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Security forces detained Ali al Azzawi, a high-level military commander in the Islamic State of Iraq. Security forces also detained 11 members of Ansar al Sunnah in Hit and a Naqshabandiya fighter in Kirkuk. Insurgents killed two policemen in Baghdad.

Twelve Iraqis were killed and more than 20 were wounded in a series of bombings in Najaf on Jan. 14. Iraqi security forces detained 14 wanted terrorists during raids in Basrah.

Security forces detained 15 al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad and in central and in northern Iraq, five insurgents in Fallujah, two Naqshabandiya group members in Makhmour, and a Promised Day Brigade fighter and a Hezbollah Brigades member in Baghdad. Insurgents killed a number of people in Karbala and a civilian in Fallujah.

Northern Iraq remains complex, general says

A suicide bomber killed seven Iraqis, including two policemen, in an attack in Saqlawiya in Anabar province. Insurgents killed a civilian in an IED attack in Abu Ghraib. Security forces detained 19 wanted men in Basrah, six suspected members of a car bomb cell in Khanaqin, and four insurgents in Babil.

Security forces detained 25 suspects behind a plot to conduct major attacks in Baghdad; more than 1,000 pounds of explosives were also seized. Iraq forces also detained two Special Groups leaders in Al Kut and an Awakening leader in Baqubah. Insurgents killed two civilians and two policemen in a bombing south of Khanaqin.

Integrating the Sons of Iraq

Mass car bomb threats prompt Baghdad lockdown

US team works to improve rule of law in Iraq

Iraqi security forces detained seven al Qaeda operatives in northern Iraq and a female suicide-bomber recruiter in Baghdad, an "Iranian-linked assassination cell leader" and an associate in Baghdad, a Promised Day Brigade explosives-cell member in Baghdad, and two Special Groups operatives in Al Kut. Iraq has integrated more than 40,000 Sons of Iraq members into the security forces and government ministries.

Iraq mulls banning parties linked to Saddam

US forces reportedly killed four insurgents near Mosul on Jan. 8. Two insurgents were killed in a mortar misfire in Mosul. Security forces detained nine wanted men in Basrah and Amarah.

Across divide in Iraq, Sunni courts Shiites

British troops tried to rescue hostages at Iran border

Seven Iraqis were killed in a series of bombings that targeted police and a lawyer in Hit in Anbar province; another Iraqi was killed in a bombing in Khanaqin. Security forces detained three wanted men in Mosul. A member of parliament denied Iraq released Qais Qazali.

Insurgents killed two children in Mosul and a civilian near Khanaqin. Five Iraqis were killed in a car accident with US troops in Hillah. Iraqi forces detained 28 wanted men in Basrah, three gunmen in Kirkuk, two insurgents in Mosul, and an al Qaeda leader in Jalawlaa.

US forges alliance with Saddam Hussein officers to fight al-Qaeda

Iraqi security forces killed two al Qaeda operatives and detained 21 more in Mosul, and captured 13 wanted men in Basrah and Kirkuk. Iraq's cabinet ratified four major oil field deals. General Dynamics will build 140 M1A1 tanks for the Iraqi Army.

Iraq: The raveling (II)

Iraqi security forces killed an insurgent in Mosul and detained two Promised Day Brigade members and an al Qaeda explosives expert in Baghdad. Insurgents killed three civilians and wounded 16 more during attacks in Kirkuk and Mosul.