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Iraq: Al-Qaeda desert base looks abandoned, but is it?

Documents Say Iran Aids Militias From Iraq

7 security pact paras need amendment - SIIC official

Iraq's Shi'ite ruling parties seek changes to US pact

Sadr City protesters largely peaceful despite tensions

The Sadrists drew tens of thousands of Iraqis to protest the security agreement with the US. Iraqi border guards detained four Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps officers in Mandali. US forces captured a senior Hezbollah Brigades operative in Abd ar Rhman and two Special Groups fighters in Baghdad. Iraqi forces captured 45 insurgents in Baghdad and five al Qaeda operatives in Diyala.

Thousands march in Baghdad against US pact

Iraqi security forces detained eight al Qaeda operatives in Babil and two female suicide bombers in Diyala. Coalition forces captured three al Qaeda suspects during operations in Baghdad and Kirkuk. One Iraqi soldier was killed and four were wounded in an IED attack in Mosul.

Iraq: Two female suicide bombers arrested

Bomb near north Baghdad mosque kills 3 Shiites

Iraqi forces find explosives inside mosque

Last One Turn Out the Lights: Marines Quietly Begin Leaving Bases in Iraqi Cities

Military officials clarifying Gen. Odierno™s claim about Iran

Coalition forces killed two Special Groups fighters in Oubaidy, and captured two in Baghdad and one in Zafaraniyah. US troops captured four al Qaeda operatives in Mosul. Iraqi troops captured 15 Sunni terrorists in raids throughout Iraq. Three policemen and four civilians were killed in a clash with the Mahdi Army in Maysan province. A US soldier was killed in a mortar attack in Diyala province. An Iraqi intelligence chief and two of his children were wounded in an IED attack.

Al Qaeda in Iraq's second in command was a Swedish citizen

Abu Qaswarah, who was killed by US forces on Oct. 5, has been identified as Mohamed Moumou, a Swedish citizen. He was a member of Ansar al Islam and was listed a Special Designated Global Terrorist in 2006.

US, Iraq agree pact giving US troops until 2011

US forces killed al Qaeda in Iraq's second in command. US and Iraqi officials have agreed on terms of the status of forces agreement; the agreement has been submitted to Iraqi political leaders for approval. Iranian officials have attempted to bribe Iraqi members of parliament not to vote for the agreement. Iraqi soldiers detained 13 wanted men in Ninewa province, captured two al Qaeda operatives in Jalawlaa, and arrested a Syrian citizen who illegally entered Iraq.

US, Iraq agree on draft security pact over troops

Heads of churches in Mosul urge media to stop stirring up sectarianism

US forces kill al Qaeda in Iraq's deputy commander

Abu Qaswarah, al Qaeda in Iraq's deputy commander and senior operational leader, was killed during an Oct. 5 raid in the northern city of Mosul. Qaswarah detonated his vest during the raid and killed three women and three children.