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Violence dropped by 90 percent in Baghdad during 2008. Three policemen were killed in a shootout in Mosul and four more were wounded in a car bombing. A US soldier was killed in an IED attack in Baghdad on Jan. 10. Security forces detained ten insurgents in Kirkuk and a senior leader of Ansar al Sunnah.

Saudi accused in 2000 hijacking arrested in Iraq

Iraqis learn the efficiency, complexity of US logistics

Iraqi forces detained 16 wanted men in Baghdad, two in Kirkuk, and two more in Tal Afar. US and Iraqi troops detained a Special Groups operative in Baghdad. An Iraqi soldier was killed in an IED attack in Touz Khormato.

Iraqi forces develop engineering capabilities

The development of engineering units is crucial in allowing the Iraqi Security Forces to independently support operations and clear roadside bombs.

USAF helps Iraqi Air Force expand operations in Al Kut

Six soldiers were killed in separate IED attacks in northern Iraq. One child was killed in an IED attack in Diyala and 20 Iraqis were wounded in a shootout in Basrah. Security forces detained two wanted men in Al Kut.

Iraq police no longer infiltrated by militias: PM

Sadr supporters torch US, Israel flags in Iraq

New Iraq Emerges from Tyranny and War

Costs of war: No to tribal militias

Violence is down 93 percent during the last quarter of 2008. Six Iraqi soldiers were killed in two bombings in Jalawlaa. Iraqi forces detained 18 wanted men in Mosul, six insurgents in Kirkuk, four al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, and prevented a terrorist attack in Baghdad.

Muqtada al Sadr urged Iraqis to attack US troops for Israel's operation in Gaza. No major security incidents were reported during today's Ashura procession. Iraqi security forces detained 28 wanted men and insurgent suspects in Basrah.

Security forces detained seven al Qaeda fighters in Diyala and two more in Touz Khormato. Border police in Trebil seized 50 kilograms of heroin. One civilian was killed and six more were wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad. Seven civilians were wounded in a bombing in Mosul.

Iraqi forces detained eight insurgents in Babil and captured six more during raids nationwide. The Sons of Iraq detained two suspects thought to be behind a bombing in Baghdad. Two Iraqis were killed and 27 were wounded in six small-scale bombings in Baghdad. Five Iraqis were wounded in a bombing in Mosul.

In eastern Mosul, veteran Iraqi unit adapts to new situation

An Iraqi battalion shifts from Baghdad to the northern city of Mosul to conduct counterinsurgency operations.

A suicide attack outside a Shia shrine in Baghdad killed 35 civilians and wounded 79 more. Iraqi forces detained seven al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah, four al Qaeda fighters in Mosul, four wanted men in Basrah, three more in Haweija, and two more in Daqook.

Iran leader warns Iraqi PM against US security pact

Baghdad area rocked by second large suicide attack in 3 days

An attack at a checkpoint in Baghdad comes two days after an attack at a tribal reconciliation meeting in Yusafiyah and as Iraqi security forces are asserting control.