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Sunnis may stop work with US in Diyala

Iraqi Sunni, Shi'ite Leaders Meet

Special operations forces killed one Special Groups operative and captured two. Twenty-one al Qaeda operatives were captured in raids throughout the country. US forces captured 12 insurgents in raids near Busayefi and Hawr Rajab. Insurgents murdered a Sunni Iraqi police lieutenant and his wife in Baghdad™s Adhamiyah neighborhood.

Iraq Commander Says Surge Key to Gains

Soldier of the Future Goes to War

Al Qaeda in Iraq in New Campaign to Kill Officials

The Iraq Data Debate: Civilian Casualties from 2006 to 2007

Secrectary of State Rice: Zarqawi was 'diabolically brilliant'

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed 24 members of a joint Shia-Sunni tribal meeting in Shifta in Diyala province; 37 were wounded, including the governor. Task Force 88 captured a member of the Special Groups in Baghdad. Five al Qaeda operatives were killed and 34 suspects detained.

Sunni recruits to police volatile Abu Ghraib

Iraqis return to highway where al Qaeda once ruled

24 die in Iraq peace meeting blast in Diyala

Counterinsurgency in al Qaeda's last bastion in Baghdad

The 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment fights al Qaeda in Iraq in eastern Doura in Baghdad.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Publishes List of Tribal Leaders It Intends to Assassinate Before 'Id Al-Fitr

Al Qaeda accuses Iraqi insurgent group of betraying Islam

Iran confirms shelling Kurdish militants in Iraq

Coalition forces killed Abu Taghrid, a key leader of al Qaeda's Baghdad car-bombing network and former member of Ansar al Sunnah. Coaition special forces also killed 10 al Qaeda operatives and capture 22 during raids nationwide. The Iraqi governemnt admitted disbanding the Blackwater security firm would leave a security vacuum.

U.N. to expand its role in Iraq

An interview with the "Lion of Arab Jabour"

The Long War Journal interviews the architect of the Concerned Citizens in the Arab Jabour region.

Arab Jabour: "This is al Qaeda Country"

US forces and the Concerned Citizens hunt al Qaeda in the region southeast of Baghdad.