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Militants will try to disrupt Iraq election: U.N.

US military defines Mahdi Army as 'militia insurgency group'

Muqtada-Sadr-image.jpgThe move may signal a change in posture against the Mahdi Army and Muqtada al Sadr. It also highlights the decline of the Sadrist movement over the past two years.

Iraqis find 33 bodies beneath former Al Qaeda 'court'

US training Iraqis to defeat deadly roadside bombs

A rocket attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad's International Zone killed two civilians and wounded 15. Coalition forces captured a senior member of the Hezbollah Brigades in Baghdad, eight Special Groups fighters, and six "criminals" in Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained a "Mahdi Army Special Groups (JAM-SG) criminal leader" and two al Qaeda operates in northern Iraq. Four policemen were wounded in an IED attack in Diyala.

Iranian cleric praises US-Iraqi pact

Iraq: 9 die in attack in Shiite mosque

US pact leaves PM Maliki stronger than ever

Twelve Iraqis were killed and 16 more were wounded in a suicide attack on a Mosque in Babel; the bomber is suspected of being an Afghan national. Iraqi forces detained seven "suspects" in Al Kut and five al Qaeda operatives in Diyala. Coalition forces captured two al Qaeda leaders in Bayji and Mosul. US troops captured four Special Groups fighters in Baghdad.

Iraq parliament passes US security pact

Iraq: 18 Females from Suicide Vest Cell turn themselves in

The Parliament passed the security pact with the US by a vote of 149 out of 198 members present; the Presidential Council must now approve the agreement. Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda fighter and captured 10 in raids throughout Iraq, and captured a Hezbollah Brigades fighter near Sadr City. Eighteen female suicide bombers turned themselves in under an amnesty program. Two Iraqis were killed and 29 were wounded in two bombings in Mosul.

Iraqi Army develops its light armored forces

Recent weapons purchases shed light on the possibile force structure of Iraqi Army's light armored forces, including reconnaissance and cavalry units.

The Iraqi parliament has delayed the vote on the US-Iraqi security agreement. Iraqi forces detained 97 people on criminal and terror charges in Basrah, 18 wanted men in Karbala, six al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, three wanted men in Hillah, and a Special Groups operative in Wasit. US forces captured 18 al Qaeda operatives during raids nationwide.

Iraqi parliament delays vote on US pact

Iraqis see democracy at work in security pact debate

Iraqi forces captured seven Special Groups operatives in central Iraq and found a key al Qaeda leader in a prison in Basrah. Coalition forces killed two al Qaeda fighters and detained nine during raids throughout Iraq. Two Iraqis were killed and four were wounded during a clash between Awakening fighters and an armed group in Dalouiya.

Influence wanes for followers of Iraq's Sadr

Sixteen Iraqis were killed in three bombings in Baghdad; a mentally handicapped female suicide was used in one of the attacks. Iraqi forces detained six insurgents in Babil and five more in Al Kut. Coalition forces captured 18 al Qaeda operatives in raids throughout Iraq.

16 Iraqis killed in morning bombings in Baghdad

Al Qaeda suspected of using a mentally handicapped female suicide bomber in one of the attacks outside of Baghdad's Green Zone.