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Eight alleged Islamic militants held in Iraq: police

Iraq and UK agree to let troops stay until July

Seventy-six percent of the Sons of Iraq members will be under Iraqi government responsibility by New Year™s Day. Iraqi forces detained five insurgents in northern Iraq. Police detained five wanted men during raids in Dhi Qhar province. Four policemen were wounded in a bombing in Mosul.

Iraq - Diyala Sons of Iraq transfer underway (Diyala province)

Iraqi forces detained 51 suspected insurgents in Basrah, eight wanted men in Babil, eight wanted insurgents in raids nationwide, and three terrorists in Diyala. Two civilians were killed in attacks in Mosul and one civilian was wounded in a suicide attack in Tal Afar.

Three policemen were killed and 10 were wounded in two bombings in Fallujah. One Iraqi was killed and 21 were wounded in a bombing in Mosul. A US solider was killed in an IED attack in Baghdad. Police detained eight terrorists in Diyala and four more in Kirkuk.

Iraq: Imad the killer shot dead by cops

Twenty-two civilians were killed and 54 were wounded in a car bombing at a market in central Baghdad. Three civilians were killed and 10 were wounded in a bombing Babil province. Police in Ramadi killed the al Qaeda leader who escaped from prison yesterday. Police in Kirkuk detained two insurgents planting a bomb and an Iraq soldier who shot at a council member. More than 2,000 Iraqi families have returned to their homes in eastern Baghdad this year.

Six police men and seven al Qaeda prisoners were killed during a jailbreak in Ramadi; three local al Qaeda leaders escaped. Four Iraqis were killed and 25 were wounded in a car bombing in Baghdad. Three soldiers were killed in a bombing in Balad Ruz. Police killed a suicide bomber in Fallujah.

Police: 13 killed in Iraqi jailbreak

Iraqi forces detained eight insurgents near Huweija, four in northern and western Iraq, seven in central Iraq, and two in Mosul. A US soldier was killed in an indirect fire attack in Mosul. Four civilians were killed and 25 were wounded in a car bombing in Baghdad. Seven civilians were wounded in a bombing near Baqubah.

Two car bombs kill seven people in Iraq

Iraq's Main Sunni Arab Bloc Splinters

Three US soldiers were killed in an accident in southern Iraq. Iraqi forces captured five "criminals" in Baghdad and four wanted men in Fallujah. Seven civilians were wounded in a bombing in Fallujah, and seven civilians and four soldiers were wounded in a IED attacks in Mosul.

Four policemen and a civilian were killed in a bombing in Tarmiyah. Two policemen were wounded in a shooting in Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained 14 "wanted men" in Thi Qar province and captured two more in Mosul.

Coalition forces continue drawdown in Iraq

Britain gets ready for urgent Iraq pullout

Baghdad celebrates first public Christmas amid hope, memories

Iraqi forces detained 89 "wanted men" in Diwaniyah, 13 al Qaeda operatives in Samarra, six "criminals and terrorists" in Basrah, five terrorists in Baghdad, and an "Iranian infiltrator" in Diyala. A US Marine was killed during fighting in Anbar province.

Iraq non-US troop vote postponed