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Three Iraqi soldiers and two policemen were killed in three separate attacks in Mosul and Ninewa province. A Sunni cleric was gunned down in Basrah. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Maysan province, two Naqshabandiya members in Makhmour, and an al Qaeda leader in Diyala.

Iraqi PM says terrorists are losing capability

Bombings in Mosul and Kirkuk killed three soldiers and one civilian, and wounded 20 others. Security forces detained one wanted man in Baghdad and two more in Khanaqin, and five members of a group involved in the bombings of policemen's homes in Anbar.

A suicide bomber killed more than 28 Iraqis, including tribal leaders, military officers, policemen, and journalists, as they toured a market in Abu Ghraib. Two civilians were killed and six were wounded in a bombing in Mosul; one child was killed in a bombing at a wedding in Mosul. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Thi Qhar and three more in Hamadaniya.

Odierno: No sign Iraqis will ask US to stay

Al Qaeda in Iraq strikes for third time in Baghdad area

Three major bombings in the Baghdad region indicate al Qaeda in Iraq can still effectively conduct terror attacks but lacks the capacity to exert real influence.

Suicide attack in western Baghdad kills 28

Saddam loyalists reject reconciliation calls

Two Awakening fighters and two policemen were killed, and four policemen were wounded, in attacks in Baghdad, Mosul, and Salahadin. Security forces detained 67 wanted men in Thi Qhar, 25 in central Iraq, and two more in Maysan. Iraqi emergency police have deployed in the Al Qaim region to seal the border with Syria.

Sadrist MP demands immediate US troop pullout

Coalition cuts combat brigades by half since peak of US 'surge'

The recent announcement to cut three brigades in Iraq by the summer will halve the number of brigades in Iraq since the summer of 2007, while the number Iraqi Security Forces personnel has doubled.

A suicide bomber killed 28 police recruits in central Baghdad. Two US combat brigades, one British combat brigade, and an Air Force F-16 squadron will be withdrawn from Iraq over the next six months. Security forces detained 81 wanted men in Basrah, 12 more in Thi Qhar, and eight al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah.

Suicide attack kills 28 at police academy in Iraq

Security forces detained 10 insurgents in Babil, eight al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, and five bomb cell members in Anbar. A US solider was killed during a patrol in Salahadin province. Four civilians were wounded in a bombing in Diyala.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Update: March 2009

The dramatic drop in oil prices has created a budget crunch that may impact equipment purchases for the Army and police forces.

Security forces detained 22 insurgents in Basrah and six more in Maysan, three weapons smugglers in Najaf along the Saudi Arabian border, and two Naqshabandiya fighters in Makhmour. Three civilians were wounded in a bombing in Balad Ruz. The Interior minister said al Qaeda in Iraq would not regain its power.

Thirteen Iraqis were killed and 57 were wounded in a suicide car bomb attack in Hillah. Insurgents killed one policeman in Baghdad and one soldier in Mosul. Security forces detained 16 wanted men in Basrah, seven more in Thi Qhar, and nine al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah.

Car bomb in south Iraq livestock market kills 12

Two Iraqis were killed and 21 were wounded in a bombing in Mosul. A senior Awakening leader was killed in an IED attack in Balad. Security forces detained 10 wanted men in Baghdad, three in Diyala, and three more in Nasariyah. MNF-I denied rumors that it released two Iranian prisoners.

AP count: Iraqi deaths hover near lowest level