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ISIS inches closer to Iraq's two biggest dams

New Border Fighting Between ISIS and Lebanon's Army

The military claimed it killed 175 "terrorists" and captured 75 more in the southern and western parts of Baghdad province. The head of the Babil Operations Command was relieved of his command. The military said it launched an offensive against the Islamic State in Haditha. Kurdish officials claimed the Peshmerga has retaken areas in the Sinjar and Rabiah districts. Prime Minister Maliki ordered the Iraqi Air Force to support the Peshmerga.

Islamic State beheads 'Safavid' soldiers in Anbar

Special Report : The doubt at the heart of Iraq's Sunni 'revolution'

The Islamic State took control of the Mosul Dam, the city of Sinjar, the town of Zumar, and several villages in Ninewa province. Kurdish forces withdrew from Zumar after heaving fighting, where they lost 17 fighters, but left the dam and Sinjar after offering minimal resistance. Nine soldiers were killed in attack in Jurf al Sakhar and eight policemen were killed in a suicide attack in Balad. The military claimed it cleared Ajwa just south of Tikrit, but the military previously claimed it was conducting operations from the town against the Islamic State. The military said it killed eight Islamic State fighters in Iskandariya and four more in Karbala.

Islamic State takes control of Sinjar, Mosul Dam in northern Iraq

Kurdish forces are reported to have fled Sinjar and the Mosul Dam after minimal fighting. The town of Zumar was abandoned after heavy clashes.

Islamic State takeover of Iraq town sparks 'humanitarian tragedy': UN

The Islamic State is thought to have taken control of the town of Zumar after fighting with Kurdish forces. The military claims it killed 13 Islamic State leaders, including a Syrian, in Muqdadiyah, 60 Islamic State fighters near Haditha, 20 in in Tikrit, 20 in Sharqat, 18 north of Fallujah, and 15 more in the Hamrin Mountains. The military also claimed it cleared several neighborhoods in Ramadi of Islamic State fighters.

Hezbollah 'trainer' killed during fighting in northern Iraq

Hezbollah, which helped establish Shia terror groups in Iraq beginning in 2005, said that Ibrahim al Hajj, a trainer, was killed while "performing his jihadi duties" in Tal Afar.

Suicide Bomber From US Came Home Before Attack

Razing of Mosul's shrines sparks first signs of resistance against Islamic State

Iraq struggles to halt Islamic State's march on Baghdad

The military killed 27 people during airstrikes in Jurf al Sakhar, which is under control of the Islamic State, and seven more near Fallujah. Shia militias executed 15 Sunnis in Baqubah, and then hung their bodies from electrical poles. A Hezbollah trainer was killed during fighting in northern Iraq.

Kurdish security service takes aim at ISIS oil smuggling

ISIS-Baghdad fight over strategic town southwest of capital

Islamic State works to win hearts, minds with bread

An Islamic State suicide bomber destroyed a key bridge in Thar Thar that was used by the Iraqi military to keep Samarra resupplied. The military claimed it killed 14 "gunmen" in Fadhliyah and 10 Islamic State fighters north of Baqubah. A small Awakening force is said to be organizing in Mosul to fight the Islamic State.

Police found the bodies of 17 people thought to have been executed in different areas of Baghdad. Security forces killed 17 people in Jurf al Sakhr, which is largely controlled by the Islamic State. The Army claimed it killed a Tunisian commander in the Islamic State and six of his bodyguards in Karma. The Islamic State destroyed a shrine to the Prophet George in Mosul.

Islamic State urges Turkish businessmen to return to Iraq