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Insurgents killed seven Awakening fighters in an attack on a checkpoint in Tuz Khumato. A civilian was killed in a car bombing in Baghdad.

"Gunmen" killed four Iraqi soldiers at a checkpoint in Duluiayah. Police captured 12 al Qaeda fighters near Mosul. The Army shut down three tunnels to Syria in Al Qaim.

Insurgents killed an Iraqi Army officer and three family members in Mosul and an Awakening leader in Madin. Security forces five al Qaeda fighters in Anbar and seven more in Ninewa.

Iranian-backed militant group in Iraq is recasting itself as a political player

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for yesterday's attacks in Baghdad that killed at least 37 Iraqis and wounded more than 130. Al Qaeda also warned Sunnis not to work with the Shia-dominated government.

Terrorists killed at least 37 Iraqis and wounded more than 130 others in a series of bombings in Shiite-dominated neighborhoods in Baghdad. Many of the attacks took place at markets.

A suicide bomber killed the head of Iraq's intelligence academy and two of his bodyguards in an attack outside of his home in Tal Afar. Police killed a suicide bomber in Diyala and arrested nine members of a rocket attack cell in Baghdad.

Al Nusrah Front claims suicide attacks in Damascus, al-Shadadi

Nine suicide attacks have now been reported in Syria so far this year; the al Qaeda affiliate has claimed credit for eight of them.

Insurgents killed an Awakening member in an IED attack in Baghdad province and bombed five communications towers in Mosul. The military launched a multi-brigade offensive against al Qaeda in Anbar province. Demonstrators in Anbar flew anti-al Qaeda banners.

Maghreb jihadists flock to Syria

Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate seizes control of another town

The Al Nusrah Front took control of the town of al-Shadadi in Hasakah province. Five Iraqi and Kuwati fighters were killed during the operation.

"Gunmen" killed the head of Diyala province's reconciliation council in an attack in Baqubah. Police captured three "terrorists" in Baghdad; the three men were dressed as women and were attempting to get through a checkpoint when captured.

Al Nusrah Front, foreign jihadists overrun another Syrian military base

The al Qaeda affiliate, the Muhajireen Group, and the Free Syrian Army took control of the headquarters of the Syrian Army's 80th Regiment near the main airport in Aleppo.

Suicide bombers kill 14 Syrian security personnel

Al Nusrah front spearheads capture of Syrian dam, claims suicide assault

Al-Nusrah-Front-banner.pngThe al Qaeda affiliate has gained control or has a major presence in several key cities and towns along the Euphrates River, securing its lines of communication into Iraq.

Twelve Iraqis were killed in a suicide attack and shooting in Mosul, and three more were killed in an IED attack in Anbar. Counterterrorism forces captured two insurgent commanders and three fighters in Diyala.

Six people were killed in a mortar and rocket attack at a camp that houses members of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq. Gunmen assassinated a security guard at his home in Baghdad. Police arrested seven al Qaeda in Iraq fighters in Fallujah.

Insurgents killed 31 Iraqis in a series of car bombings in Baghdad. Security forces captured six al Qaeda fighters in Kirkuk, and launched an operation against the terror group in the Al Jazeera desert in Anbar and Ninewa provinces.

A suicide bomber killed seven people in an attack outside of a prison in Taji. The suicide attack is the third in three days, and the second in Taji in two days.

A suicide bomber killed 19 Awakening fighters and three soldiers in an attack in Taji. A senior counterterrorism official was killed in a car bombing in Abu Ghraib. The head of the Awakening warned that al Qaeda is returning to Anbar province.