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Iraqi parliament delays vote on US pact

Iraqis see democracy at work in security pact debate

Iraqi forces captured seven Special Groups operatives in central Iraq and found a key al Qaeda leader in a prison in Basrah. Coalition forces killed two al Qaeda fighters and detained nine during raids throughout Iraq. Two Iraqis were killed and four were wounded during a clash between Awakening fighters and an armed group in Dalouiya.

Influence wanes for followers of Iraq's Sadr

Sixteen Iraqis were killed in three bombings in Baghdad; a mentally handicapped female suicide was used in one of the attacks. Iraqi forces detained six insurgents in Babil and five more in Al Kut. Coalition forces captured 18 al Qaeda operatives in raids throughout Iraq.

16 Iraqis killed in morning bombings in Baghdad

Al Qaeda suspected of using a mentally handicapped female suicide bomber in one of the attacks outside of Baghdad's Green Zone.

On walk across Mosul, general sees gains and room for more

The US commander of Multinational Division North assesses the security situation in Mosul during a visit to the northern city.

Syria Rejects US Claims It Is Aiding Terrorists

Iraqi bomber was mentally disabled woman

Baghdad bombs kill 20, 1 hits Green Zone entry

US alone critical of Syria at Iraq conference

US forces captured eight members of the League of the Righteous and six Hezbollah Brigades operatives during raids in Baghdad, and captured seven al Qaeda fighters during raids throughout Iraq. Iraqi forces detained nine insurgents in Basrah, 11 in Kirkuk, and eight in Baghdad. Nine Iraqis were wounded in two bombings in Baghdad.

Hezbullah urges Iraqis to reject US military pact

Sadrist says troop pact readings "unconstitutional"

US forces capture 14 Iraqi Shia terrorists in Baghdad

Eight League of the Righteous operatives and six Hezbollah Brigades operatives are captured in Baghdad over the past 24 hours.

Iraqi ministers push pact

Coalition forces detained 16 al Qaeda operatives during a series of raids and captured seven more in Baghdad. Iraqi forces killed one al Qaeda fighter and captured 15 in Khanaan, and captured another six in southern Diyala. An Iranian with forged documents was detained in Wasit province.

Iraqi parliament to vote on US pact Wednesday

Iraqi general claims British troops allow insurgents to rule BasraH

Police captured an al Qaeda in Iraq leader and three cell members in Diyala. Iraqi troops killed one insurgent and captured three during an operation in Diwaniyah. US troops detained three "criminals" in Baghdad. Three civilians were killed and 19 were wounded in bombings in Baghdad.