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Iraq Parliament Rejects Foreign Forces Measure

Top Sadr official in Baghdad detained: report

All in Iraqi custody in Baath party plot freed

US forces detained an Iranian Qods Force agent and an associate near Baghdad. Coalition forces captured 11 al Qaeda operatives in central Iraq. Iraqi police found seven severed heads in Baghdad.

Video: Iraqis Aren™t Laughing at Shoe Tosser

US forces detain Iranian 'agent' near Baghdad

A "commander of Iranian special operations in Iraq" and an associate were detained in Diyala province.

Iraqi government plays down arrests of 23 police officers

Iraqi counterterrorism forces detained 35 members of the Interior Ministry for involvement in a potential coup to restore the Baathist party to power. US and Iraqi forces detained six al Qaeda fighters in Mosul. Iraqi forces detained six insurgents in Kirkuk. Coalition forces captured 12 al Qaeda fighters in raids nationwide.

Iraq: No danger of a coup despite arrests, says MP

Questions remain on the development of the Iraqi Security Forces

While much is known about the development of the Iraqi Security Forces, there are major gaps in the publicly available information concerning these forces.

35 Iraq Officials Held in Raids on Key Ministry

Twenty-five Iraqis were killed in dual bombings outside of a police station in eastern Baghdad. Iraqi forces captured 18 wnated men in Basrah, 16 more in Baghdad, and four "criminals" in northwestern Baghdad. Coalition forces killed three al Qaeda operatives and detained 14 more during raids nationwide.

Death toll in Baghdad twin blasts rises to 25

As Iraq calms, Mosul remains a battle front

Iraq: Coalition Forces No Longer Hold Female Detainees

Coalition forces killed three al Qaeda fighters and detained three in northern Iraq, detained 24 al Qaeda operatives in Central Iraq, and captured a League of the Righteous operative north of Baghdad. Police detained an al Qaeda leader in Kirkuk. Six Iraqis were killed and eight more were wounded in two bombings in Diyala. Iraqi forces foiled a suicide attack in Abu Ghraib.

Attacks in Iraq kill 20 people

Eight policemen were killed and 10 more were wounded in a bombing west of Baghdad. Gunmen murdered seven Yazidis in Sinjar. A female suicide bomber killed one Iraqi in Tarmiyah. Coalition forces killed three al Qaeda operatives and captured 13 in raids nationwide. Iraqi forces captured 11 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala province.

An Iraqi journalist threw two shoes at President Bush during a press conference with Prime Minister Maliki in Baghdad. Iraqi troops captured 10 al Qaeda operatives and one "criminal." US troops detained five "criminals" in Baghdad. One Iraqi policeman was killed and one was wounded in a drive-by shooting in Al Kut; nine suspects were detained.

Coalition and Iraqi forces detained 13 al Qaeda operatives during raids throughout the country and arrested six more in Mosul. Iraqi forces detained seven suspects in Basrah and six in Dhi Qhar. Insurgents killed a soldier, a policeman, and a local mayor in Mosul.