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Iraqi security forces detained 14 wanted men in Sulaimaniya, six in Basrah, five in Baqubah, and four more in Kirkuk. A policeman was killed in Al Kut. The number of detainees in Coalition custody dropped below 14,000.

In Arab Jabour, troops step aside, serve as 'enablers™ for the Iraqis

Iraq Court to sentence MP Mohammed Al Daini in abstentia

Five Iraqis were killed and 24 others were wounded in a bombing in Khalis. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Diyala. A US soldier was killed north of Baghdad. Security forces detained 44 wanted men in Baghdad, and seven more in Mosul.

Security forces detained al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq's finance minister along with five other fighters in Mosul. Iraqi troops killed a 'gunman' in Baghdad, and detained five wanted men in Al Kut, four more in Thi Qhar, and eight al Qaeda operatives in Mosul.

Three al Qaeda leaders, including the oil minister for the Islamic State of Iraq, were detained in Baqubah. Iraqi forces detained 51 insurgents in Baghdad, five in Dhi Qhar, and two al Qaeda fighters in Mosul. A police chief was was killed and 10 Iraqis were wounded in a bombing in Baghdad.

An end to Baghdad's 'Dark Era'

President Obama announced that all combat brigades will be withdrawn by the end of August 2010. A residual force estimated at 50,000 troops will be left to mentor Iraqi troops and police and assist in other areas. Defense Secretary Gates is calling for a small force to remain in Iraq after 2012.

Security forces detained 22 suspected insurgents in Baghdad, 11 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, and eight members of Ansar al Sunnah in Kirkuk. An Iraqi court sentenced 28 members of the Yamani cult to death and 19 others to life terms. One policeman was killed and nine civilians were wounded in separate attacks in Baghdad. Two soldiers were wounded in an IED attack in Mosul.

In southern Iraq, US commanders say it's time to go

The parliament has lifted immunity for member Mohammed al Dayni, who is accused of directing a terror cell in Baghdad. Security forces detained 25 insurgents in Baghdad, 10 more in Thi Qhar, and one member of the Naqshabandiya group in Kirkuk. One US soldier and one interpreter were killed in yesterday's shooting at a police station in Mosul.

Iraq's waning insurgency scrambles for new sanctuary

Bulk of US troops may leave Iraq by August 2010

US starts to leave key Iraq bases

Iraqi forces detained 100 suspected insurgents in a major operation in Ninewa province. Security forces detained 67 wanted men in Basrah, 15 in Baghdad, seven in Hawija, and four Al Naqshabandiya fighters in Kirkuk. Three US soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter were killed in Diyala, and four US soldiers were wounded in Mosul.

100 arrested in Al Qaeda stronghold: Iraq

Three US soldiers and an interpreter killed in Iraq

Security forces detained 12 interior ministry personnel behind sectarian murders, six al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, four wanted men in Maysan, four in Dhi Qhar, and two more in Makhmour. Two al Qaeda fighters were killed in Diyala. Two soldiers and a civilian were killed in Baghdad.

Iraqi security forces detained 13 suspected insurgent in Fallujah, nine in northern Iraq, 8 in Diyala, five in Basrah, four in Thi Qhar, two in Kirkuk, and two more in Mosul. One solider was killed and eight more were wound in separate IED attacks in Mosul.

Iraqi security forces detained 18 insurgents in a series of operations in Mosul. Police detained 19 insurgents and an al Qaeda leader in Diyala, and 11 wanted men in Thi Qhar province. A US soldier was killed during a combat patrol outside of Baghdad.