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Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda operative and captured 23 more in raids nationwide. A raid north of Baghdad uncovered an al Qaeda children suicide ring. Iraqi and US forces detained five "criminals" in Baghdad. The Iraqi military returned 276 former officers back to duty in Diyala. The government and the Kurds are close to setting the dispute over the northern oil fields.

US military frets over Iraqi prisoners

The Presidential Council approved the US-Iraq security agreement. Iraqi forces detained 88 wanted persons and suspects in Basrah and 20 more in Baghdad. Coalition forces killed four al Qaeda fighters and detained 32 more in raids nationwide. Seven Iraqis were killed and 35 more were wounded in a bombing in Fallujah. Eight civilians were wounded in a suicide attack in Mosul.

Iraq gives final OK to US pullout plan

Raid Uncovers al-Qaida Network of Child Suicide Bombers in Iraq

Coalition forces target Iranian-backed Hezbollah Brigades in Baghdad

Seven Hezbollah Brigades terrorists have been captured or killed during raids over the past three days.

Iraqi forces detained 16 "wanted men" in Baghdad and nine more in Nasiriyah. Coalition forces captured two Hezbollah Brigades "terrorists" and killed another in Baghdad™s Karadah district, and captured four al Qaeda fighters and killed one. Insurgents killed a policeman and four 4 civilians in a drive-by shooting in Jalawlaa.

Iraqi Army develops the heavy mechanized and armored forces

Armored and mechanized forces convert the existing, basic light infantry force into a heavier, more capable force able to deal with external threats.

Five Iraqis were killed and 25 others were wounded in a car bombing in Tal Afar. Four Iraqis were killed and 12 more were wounded in an attack in Mosul. Coalition forces captured three al Qaeda leaders and detained five operatives in central and northern Iraq. Police in Dhi Qhar defused 10 bombs believed to have been placed to assassinate Prime Minister Maliki.

Bombings in Baghdad and Mosul killed 30 Iraqis. Iraqi forces captured an Ansar al Sunnah regional leader and a Mahdi Army cell member, 23 "gunmen" in Kirkuk, eight al Qaeda fighters in northern Iraq, and five Mahdi Army fighters in Dhi Qhar province. Coalition forces captured four Hezbollah Brigades fighters and an al Qaeda car bomb specialist in Baghdad.

Iraq: bombs kill more than 30 in Baghdad, Mosul

Iraqi forces detained 105 "wanted men" in Basrah, 18 in Mosul, 15 in Baghdad, and eight al Qaeda fighters in northern Iraq. US forces captured an al Qaeda in Iraq car bomb cell leader and three "criminals" in Baghdad. The UN said "militants" would try to disrupt elections.

All options are open, resistance legitimate right - Sadrist MP

Militants will try to disrupt Iraq election: U.N.

US military defines Mahdi Army as 'militia insurgency group'

Muqtada-Sadr-image.jpgThe move may signal a change in posture against the Mahdi Army and Muqtada al Sadr. It also highlights the decline of the Sadrist movement over the past two years.

Iraqis find 33 bodies beneath former Al Qaeda 'court'

US training Iraqis to defeat deadly roadside bombs

A rocket attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad's International Zone killed two civilians and wounded 15. Coalition forces captured a senior member of the Hezbollah Brigades in Baghdad, eight Special Groups fighters, and six "criminals" in Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained a "Mahdi Army Special Groups (JAM-SG) criminal leader" and two al Qaeda operates in northern Iraq. Four policemen were wounded in an IED attack in Diyala.

Iranian cleric praises US-Iraqi pact

Iraq: 9 die in attack in Shiite mosque