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Security forces killed an Ansar al Islam leader near Kirkuk, and detained 106 suspected insurgents in the Touz Khormato district, 11 in Al Kut, and 10 more in Basrah. On policeman was killed and six policemen and a civilian were wounded in three bombings in Kirkuk. Three civilians were wounded in an IED blast in Baghdad.

Four Iraqis were killed and 11 were wounded in bombings near the Ministry of Health and elsewhere in Baghdad. One policeman was killed and two more were wounded in attacks in Mosul. Security forces defused a bomb inside the Imam Musa al-Kadhim shrine in Baghdad and detained seven wanted men in Basrah.

Iraqi political coalitions

Five Iraqi soldiers were killed in an attack on their checkpoint near Kirkuk. One prisoner was killed and 40 more were wounded during a riot at the Abu Ghraib prison; Iraqi troops were called in to quell the unrest. Security forces detained nine terrorists in Ramadi, four insurgents in Ninewa, and three security guards involved in an IED attack in Al Kut.

Brigades represent new Iraq mission, commander says

Security progress continues in Iraq, despite attacks

Twenty-six Iraqis were killed in bombings in Ninewa, Baghdad, and Hillah. Security forces detained 22 wanted men in Basrah, four terrorists in Bayji and Wasit, and a senior al Qaeda leader in Baqubah who recently arrived from Syria.

Iran continues to arm the Taliban

Truck bomb in north Iraq Kurdish village kills 19

Three US soldiers were killed in an IED attack in northern Iraq on Sept. 8. Insurgents killed four Iraqis in a bombing in Kirkuk, a policeman in Mosul, and a civilian near Khanaqin. Security forces killed a terrorist in Mosul and detained 16 wanted men in Kirkuk, 10 in Basrah, six in Jalawlaa, four in Diwaniyah, and two in Wasit.

Media ethics

RE: When to publish images of the dead and wounded?

Interview with SecDef Gates

Iraq-Syria row intensifies

Al Jazeera interview: Robert Gates

A suicide bomber killed five civilians in Diyala on Sept. 7. Insurgents killed two policemen in Kirkuk, a civilian and a US soldier in Baghdad, and a counterterrorism chief near Touz Khormato. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah and three more in Mosul.

Eight Iraqis were killed and 18 were wounded in a suicide attack in Ramadi. Insurgents killed a policeman and his son in Mosul and a civilian in Diyala, and wounded eight civilians in three separate bombings in Baghdad. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah.

Iraq presses UN envoy on bombings tribunal, Syria

Iraqi troops detained 54 suspected insurgents in Kirkuk, 10 wanted men in Basrah, eight in Baqubah, and seven in Saadiya, and a terror cell leader in Tikrit. Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul, wounded 11 civilians in two bombings in Baghdad, and wounded three policemen in Baqubah.

When to publish images of the dead and wounded?