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British Inquiry of Failed Plots Points to Iraq™s Qaeda Group

US troops may replace British army in Basra

MEMRI - Interview with Former Al-Qaeda Trainer in Iraq

Iraq's maverick cleric hits the books

A Sunni and Shia Awakening movement was formed near Taji. Eleven insurgents were captured south of Kirkuk. US forces "captured 17 suspected extremists" in the Shia neighborhood of New Baghdad. A cache of Iranian-manufactured rockets was turned in to Kazakh soldiers in Wasit province. A car bomb killed two Iraqis and wounded 14 in Hit. A female hairdresser was killed and five police wounded in attacks in Mosul. One Iraqi was killed and five wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad.

Car bomb incident rate declines in Baghdad

Three car bombings in Amarah killed 41 and wounded at least 150. The Iraqi government has alloted funds to pay for Awakening councils in Baghdad and the provinces. The Anbar provincial council halted the opening of an Awakening office in Fallujah. Coalition forces killed 14 al Qaeda operatives detained 12 during operations in central Iraq. An al Qaeda battalion commander was captured in Karmah.

Clashes Pit Mahdi Army vs. Tribesmen

(Iraq) Anbar provincial council bans new Fallujah awakening council's offices

Iraqi government allots 150 billion dinars to volunteer police salaries

Warfighters talk about what is, isn™t working in war on terror

Coordinated car bombings in Amarah kill 41

Attacks at a market in Iraq's Shia South killed 41 and wounded over 140. Unclear if attack was an al Qaeda in Iraq or a Special Groups operation.

Synchronized car bombs in Iraq kill 27

Mapping Iraq's Concerned Local Citizens programs

Iraq-CLC-Map-thumb-small.jpgThe Concerned Local Citizens units have sprung up over much of Iraq since the onset of the surge. These groups are currently active in 12 of Iraq's 18 provinces. Over 72,000 members are active in the ranks.

The Prime Minister established an Awakening council in Samarra, while an 800-man police force was formed in Wasit province. Iraqi Security Forces killed two insurgents and detained 30 in Baghdad. Coalition forces captured a Special Groups training supervisor and 10 associates during operations in the Baghdad area. Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda operative and detained 19 raids in central and northern Iraq. Ten police were 10 were wounded in a blast outside former Prime Minister Allawi's offices in Baghdad, and wounded in an attack in Balad.

US, Iran to discuss Iraq's security

Baghdad Graffiti Threatens US Forces

Odierno: Army will need fewer MRAPs as troop levels in Iraq decrease

Iraq rejects permanent US bases: adviser

Clan deal sets stage for Basra security takeover