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Iraqi raid leaves Iranian opposition group's future unclear

US defense secretary in Iraqi Kurdistan to defuse tensions

Iran & Iraq: Two British hostages in Iraq 'likely to be dead'

Marines on the border with Syria

The Iraqi Army stormed the People's Mujahedeen camp after a riot broke out; more than 150 people and 50 security forces were wounded during the clash. Eight Iraqis were killed in a bombing in Baghdad and one was killed in an IED attack in Jalawlaa. Eight policemen were killed during a bank robbery in Baghdad. Security forces detained 19 insurgents in Fallujah and eight al Qaeda fighters in in Diyala.

Gates talks security, arms sales in Iraq

Iraq: Sunni leader envisions alliance with Maliki in next polls

Insurgents killed an emergency police chief in Ramadi and a tribal leader in Mosul, and wounded six policemen in Mosul. Security forces detained seven suspects in a shooting in Irbil that killed one person, and three members of Ansar al Sunnah and two Naqshabandiya group members in Kirkuk.

Opposition set to break Iraqi Kurd stranglehold

US released senior Iranian Qods Force commander

Mahmud Farhadi was one of the five Iranians released on July 9. He led one of the three regional commands under the Qods Force's Ramazan Corps, the unit assigned to strike at US, Coalition, and Iraqi forces.

Iraq neighbors undermining border fight: minister

Maliki Faults Iraqi Officer's Detention of US Troops After Shootout

Insurgents killed four employees at a money exchange in Baghdad and three policemen in Abu Ghraib, and wounded two policemen in Mosul. Security forces detained eight Special Groups fighters in Wasit and three terrorists in Kirkuk. US and Iraqi forces defused explosives along a power line after an electrical transmission tower south of Baghdad was destroyed; the explosion cut off power in southern Baghdad.

One Iraqi was killed and 30 more were wounded in two bombings in Ramadi. One policeman was killed in a shooting in Babil, four were wounded in an IED blast in Kirkuk, and two were wounded in a IED attack in Ramadi. Iraqi police detained three Special Groups fighters in Al Kut and US troops captured two Special Groups operatives in Babil.

Prime Minister Maliki said the US may extend its presence in Iraq; President Obama said the troops would leave by the end of 2011. Security forces detained 30 suspected insurgents in Ramadi and two Special Groups fighters in Maysan. Insurgents killed one Iraqi soldier in Mosul and one civilian in Biaaj.

Maliki opens door to US military presence in Iraq after December 2011

Americas - Iraq PM admits US troops may stay

The 'Camouflage Angel' stands watch in Balad, Iraq

Iraqi forces detained nine wanted men in Jalawlaa. A vehicle ban has been imposed in Baqubah after a bombing wounded three people. The Anbar provincial government posted a wanted list for more than 1,500 people accused of supporting terror attacks. The Iraqi Integrity Commission issued 1,455 arrest warrants for corruption cases this year.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed five Iranian pilgrims and wounded 37 more during an ambush north of Baqubah. Security forces detained nine suspected Special Groups operatives in Nasariyah, five wanted men near Hillah and five more in Kirkuk, five members of a forgery ring in Maysan, an al Qaeda operative from Saudi Arabia and a member of an IED cell who was transporting a car bomb south of Mosul.