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A Diwaniyah criminal court issued death sentences for eight Special Groups leaders. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Kirkuk and four insurgents in Hit. Four policemen were wounded in an IED attack in Fallujah and two civilians were wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad.

A US soldier, a State Department official, and a contractor were killed in an IED attack outside Fallujah. Iraqi forces detained an al Qaeda fighter from Tunisia near Samarra and a man they claimed is the brother of Islamic State of Iraq leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi in Jalawlaa. One civilian was killed and three soldiers were wounded in attacks in Kirkuk.

Iraqi Army: almost one-quarter lacks minimum qualifications

Security forces detained 60 insurgents in Karbala, four members of an "assassination gang" behind the murder of a general in Basrah, and a Special Groups commander in Al Kut. The secretary general of the Thar Allah was sentenced to life in prison. Insurgents wounded three female students in Mosul.

US: Iraq attacks down nearly 60 percent

Thirty-four Iraqis were wounded in a suicide bombing in Mosul and three more were wounded in a bombing in Baghdad. Terrorists shot and killed a woman and her daughter in Mosul. Security forces detained 53 wanted men in in Dhi Qhar and nine more in Maysan, 21 "criminals" in Basrah, and the leader of a suicide bomber network in Baghdad.

Iraq PM slams law pardoning mainly Sunni prisoners

The Islamic State of Iraq in Gaza?

Security forces detained 51 wanted men in Basrah and five more in Diyala; US troops detained four insurgents in Dalouiya. Four policemen were wounded in separate attacks in Mosul. One American civilian was killed in a rocket attack on the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Two Americans killed in separate attacks in Baghdad's Green Zone

Security forces detained 40 insurgents in Basrah, 30 in Fallujah, and 12 more in Diyala, and four al Qaeda fighters in Wasit. Three US soldiers were killed in yesterday's bombing in Baghdad. An Iraqi policeman was killed in an IED attack in Mosul.

Suicide bombers in Baghdad and Kirkuk killed twenty Iraqis, including eight Awakening fighters, and wounded 33 more. Security forces detained 21 wanted men in Basrah and three Iranian and one Iraqi Special Groups operative in Wasit.

Thirty-five Iraqis were killed and 72 more were wounded in a car bomb attack outside a restaurant in the Shia neighborhood of Shula in Baghdad. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Mosul. The military claimed Islamic State of Iraq leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi was a member of the local council in Buhruz district in Diyala province in 2005.

Elections have been postponed one month to January 2010. Security forced detained an Awakening leader and a senior Sunni politician in Diyala province, and a senior leader of the Islamic State of Iraqi in Mosul. Two Iraqis were killed in an IED attack in Baghdad.

Iraq slides election until January

Security forces detained 46 suspected insurgents in Basrah and 17 wanted men in Diyala. A senior police officer was killed and two of his sons were wounded in an IED attack near his home in Basrah. Two civilians were wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad. Iraq has released 132,838 prisoners under an amnesty law. Kurdistan will pump natural gas to Europe.

Iraqis and American soldiers anxious over US withdrawal from Sadr City

Security forces detained 35 insurgents in Karmah and 20 more in Fallujah; 10 wanted men in Diyala, seven in Basrah, and five more in Maysan; and two Special Groups fighters in Al Kut. A suicide bomber killed a policeman in Mosul; another policeman was shot and killed in Mosul.

US and Iraqi forces detained three members of Abu Khalaf's Syrian-based facilitation network operating in northern Iraq. Iraqi forces detained two Naqshabandiya group members in Makhmour. Four Iraqis were killed in two IED attacks in Baghdad. A US soldier was killed in an IED attack in Basrah.

US, Iraqi forces target Syrian-based network

The raid targeted the foreign fighter facilitation network run by Abu Khalaf, who was designated as a global terrorist just days ago. Three of Khalaf's aides were captured.