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One policeman was killed and another was kidnapped in Sinjar. A soldier was wounded in an IED attack in Mosul. US troops killed a gunman in Mosul and accidentally killed a woman in Diwaniyah. One civilian was killed and 20 were wounded in three IED attacks in Baghdad.

Iraqi and US forces killed three "gunmen" near Balad Ruz. Iraqi forces captured 22 suspected insurgents in Baghdad and a leader of the Islamic State of Iraq in Mosul. One policeman was killed and three were wounded in a bombing in Diyala and three more were wounded in a bombing in Khanaqin.

Maliki: Iraq elections 'changed political map'

Iraqi forces killed one insurgent and captured six more in Huwaiyja; Iraqi forces also detained five members of Ansar al Sunnah in Touz, two wanted men in Basrah, two in Amarah, two in Diyala, and three more in central Iraq. An Iraqi soldier was killed in an IED attack in Diyala.

Prime Minister Maliki's political list won in nine of 14 provinces, while the Sadrist-backed lists fared poorly. A female suicide bomber killed 15 Iraqis and wounded 13 more in an attack at a cafe in in Khanaqin. Iraqi police killed a senior Mahdi Army commander after he returned to Diwaniyah from Iran.

Iraqi forces kill senior Mahdi Army operative

Tariq Azab was killed in Diwaniyah during a raid by police; he had recently returned from Iran. US warns that Iran continues to back Shia terror groups.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle update: February 2009

The transfer of control of provincial security will be completed by July; Diyala, Ninewa, and Baghdad are the last provinces to be transferred.

Polling group censures Iraq death toll researcher

With tension rising, Iraq will recount ballots in Anbar

Senior Iraqi official calls for Anbar vote recount

Charges of vote-rigging in Anbar

US cmdr: Iran still supporting extremists in Iraq - report

Iraqi forces captured six wanted men in Basrah and four more in Kirkuk. Nine policemen and six Awakening fighters were wounded in an IED attack in Diyala. Prime Minister Maliki's party reportedly won elections in 10 of the 14 provinces.

Iraqi woman arrested for recruiting female suicide bombers

Iraqi police detained two members of a previously unidentified Shia terror group called the Soldiers of Mercy. Security forces captured 11 wanted men in Baghdad, four gunmen in Jalawlaa, three gunmen and a suicide bomber in Kirkuk, and a woman who confessed to being behind 30 suicide bombings that occurred in Baghdad and Diyala.

The month of January 2009 marked the lowest death toll in Iraq in the past five years. The Anbar Awakening leaders threatened the Iraqi Islamic Party with violence if the polls are found to have been rigged. Two Iraqis were killed and 10 were wounded in an attack on a US convoy in Mosul. Four "gunmen" were detained in Baqubah.

Iraq tribes threaten to take up arms over poll

Secular Parties and Premier Lead in Iraq

Sadr refuses to negotiate detainees with US army

Iraqi election hints of troubles for Shiite giant