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CIA led mystery Syria raid that killed terrorist leader

Strategic mistake to scrap US pact- Iraq ministers

Kurdish PM predicts US troops will remain in Iraq until 2020

US troops killed five Mahdi Army fighters after they attacked a New Baghdad outpost. Coalition forces killed four al Qaeda operative and captured seven during raids nationwide. Iraqi forces arrested an "Iranian infiltrator" in Basrah, a Special Groups leader in Al Kut, seven al Qaeda operatives in Diyala and Ninewa, twelve insurgents near Tal Afar, and 14 insurgents in Kirkuk. One civilian was killed and 14 were wounded in three IED attacks in Baghdad.

US strike in Syria "decapitated" al Qaeda's facilitation network

Abu Ghadiya and his network's senior leadership was killed in yesterday's raid near Albu Kamal. The network funnels foreign fighters, weapons, and cash from Syria into Iraq.

Iraq government in contact with US side on Syria attack - spokesman

A warning Syria's President Assad must heed

US threatens to halt services to Iraq without troop accord

Syrian strike aimed at al Qaeda's coordinator in Syria

The attack was aimed at Abu Ghadiya, an Iraqi who manages al Qaeda's network that funnels foreign fighters, weapons, and cash from Syria into Iraq.

US and Iraqi troops captured three Special Groups operatives during raids in Baghdad. A policeman was killed in a gunfight and two were wounded in an IED attack in Mosul. Eight Iraqis were wounded in two IED attacks in Baghdad.

Syria: US conducted cross-border raid

Reports indicate two US helicopters landed commandos inside Syria just across the border from Iraq. If confirmed, this would be the first US strike inside Syria.

US-Iraq Negotiations Come Down to the Wire

Coalition forces detained five al Qaeda operatives during raids nationwide. US troops detained a Special Grousp cell leader and a fighter in Abu T'shir. Iraqi troops detained four "wanted persons" in Nasiriyah. One Iraqi soldier and three al Qaeda fighters were killed during a clash in Salahadin province.

Iraqi forces arrested 15 al Qaeda fighters in Ninewa, 14 fighters in Diyala, and 13 "wanted men" in Maysan. US troops captured five Special Groups fighters in Bagdad and eight al Qaeda operatives in central Iraq.

Iraqi forces kill, capture Iranian agents

Iraqi soldiers killed one Qods Force agent and captured another in Al Kut. Nine Iranian agents have been killed or captured in eastern Iraq the past week.

AFP: In peaceful Anbar, US commander optimistic about troop cuts

Navy trains Iraqi water patrol

Babil province is the 12th of 18 provinces to transfer security to Iraqi control. Ten Iraqis were killed and more than 20 wounded in a car bombing in Baghdad. Iraqi forces arrested five "wanted men" in Amarah. Coalition forces captured two al Qaeda bomb makers in Habbaniyah and detained three Special Groups operatives in Baghdad.

Iraq: Face to face with the insurgency

US turns over control of 12th Iraqi province