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Three US troops and four Iraqi policemen were reportedly killed in a suicide attack in Baqubah; the US military has not confirmed the report. Two children were killed in an IED attack in Fallujah. A suicide bomber wounded eight US soldiers in Mosul. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Amarah and eight more in Karbala, an al Qaeda leader and 10 fighters in Huwaijah and eight Ansar al Sunnah fighters in Touz Khormato.

Insurgents killed two policemen in Mosul and an Awakening fighter in Babil, and wounded seven Iraqis in a car bombing in Mosul. Security forces detained 44 wanted men in Basrah, four children recruited by al Qaeda to be suicide bombers in Kirkuk, and two drug dealers in Ramadi. US troops detained four terrorists in Basrah.

Secure enough to sin, Baghdad is back to old ways

Security forces launched an operation in Fallujah. Three policemen were wounded after rival police forces clashed in Maysan. Six civilians were wounded in two IED attacks in Baghdad; two mortars landed in the International Zone.

Security forces detained 10 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, five wanted men in Miqdadiyah, three Special Groups fighters in Al Kut, and a Naqshabandiya leader in Khalis. The Iraqi Army said 38 soldiers were wounded and none were killed in yesterday's suicide attack at a military base in Habbaniyah. A woman planning to conduct a suicide attack in Miqdadiyah was turned in by her family.

A suicide bomber killed 18 soldiers and wounded 40 in an attack on a military base in Habbaniyah. One policeman was killed in an attack in Mosul. Security forces detained 91 wanted men in Basrah and 43 more in Dhi Qhar, and six Naqshabandiya members in Kirkuk and four more in Diyala.

Eleven Iraqis were killed and 23 more were wounded in a bombing in Kirkuk. Security forces captured 149 insurgents in Basrah and detained two "gunmen" in Al Kut. US troops killed one insurgent and captured two more near Kirkuk.

Awakening fighters abandoned 10 checkpoints in Babil after not being paid; the men were replaced with Iraqi soldiers. Security forces detained 73 insurgents in Basrah, 17 in Fallujah, and five more in Diyala, defused seven bombs in Baghdad, and found a large cache of rockets in Fallujah. Al Qaeda bombed four homes in Baqubah.

US troops could stay in Mosul past June 30

Security forces detained 27 wanted men in Dhi Qhar, 17 in Basrah, and 17 more in Karbala. A US soldier was killed an an IED attack south of Karbala. Insurgents murdered a mayor of a district in Eastern Mosul.

Iraq Sunni anti-Qaeda leader eyes Shi'ite alliance

Security forces detained 29 insurgents in Basrah. A US solider was killed in an IED attack in Tikrit. Seven civilians were wounded in a bombing in Baghdad. The leader of the Awakening is considering a political alliance with Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki.

Nine Awakening fighters and Iraqi soldiers were killed in a suicide attack on a checkpoint in Babil. One policeman was killed in a shooting in Mosul. Two civilians were killed in terrorist atacks in Hillah and Mandali. Security forces detained 12 wanted men in Dhi Qhar and two gunmen in Makhmour. The government will re-arrest some detainees released by the US.

Suicide bomber kills 9 Sunni militiamen in Iraq

Five US soldiers and two Iraqi security personnel were killed in a suicide truck bombing in Mosul. Two civilians were killed in an IED attack in Baqubah and a woman was killed in an IED attack in Mosul. Iraqi and US troops detained 21 insurgents in Basrah and nine more in Hillah.

General Ray Odierno: we may have to ignore Iraq deadline to halt al Qaeda terror

Security forces detained 65 insurgents in Basrah and 11 more in Amara,, seven al Qaeda fighters in Samarra, and four policemen in Wasit, and found an al Qaeda training camp in Anbar. One civilian was killed and three were wounded in a bombing in Baqubah. Thousands of Sadrists protested in Baghdad.

Seven Iraqis were killed and 23 were wounded in a car bombing in a Shia neighborhood in Baghdad. Fallujah has been put under curfew after an April 7 suicide attack. Security forces detained an al Naqshabandiya member in Kirkuk. President Talabani warned of al Qaeda's return to Baghdad.

Bomb kills 7 near Baghdad Shi'ite shrine: police

Wanted Saddam deputy says to topple Iraq government, forge US ties