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Seven police and eight civilians were killed in a suicide bombing in Baqubah. Fourteen Iraqis were wounded in a suicide car bombing in Mosul. US soldiers killed six Mahdi Army fighters as they planted IEDs in New Baghdad. Iraqi troops arrested five Mahdi Army fighters in Amarah; US troops detained an IED cell member in Baghdad. Coalition forces captured 14 al Qaeda operatives.

One hundred insurgents detained in Baghdad during past week

Bill Murray reports from Baghdad, Iraq. Major General Qassim Atta and Rear Admiral Patrick Driscoll brief on the security situation in Baghdad and the current operation in Amarah.

Female suicide bomber in Iraq kills 15, wounds 40

Operations target Mahdi Army in South

Senior Sadrist leader detained in Al Kut. More than 100 Mahdi Army fighters and Sadrists detained in the South over the weekend.

Baghdad Base's New Generators Run on Trash

Calm in Basra May Offer A Guide for Iraqi Security

Three senior Mahdi Army commanders captured in Baghdad, Hillah

Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured a Mahdi Army leader with "close ties" to Sadr's office in Najaf. Coalition forces captured two senior Mahdi Army commanders in Hillah and Baghdad.

Five senior Sadrist leaders and a provincial department director were detained along with dozens of Mahdi Army fighters and 20 policemen in Amarah. Iraqi and US forces detained three senior-level Mahdi Army commanders during raids in Baghdad and Hillah. Coalition forces killed four al Qaeda fighters and detained 18 during raids around Baghdad and detained 12 fighters in Mosul.

Iraqi crackdown angers cleric's supporters

AP Exclusive: Probe halts rebuilding of Iraqi city

Hundreds of Shiites protest US-Iraqi security deal

Ahmadinejad says plot to kill him in Iraq foiled

Iraqi oil pipeline sabotage drops sharply

Maysan operation continues to target Sadrist leaders

Mahdi Army caves to security forces, no opposition as political and militia commanders are detained. Sadrists are in disarray. Operations will move to the marshes on the Iranian border.

Iraq and US: the Path of the Future

Iraqi security forces detained the Sadrist mayor of Amarah. US troops captured four Mahdi Army fighters in Baghdad. Iraqi soldiers detained nine al Qaeda operatives in Mosul. The Sharqat Emergency Response Unit captured three al Qaeda fighters.

Funding for Sons of Iraq groups phasing out

Al-Mahdi Army militias routed without a shot fired

Iraqi security forces detain senior Sadrist during Maysan operation

The mayor of Amarah and deputy provincial governor is detained during a raid. Security operations are under way in neighboring Dhi Qhar and Wasit provinces.