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Troop 'Surge™ Took Place Amid Doubt and Debate

Iraqi forces receive Diyala's MEK Ashraf camp from US

Coalition forces detained 26 al Qaeda operatives during raids in Sharqat, Mosul, Bayji, and the Hamrin Mountains. Iraqi security forces captured 48 insurgents in Baghdad and nine al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah and killed a Syrian fighter in Mosul. US forces detained three Hezbollah Brigades operatives in New Baghdad and two Special Groups fighters in Baghdad. Iraqi police captured three Mahdi Army fighters in Basrah. Al Qaeda killed a Sons of Iraq leader and three family members in Diyala.

Coalition forces target Hezbollah Brigades in Baghdad

Twenty Hezbollah Brigades operatives have been captured in the past two months. The detentions have provided insight on the group's propaganda efforts.

Iraq militia chief condemned to death for Karbala killings

Iraq: Detention Myths

Bombs, sectarian tensions still scar Iraq's Diyala

Iraq signed a $3 billion oil contract with China. Coalition forces detained eight al Qaeda operatives in the Hamrin Mountains region and Mahmudiyah. Iraqi security forces captured five al Qaeda fighters in Wasit province and 14 in Ninewa province. Police stopped a suicide attack in Tal Afar.

Loyalists of Iraq's Sadr sign blood oaths to continue fighting

Iraqi girl tells of ordeal as suicide bomber

Leader of Diyala™s 'Sons of Iraq™ security forces airs concerns with provincial police

New Air Force Weapon Makes Combat Debut in Iraq

Iraq's Sadr suspends militia activity indefinitely

US Forces Issue Microgrants to Help Stabilize Baghdad

Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda operative and detained nine other during operations Tikrit, Baghdad, and the Hamrin Mountains. Iraqi police captured 12 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala. Eight Iraqis were killed or wounded in an IED attack in Tikrit. Two US soliders were killed in separate attacks in Baghdad.

Daggers Drawn in Maliki™s Office

Violence in Baghdad down by 89 percent

Iraq official: US forces arrest Ali al-Lami

US troops captured a senior Special Groups leader at Baghdad International Airport. Coalition forces killed three terrorists and captured six in Diyala and detained four al Qaeda operatives near Baghdad and Mosul. A US soldier died after being wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad. Two Iraqis were killed and 30 were wounded in three bombings in Baghdad. Fourteen civilians were wounded in an IED attack near Tal Afar.

Iraq's holy city of Najaf witnessing a boom