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Concerns on Iran in US rights report

Saddam Hussein weighed nuclear 'package' deal in 1990, documents show

Election turnout is reported at 62 percent. Insurgents killed two policemen and a civilian in Mosul and Fallujah; one insurgent was also killed. Iraqi forces detained 16 wanted men in Basrah and two al Qaeda fighters in Mosul. Two US soldiers died in a vehicle accident near Baghdad.

As Iraq tallies vote, US says pullout plans are 'on track™

Iraqis vote

Gates says elections show Iraq's progress

Iraq: Election day

Al Qaeda in Iraq failed to deter parliamentary elections. Thirty-eight Iraqis were killed in mortar attacks and bombings, but the attacks did not keep Iraqis from the polls. Turnout was high. Security forces detained six wanted men in Saadiya, two terrorists in Tarmiyah, an al Qaeda cell leader in Arii, and a Naqshabandi cell leader in Kirkuk.

Iraq's election day

Iraqis defy intimidation to vote, attacks kill 36

Iraqis vote despite militant attacks that kill 24

Iraqi voter turnout solid despite blasts

Violence mars early hours of voting in Iraq

High turnout was recorded during the first day of out-of-country voting. Four Iranians were killed in a bombing in Najaf. Iraqi forces detained 10 al Qaeda in Iraq fighters in central and northern Iraq, eight in Diyala, and four more in Ramadi, an al Qaeda mufti in Khalis, and six wanted men in Basrah.

A child was killed in an IED blast in Hillah. Security forces detained 10 wanted men in Basrah and three gunmen in Sulaimaniya. A curfew has been imposed in Baghdad for the weekend to provide additional security for the election.

Iraq: election predictions

Charming and chilling: Osama bin Laden's bodyguard

Clashes in Iraq's north underscore fierce political rivalry among Kurds

Iraqis begin to vote

Suspicious and angry, Shiite cleric™s followers await Iraqi vote