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Iraq agrees to seek final UN cover for US presence

Basrah: A New Security Scheme for Southern City?

Police Team Commander Outlines Challenges for Iraq's Interior Ministry

Iraq to have some air strike capability, US says

Iraq: volunteer militias to expand

Iraq: What Happens After the Surge

First drop in Iraq's internally displaced: Red Crescent

Iran's Ramazan Corps and the ratlines into Iraq

A look at the Ramazan Corps, the Qods Force command assigned to support the insurgency and extend Iranian influence in Iraq, and the accompanying ratlines into Iraq.

Official: Iraqi leader wants 'Chemical Ali,' others executed

Forty senior al Qaeda in Iraq operatives were captured or killed in November. Two al Qaeda operatives were killed and 25 captured during raids throughout Iraq. Two Special Groups operatives were captured in the Khan Bani Said region. A suicide attack on a police station in Jalula killed eight and wounded 30. The Interior Ministry said it would merge the Concerned Local Citizens into the police force. The Kurds cut a deal to share power with Sunnis in Kirkuk.

Power-sharing ends northern Iraq dispute

Iraqi Interior ministry to merge tribal fighters into police

2,000 Al Qaeda members held in Iraq: US general

Iraq group holding Britons demands UK withdrawal

US-Iraqi tribal cooperation pays off

Al-Qaeda leader launches new security campaign

Senior Syrian al Qaeda leader confirmed killed

Abu Maysara killed during raid near Samarra; US targets more propaganda cells as al Furqan releases two new products, including a tape by Abu Omar al Baghdadi.

Upwards of 28,000 refugees have returned to Iraq since September. A leader in the Hawija Awakening Council was murdered. Seven insurgents and four police were killed during fighting in Mosul; two insurgents and three Iraqi soldiers were killed in Tikrit. Four insurgents were killed near Fallujah. Coalition forces captured seven al Qaeda operatives during raids nationwide; seven more were captured in Baghdad.

Operation Iron Reaper launched in the Iraqi north

Yet another division-plus-sized operation targets al Qaeda and allied Sunni insurgent groups in the northern provinces. Iraqi soldiers and police, and US forces are conducting operations across four provinces.

Guards of Sunni MP handled explosives: Iraq