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The finance minister said that a "militia force" kidnapped several members of his staff. President Talibani has been moved to a hospital in Germany after his stroke earlier this week.

Troops gone, US increasingly sidelined in Iraq

UN warns of foreign influx into sectarian Syria war

Al Qaeda grows powerful in Syria as endgame nears

Security forces detained 20 "terrorists" in Ninewa and 10 al Qaeda fighters in Basrah. Insurgents killed a soldier in Baghdad. The government has offered rewards for al Qaeda in Iraq and Al Nusrah Front leaders.

Kurdish troops fired on an Iraqi Army helicopter as it traveled north of Kirkuk; no casualties were reported. President Talibani has been hospitalized for a stroke.

Thirty-two Iraqis were killed and more than 100 were wounded in a series of bombings and attacks across the country. The attacks targeted the Army, police, and Shiites.

Insurgents killed six people in bombings in Kirkuk at two mosques and a TV station associated with Shia Muslims. Two more people were killed in a bombing at Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party office in Jalula.

Syria war fuels Christian flight from Middle East

Insurgents killed four Iraqi soldiers in an IED attack in Al Zawiyah. Police killed an al Qaeda fighter and wounded two more in Mosul, and prevented an attack on a train station south of Tikrit.

Al Qaeda fighters killed an Army regimental commander west of Mosul and three policemen in Mosul. Security forces detained two insurgents in Fallujah.

Zarqawi's brother-in-law reported killed while leading Al Nusrah Front unit

Iyad al Tubasi is thought to have been killed in Daraa. He is believed to have been replaced by Abu Anas al Sahhaba, another associate of former al Qaeda in Iraq emir Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

Syrian jihadists form 'Supporters of the Khilafah' Brigade

Five units in Western Aleppo that are linked to the Al Nusrah Front vowed "to establish the Islamic Khilafah state, and to use it to end decades of colonization and enslavement."

The central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government agreed on a plan to deescalate the situation in Kirkuk. A suicide bomber killed himself and two prisoners at an entrance to a prison in Baghdad. Security forces raided an al Qaeda media center in Mosul.

Security forces captured an al Qaeda commander near Mosul, four al Qaeda fighters in Fallujah, and three Ansar al Sunnah fighters in Kirkuk. A court sentenced three al Qaeda commanders and four fighters to death for kidnapping and executing 26 men in Anbar.

US adds Al Nusrah Front, 2 leaders to terrorism list

The US government called the Al Nusrah Front "a new alias" for al Qaeda in Iraq, and said Al Nusrah is under the direct control of the emir of the Iraqi terror group.

Security forces destroyed an al Qaeda in Iraq camp in the Al Jazeera desert in Ninewa province. A joint Army and police force captured a top al Qaeda judicial figure in Mosul.

Al Qaeda fighters killed the Awakening's military commander for Mahmoudiyah and his wife; four suspects have been detained. Security forces detained two al Qaeda fighters in Baghdad.

The Islamic State of Iraq denied that its emir, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, was captured. A court sentenced two al Qaeda leaders to death. Security forces arrested 12 al Qaeda fighters in Fallujah and nine more in Wasit.

Terror Fight Shifts to Africa