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Six Iraqis were killed and 20 were wounded in bombing in Baghdad. The Special Groups fired four rockets at the US base in Al Kut. Coalition forces detained 20 al Qaeda operatives in central and northern Iraq. Iraqi troops detained three Special Groups fighters in Baghdad and captured an al Qaeda leader in Tal Afar.

Iraqi Military Builds Up Combat Power, Logistics

'Clear And Hold' Showing Results 40 Years Later

In northwest Baghdad, Iraqi forces stand up, slowly

Iraqi soldiers and police are tested during the heavy fighting against the Mahdi Army in northwestern Baghdad during the spring of 2008. The army brigade passes while a police battalion fails. But another police battalion fills the gap.

Anti-Qaeda tribal chief and family killed in Iraq

In Iraq's Diyala Province, US forces anticipate exit

Iraq plans to cut Sunni fighters' salaries

Three groups re-listed as terrorists

Iraqi city calls for US raids on Syria

Iraqi forces captured a Special Groups battalion commander, four al Qaeda cell leaders, and three operatives. US soldiers captured a Special Groups roadside bomb emplacer in Baghdad. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in a bombing in Mosul. One policeman was killed in a bombing in Baghdad. Three children were killed in an IED attack in Kirkuk.

Iraqi Kurd says US can have bases in northern Iraq: report

General David Petraeus plans more border raids

More than 600 Sons of Iraq began in-processing at the Al Furat Iraqi Police Training Center. Iraqi forces detained four suspects in Diyala and five "wanted men" in Amarah. Two Iraqi soldiers were wounded in an IED attack in Mosul.

US deaths in Iraq plunge to wartime low in October

Iraq says to show US troops pact to neighbors

Iraq wants details of US raid in Syria-spokesman

Insurgents blow up Baghdad water pipeline: US

Iraqi forces arrested 220 suspected al Qaeda fighters in Owesat. Iraqi and US troops searched the home of a female Sadrist lawmaker. Iraqi forces captured an Islamic State of Iraq financier in Baghdad and an insurgent in Tikrit. Three Iraqi soldiers were wounded in an IED attack in Mosul.

Iraqi Ministry Adopts Political Neutrality

The Amarah SWAT teams detained the second-in-command of the Special Groups in the Maysan Province in Basrah. Police defused two 240-mm caliber rockets in Amarah. Iraqi forces detained 39 "wanted individuals" in Baghdad. Coalition forces detained eight al Qaeda operatives. Twelve Iraqis were killed in two bombings in Baghdad.