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A suicide bomber killed 31 Iraqis in an attack outside a military training center in Taji. Security forces detained 11 al Qaeda members during a raid in Taji.

Al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bomber kills 31 at Iraqi Army base in Taji

Security forces detained a senior al Qaeda leader and two of his aides in Ramadi, and 35 more al Qaeda members in Anbar province. A brigadier in charge of a prison in Tikrit was arrested after al Qaeda staged a jailbreak.

US Air Force struggles with aging fleet

"Gunmen" killed three soldiers during an attack on a base in Taji; three insurgents were detained. Security forces detained nine al Qaeda fighters in Bayji.

Jordanian jihadist lived to die in Syria

Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader in Mosul and detained five Ansar al Sunnah fighters in Kirkuk. An Iraqi court issued a second death sentence for Iraqi Vice President Tariq al Hashemi.

Syria turmoil stirs Iraqi tribal sympathies, hopes

"Gunmen" killed two government workers in Baghdad and two construction workers in Mosul. Security forces arrested four members of a weapons smuggling cell in Thi Qhar.

AL Qaeda in Iraq assassinated a tribal leader who opposed the group in Haditha. Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader in Mosul. The Ministry of Defense said it is creating a counterterrorism studies center in Anbar.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for a series of attacks in Baghdad that targeted and killed dozens of Shia worshipers during Eid al Adha. An Awakening leader in Fallujah dodged an assassination attempt.

Insurgents killed 13 Iraqis in a car bombing in Baghdad and two more in IED attacks in Madaan. Security forces searched an Iranian airline thought to be transporting weapons to Syria.

Influx of Iraqi Shiites to Syria Widens War's Scope

Saddam Hussein gave £840,000 fortune to family of British father murdered in Alps massacre

Insurgents killed 13 people, including three children, in separate attacks in Baghdad. One attack targeted a busload of Iranian pilgrims. Security forces detained 12 wanted terrorists in Baghdad.

Iraq Amnesty Could Set Killers Loose

Insurgents killed two policemen in a shooting in Buhriz and two civilians in a bombing outside a mosque in Mahaweel. Security forces detained five terrorists in Wasit.

US intelligence officials believe that operatives associated with al Qaeda in Iraq may have played a role in the assault on the US consulate in Banghazi, Libya. Prime Minister Maliki is seeking to reinstate Sunni military officers who served during Saddam Hussein's regime.

Tunisia Jews: A tiny community hanging on - and cooking

Foreign fighters worry - and boost - Syrian rebels