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US soldier killed in northern Iraq gun battle

Turkey: PM warns of Iraqi incursion to target Kurdish militants

Arabs Begin Return to Iraq

US hands over Saddam Hussein palace after staff move to new embassy

Coalition forces detained 10 suspected al Qaeda operatives during raids near Sharqat and in Fallujah. Policemen captured three insurgents planting an IED in Saadiya. US and Iraqi troops captured two women and a man in possession of explosives. One policeman was killed in an attack in Mosul.

Insurgency Fractured in Northern Iraq, Commander Says

Iraq hopes shrine rebuild can reconcile sect

Rising Iraqi Shiite leader calls for national unity

Egyptian Foreign Minister Visits Iraq

An al Qaeda suicide bomber detonated his vest during a raid in Mosul. Three women, three children, and five terrorists were killed in the explosion. Iraqi forces captured two al Qaeda emirs and nine fighters in Buhriz and detained six al Qaeda operatives during operations in northern Iraq.

Schools ready to open in Sadr City

Polish Military Marks Close Of Iraq Mission

Coalition forces captured 10 al Qaeda in Iraq operatives in northern and central Iraq. Iraqi forces detained a senior al Qaeda leader and 14 operatives in Mosul. Police captured a senior al Qaeda leader in Wasit province. One Iraqi soldier was killed after two US helicopters collided in Baghdad.

Police Station to be Built in Remaining Enemy Hot Spot

Defying a Spate of Bombings, Baghdad Has a Party

Iraq presidency council approved the provincial election law; elections will be held in January. Coalition forces killed a senior al Qaeda leader in Baghdad and detained 18 al Qaeda operatives in raids nationwide. US troops detained seven Special Groups fighters in Baghdad and a Army of the Righteous weapons smuggler in Amarah. A US soldier was killed in an IED attack south of Amarah.

Iraq's Shiite cleric steps up call to evict US forces

Iraq presidency approves provincial election law

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: October 2008 update

Babil and Wasit are next on the list for Provincial Iraqi Control. The Air Force may be getting F-16s while the Army trains more forces for air assault missions.

Thirteen Iraqis were killed and 49 were wounded in two suicide attacks outside of Shia mosques in Baghdad. The Iraqi government has assumed control over 45,000 members of the Sons of Iraq in Baghdad. Iraqi forces captured seven Special Groups operatives during raids throughout central Iraq and five more in Basrah. US troops captured two Special Groups fighters in Baghdad. Coalition forces captured six al Qaeda operatives in Mosul.