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Spate of attacks tests Iraqi city and US pullout

Insurgents killed more than 55 civilians in in Baghdad, a soldier in Kirkuk, and a policeman in Mosul. Security forces detained 31 wanted men in Dhi Qhar, 20 in Fallujah, 19 in Basrah, eight in Maysan, and three in Al Kut. An Awakening leader in Fallujah dodged an assassination attempt.

Gates: Gulf nations support of Iraq contains Iran

Fourteen Iraqis were killed and 62 more were wounded during a series of IED attacks in Baghdad and Abu Ghraib. Two Iraqi soldiers and two policemen were killed in attacks in Mosul. Security forces detained nine wanted men in Basrah and eight more in Karbala.

Insurgents killed three policemen and wounded four more in separate attacks in Baghdad and Ninewa, and killed a civilian in an IED attack in Mosul. Security forces detained 13 wanted men in Dhi Qhar, 10 in Babil, and seven more in Basrah, and captured seven al Qaeda fighters in Anbar.

Bodies of two British hostages found in Iraq

Sixty-seven Iraqis were killed and more than 200 were wounded in a massive suicide bombing in front of a Shia mosque in Kirkuk. Three Awakening fighters were killed in a suicide attack that targeted the group's leader in Karmah. Iraqi troops killed a Special Groups leader in Basrah.

Iraq, Afghanistan wars coordinated from afar

Insurgents killed two soldiers in Jalawlaa, a soldier and a civilian and the coach of the national karate team in Mosul, and a policeman in Khanaqin. Security forces detained nine guards for Basrah's provincial council, six wanted men in Maysan, and one more in Al Kut.

Iraq confident about security after US troops leave towns

Security forces detained 25 wanted men in Basrah, 10 in Kirkuk, and six more in Dhi Qhar, an a al Qaeda leader in Ramadi, and a Special Groups leader in Wasit. One mortar shell landed in the Green Zone, no casualties were reported.

Iraq: Police arrest 'Al-Qaeda commander'

Killing of US soldier casts light on Mosul police

Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Baghdad and detained 20 wanted men in Basrah and a suspect in the murder of a senior Sunni parliamentarian in Baghdad. Courts will prosecute 115 Interior Ministry employees on various charges.

A US soldier was killed in an IED attack near Samawah. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Anbar and three more in Mosul, six al Qaeda fighters in Mandali, two Naqshabandiya fighters in Kirkuk, and an IED cell member in Samawah.

General Odierno said there is a "significant decrease in the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq in the last eight to 10 months." Two Iraqis were killed and six were wounded in two bombings in Baghdad. A former army general was assassinated in Mosul. Security forces detained 11 suspected insurgents in Dhi Qhar.

The police chief for Dhi Qhar province denied there are Special Groups training camps in the region after a senior official launched an investigation. Security forces detained two Special Groups fighters in Qadasiyah. A senior aide of Ayatollah Ali Sistani was targeted in an IED attack. Six civilians were wounded in separate attacks involving an IED and a grenade in Mosul.

Security forces detained 30 wanted men in Basrah and six more in Maysan, and captured three Special Groups fighters in Wasit, one in Baghdad, and another in Basrah. One US soldier was killed and three more were wounded while defusing an IED in Samarra. Two Iraqi police were wounded in an IED attack in Kirkuk.

Insurgents assassinated Hareth al Ubeidi, a Sunni member of parliament, during an attack inside a mosque in Yarmuk, southwest of Baghdad. The attacker shot Ubeidi, then detonated his suicide vest during the escape, killing several bodyguards. Security forces detained four wanted men in Suwayra and two arms dealers in Diyala.

US Marines out of Iraq by spring 2010: general