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Unidentified "gunmen" killed 52 prisoners and eight policemen during an ambush on a prison convoy in Taji. The military claimed it killed 28 Islamic State fighters in Dhuluiyah. Parliament elected Fouad Massoum, a Kurdish politician, to serve as president.

UN: Islamic State 'orders female genital mutilation' for women in Mosul

The Islamic State took control of a state-run pharmaceutical company north of Mosul. Parliament has postponed a decision to announce Iraq's new president. Eight people were killed during fighting outside of Ramadi. The government said it would arm the tribes in Ninewa, Salahadin, and Anbar to fight the Islamic State.

Why Islamic State is no al Qaeda clone

In a Syrian City, ISIS Puts Its Vision Into Practice

Islamic Front rejects rival's caliphate, as well as proposed emirate in Syria

The Islamic Front, a coalition of several leading insurgent groups in Syria, has issued a statement rejecting any attempt by its fellow insurgency groups to unilaterally create a new government.

Ansar al Islam claims new attacks on official Twitter feed

In one tweet earlier this month, Ansar al Islam implied that it had a hand in the killing of a top Iraqi general. But this claim cannot be independently verified and the few details offered by the group conflict with published reports based on Iraqi government sources.

A suicide bomber killed 21 Iraqis, including seven policemen, in an attack at a checkpoint in Baghdad. The military killed 19 people, most of them civilians, in airstrikes in Fallujah and Garma. The Islamic State released photographs of its training camps in Ninewa.

Islamic State crushes and coerces on march towards Baghdad

Islamic State touts training camp in northern Iraq

The images are the latest in a propaganda effort by various terror groups in both Iraq and Syria to promote their training camp infrastructure.

Gloves come off between Syrian regime, Islamic State

Islamic State jihadists sell Syrian oil to Iraqi businessmen

Iraqi military says it retakes control of key base in Tikrit

ISIS gains highlight 'aggressive' use of water as weapon of war

Christian exodus from Mosul sparks outrage

More Western fighters joining militants in Iraq and Syria

Twenty-seven people were killed in a series of bombings in Baghdad. In one attack, a suicide bomber killed nine people at a checkpoint. The Islamic State reportedly overran Camp Speicher outside of Tikrit. The group claimed to have destroyed nine aircraft and killed two senior officers and scores of troops. The Islamic State expelled Christians from Mosul and blew up a church.

Jihadist ultimatum sparks Christian exodus from Iraq's Mosul

ISIS burns 1,800-year-old church in Mosul

Iraqi Army comes under attack in Haditha