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35 killed in attacks against civilians in Baghdad

Seven bombs were detonated in residential areas of the capital as al Qaeda in Iraq attempts to reignite a sectarian war between Sunni and Shia.

Insurgents executed a family of four in Wasit and killed three policemen in Basrah and Ramadi, and a civilian in Mosul. Iraqi forces detained an al Qaeda operative in Baghdad.

Forty-one Iraqis were killed and more than 250 were wounded in a triple suicide attack that targeted the Egyptian, Iranian, and German embassies in Baghdad. No foreign embassy personnel were reported killed. Three Iraqis were killed and 37 were wounded in a car bomb attack in Mosul.

Iraqi Christians under fire

Terror attacks near embassies rock Baghdad, kill 41

Three suicide bombers targeted the Egyptian, Iranian, and German embassies one day after an al Qaeda assault team attacked just south of the capital, killing 25.

Baghdad suicide blasts target embassies; 32 dead

Al Qaeda fighters disguised as US troops murdered 25 people, including soldiers, Awakening fighters, and women, in a nighttime attack in Arab Jabour. Insurgents killed four people in bombings in Baghdad and Kirkuk. Police captured an al Qaeda operative in Fallujah.

Al-Qaeda gunmen massacre government supporters in Baghdad

About those Sadrist numbers

Iraqi forces killed three top al Qaeda leaders, including the emirs of northern Iraq and Mosul, and detained three extortion emirs; 19 other al Qaeda operatives were captured in northern Iraq. Security forces also detained 16 wanted men in Basrah, 10 in Karbala, and five more in Tal Afar. Twenty-three terrorists escaped from a prison in Mosul.

Iraqi forces strike blow to al Qaeda in Iraq's northern leadership cadre

Al Qaeda in Iraq's top emir in northern Iraq and Mosul is among six leaders killed or captured since mid-March.

Iran plays host to delegations after Iraq elections

US sanctions two Europe-based al Qaeda operatives

Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al Dulaymi supports al Qaeda in Iraq as well as the global network, while Atilla Selek supports the Islamic Jihad Union and has operated in Pakistan.

US - Special Forces in Iraq to remain through drawdown

When military moves a war, there are no shortcuts

Iraq's Sadrists propose vote on PM choice

Prime Minister Maliki will challenge the election result; Iyad Allwai accused Iran of interfering with the result after the Justice and Accountability Commission moved to bar more Baathist candidates. Insurgents killed two civilians in Mosul. Security forces detained four insurgents in Jalawlaa and an al Qaeda leader in Mosul.

Allawi accuses Iran of election interference

Iraq election - Victorious candidates may be purged, boosting Maliki

Five civilians were killed in bombings in Karbala; another was killed in a blast in Baghdad. Security forces detained 22 wanted men in Basrah and an al Qaeda weapons facilitator in Fallujah who was involved in Baghdad bombings that killed 147 Iraqis in October 2009.