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Iraq™s Sadr resurfaces for Turkey visit

Spike in Iraq violence is temporary: official

April toll in Iraq the deadliest for seven months

Iraq faces 'havoc' if reconciliation fails: deputy PM

The April death toll from attacks is the highest in seven months. Two US Marines and a sailor were killed in Anbar. A suicide bomber killed five civilians in Mosul. Iraqi forces killed two insurgents in Tikrit, and detained four wanted men in Maysan and a suicide bomber in Kirkuk.

Security forces detained 19 wanted men in Basrah and 15 more in Khalis. British forces have begun to withdrawal from Basrah. The Khour al-Amiya port was transferred to Iraqi control. Iraq has eliminated the National Security Advisor post .

Commandant: Marines likely out of Iraq in 2010

Sixteen Iraqis were killed and 45 more were wounded in three car bombings in Sadr City. Security forces detained six Naqshabandiya group fighters in Kirkuk. The former deputy governor of Karbala and an aide were detained on terrorism charges related to the August 2007 clashes with the Mahdi Army. Security forces executed more than 1,600 warrants during the past two months.

The Iraqi government displayed the man they claim is Islamic State of Iraq leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi on television. Security forces detained seven members of an al Qaeda cell behind the recent bombings in Baghdad, 10 Special Groups fighters in Amarah and one more in Baghdad. Two missile launch pads were dismantled in Amarah.

Prime Minister Maliki said the April 26 US raid in Al Kut was a "breach" of the SOFA agreement. Security forces detained seven insurgent in Kirkuk, six wanted men in Basrah, and three Special Groups fighters in Hillah. Basrah's police chief escaped an assassination attempt.

Al Qaeda leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi confirmed captured: Prime Minister Maliki

Iraq's leader said security forces captured Baghdadi after a two-month-long covert intelligence operation. The US military has not confirmed the report.

Prime Minister Maliki claimed Iraqi security forces have captured Abu Omar al Baghdadi. US forces killed one Mahdi Army fighter and captured six more in a controversial raid in Al Kut. US troops killed seven al Qaeda fighters and detained nine in Dalouiya. Iraqi troops detained 18 al Qaeda fighters in Shahraban and captured three more in Baqubah. Insurgents killed two Iraqi soldiers in Mosul and a US soldier was in Kirkuk.

US breaks up Mahdi Army 'Promise Day Brigade' cell in Al Kut

The Mahdi Army is working directly with the Iranian-backed Special Groups. The operation sparked controversy as Iraqi officials claimed the US conducted the raid without permission, a charge the US denied.

Iran's leader blames US, Israel for Iraq attacks

The military is conducting DNA tests to determine if Islamic State of Iraq leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi was captured. Security forces killed three al Qaeda fighters and detained a Saudi leader in Khanaqin, and killed an al Qaeda leader in Anbar. Iraqi forces also detained 19 wanted men in Basrah and 15 insurgents in Anbar.

Two suicide bombers killed more than 60 Iraqis and Iranians and wounded more than 125 outside a shrine in Baghdad. Yesterday's suicide attack in Diyala killed 56 people. Two Iraqis were killed in an IED attack in Diyala and a policeman was killed in Fallujah. Iraqi intelligence said Baathists are conducting suicide attacks.

The leader of al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq is reported to have been captured; the US has not confirmed the report. Suicide bombers killed 60 Iraqis in attacks in Baghdad and Diyala. Security forces detained 17 wanted men in Basrah, four al Qaeda fighters in Wasit, three Awakening fighters in Babil, and two Special Groups leaders in Hillah.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi allegedly captured

Islamic State of Iraq leader reported captured

Unconfirmed reports from the Iraqi Army said Abu Omar al Baghdadi was captured in eastern Baghdad. The US military has not confirmed the report. More than 60 Iraqis have been killed in two suicide bombings in Baghdad and Diyala.

Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Basrah and five Naqshabandiya fighters in Diyala, and killed a suicide bomber in Mosul. Insurgents wounded eight civilians and a policeman in bombings in Mosul and kidnapped a judge in Kirkuk.