad in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Libya, and Mali.

Insurgents killed seven members of a family, including five sleeping children, in Tarmiyah, and two soldiers in Fallujah. A court in Dhi Qhar sentenced al Qaeda in Iraq's emir for Basrah to death.

North Korea's Illegal Weapons Pipeline Flows On

Sunni Leaders Gaining Clout in Mideast

Insurgents killed 29 Iraqis in a series of eight bombings in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Ramadi, and Fallujah. Security forces detained three al Qaeda fighters in Wasit.

Pakistan ranked 'most dangerous place for journalists' second year running

US Looks to Set Size of Afghan Presence

For the first time in eight years, there were no significant sectarian attacks during the Shia holiday of Ashura. Security forces detained 82 wanted men in Karbala and three al Qaeda fighters in Wasit.

New wars possible, new borders too

"Gunmen" killed the chief of the Abu Ghraib local council and two of his sons. Security forces detained a Naqshabandia commander in Mosul. The government allotted $7.7 million to fund the Awakening.

Security forces killed a senior al Qaeda in Iraq commander in Wasit and detained 13 al Qaeda fighters near Ramadi. The chief of Kurdish military forces warned that a clash with central government forces could happen after fighting took place near Kirkuk.

Insurgents gunned down an Iraqi journalist in Baghdad. Security forces detained 67 "terror suspects" during the past week. Three al Qaeda in Iraq fighters were captured north of Tikrit.

Treasury adds Hezbollah leader who was in US custody last year to terrorism list

Musa Ali Daqduq has been added to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists. He was in US custody a mere 11 months ago before being transferred to Iraq and subsequently freed, and his terrorist activities were well known.

Security forces killed al Qaeda's emir for Baqubah and detained four Ansar al Islam fighters near Kirkuk. Insurgents killed a senior Awakening leader and three aides near Mosul.

Syrian Crisis Drives Kurdish Push For Independence

Insurgents killed seven people, including three Iranian pilgrims, in an IED attack in Balad. Iraqi clerics issued a fatwa prohibiting Muslims from marrying or doing business with members of terror groups.

The government freed Hezbollah commander Musa Ali Daqduq. Insurgents killed three Iraqi policemen in Mosul. Security forces arrested al Qaeda's commander for Karma.

Iraq frees Hezbollah commander who helped mold Shia terror groups

Musa Ali Daqduq, who was tasked with establishing a Hezbollah-like Shia terror group in Iraq, and who was involved in the 2007 attack on US troops in Karbala, has been freed from Iraqi custody and is now in Lebanon.