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Iraqi, US forces strike al Qaeda's network in the North

Security forces killed five al Qaeda operatives and captured 149 suspects during operations in Diyala and Ninewa provinces. An Iraqi soldier killed two US troops and wounded six during a patrol in Mosul.

12 killed, 60 wounded in bombing in Baghdad

A purported Iraqi soldier killed two US soldiers and wounded six during a joint patrol in Mosul. Iraqi forces detained 130 suspects in Basrah and 32 insurgents in Diyala. Iraqi troops also arrested al Qaeda's "number one butcher" and an emir in Diyala. Coalition forces killed two al Qaeda operatives and detained 16 more, and killed one Hezbollah Brigades operative and captured two in Baghdad.

Iraq to vote on US military pact this weekend: minister

Iraqi town defies Al Qaeda

Iraqi Sunni guards join Shi'ite government payroll

Iraqi Security Forces captured 66 insurgents south of Mosul, 11 al Qaeda operatives in northern Iraq, eight wanted men in Nasariyah, and eight insurgents in Kirkuk. Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda operative and captured 18 more. Iraqi troops captured an "Iranian infiltrator" in Al Kut while US forces killed a Hezbollah Brigades operative and captured two others. Three Iraqis were killed and 23 were wounded in bombings in Baghdad. A car bomb attack wounded 15 Iraqis outside of a stadium in Mosul.

Baghdad bridge of death becomes bridge of hope

Iraqi Police: 4 Killed in Baghdad Attacks

Twenty-eight Iraqis were killed and 68 were wounded in a coordinated suicide and car bombing attack in Baghdad. A 13-year-old female suicide bomber killed four Awakening fighters in Baqubah. Coalition forces captured 15 al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad, Mosul, and Mahmudiyah. Iraqi troops captured 16 insurgents in Ninewa province.

Iraq's cabinet expected to meet on US pact as deadline looms

New Day for Ground Zero in Iraq's Sectarian Strife

Baghdad triple bomb kills 28

A female suicide bomber killed three Iraqis in an attack at a hospital in Amiriyat al Fallujah. Three Iraqi soldiers were killed and four were wounded in an IED attack in Mosul. Iraqi troops detained 42 suspected terrorists in Mosul. Coalition forces captured eight al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad, Mosul, and Tikrit.

Female suicide bomber kills three at Iraq hospital

Coalition forces captured 22 al Qaeda operatives throughout Iraq. Iraqi Security Forces captured 14 al Qaeda operatives in northern Iraq, 12 insurgents in Ninewa, an al Qaeda leader in Fallujah, and another leader in Baqubah. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in Mosul. One US soldier was killed in Baghdad.

Suicide bombing kills 8 in western Iraq/a>

Iraqi troops kill senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader

Abu Ghazwan, the former leader of the "northern Baghdad belts," was killed in a joint raid in the Tarmiyah region.

Coalition forces captured 24 al Qaeda operatives in raids throughout the country. US troops detained a known Special Groups leader in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad. Three Iraqis were killed and 16 were wounded in three IED attacks in Baghdad. One Awakening fighter was killed and four were wounded in an IED attack north of Baqubah.

In Hurriyah, Sunni families trickle home

Sunni families begin to return to a neighborhood in northwestern Baghdad that was the focal point of the Mahdi Army's efforts at sectarian cleansing more than a year ago.