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AFP: Georgia to recall Iraq troops to help in South Ossetia

Top Al-Qaeda suspect seized in Iraq

Moqtada al-Sadr tells Mahdi Army to swap guns for social work

A car bomb in Tal Afar killed 21 Iraqis and wounded 66. Iraqi troops captured six al Qaeda leaders and nine fighters, and Coalition forces captured 10 al Qaeda fighters during raids in northern Iraq. Iraqi forces detained 36 insurgents in Babil province. US troops captured a Special Groups financier and five associates.

On the offensive in northern Diyala

afghn-attacks1-v2-thumb-2.jpgIraq's Quick Reaction Forces moves through upper Diyala province in the largest Iraqi offensive in five years.

Marines see progress helping Anbar rebuild

EFP attacks down drastically in Iraq

US plans surveillance buildup in Iraq, Afghanistan

Security Council renews mandate of UN mission in Iraq

Iraqi security forces captured 10 suspected al Qaeda operatives in Diyala. Coalition forces captured 25 al Qaeda fighters during operations nationwide and two Special Groups operatives in Baghdad. Three police were killed in an IED attack and eight police were wounded in a suicide attack in Mosul. Eight Iraqis were killed in a land mine explosion in Nasiriyah.

Iraqis: Deal close on plan for US troops to leave

US military works to keep out Iraq militia leaders

Iraq elections vote delayed until after summer break

IED attacks plummet in Iraq; on rise in Afghanistan

Iraqi troops captured four "key wanted individuals" in Maysan and five "wanted men" in Basrah. Iraqi and Coalition forces captured 10 al Qaeda operatives in central and northern Iraq. US troops captured three members of an IED cell in Baghdad.

Iraqi troops captured 53 insurgents in Diyala, 31 in Hillah, and eight in Basrah. Iraqi special forces captured an al Qaeda financier and four associates in Diyala. US troops captured 15 al Qaeda operatives, including a leader in Samarra. Police killed a Special Groups fighter and wounded two others in Baghdad.

Anbar province handover delayed for infrastructure, economy, general says

Radical Iraq Cleric in Retreat

More than 375 suspected al Qaeda fighters detained in Diyala operation

One week into Operation Omens of Prosperity, the Iraqi-led operation has resulted in the capture of six senior al Qaeda leaders and has secured the Balad Ruz region.

Iraqis see compromise on Kirkuk standoff