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ISIS announces formation of Caliphate, rebrands as 'Islamic State'

Blame The Obama Doctrine For Iraq

Iraq's Sunni Militants Take to Social Media to Advance Their Cause and Intimidate

Insight: Sectarian genie is out of the bottle from Syria to Iraq

Iraqi troops, insurgents battle for Tikrit

Reports indicate that Iraqi forces have withdrawn from much of the city after heavy fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham and allied Baathists.

Syrian rebels buckling in face of jihadists

Report: ISIS Selling Oil to Finance Terrorist Operations; Army, Security Forces Main Targets in Lebanon

ISIS fears in Lebanon on the rise

Abu Qatada acquitted of conspiracy in Jordan

Obama Administration Deepens US Role in Syria and Iraq

Armed US aircraft now flying over Iraq: defense officials

Iraqi troops air assault into Tikrit

US now wrestling with intelligence gaps in Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham took control of the town of Mansouriyat al-Jabal and a nearby oil field. A suicide bomber killed 19 people in Baghdad. The military claimed it killed 32 ISIS fighters in airstrikes in Tikrit and in Anbar.

Jihadist returnees stir concern in the Maghreb

Saudi king orders 'all' measures to protect nation

ISIS Jihadists Step Up Recruitment Drive

ISIS advances on oil fields in Salahaddin, Diyala

Iraqi oil infrastructure "sabotaged" before ISIS attack--industry source

Jordan shaken by threats from ISIS, Iraq, Syria