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Iraqi forces arrest leader of Ansar al Islam

Abu Abdullah al Shafi, the top leader of Ansar al Islam, was captured along with seven associates during a raid in Baghdad. Shafi has close ties with Osama bin Laden.

US troop numbers in Afghanistan set to overtake Iraq

The head of the Independent High Election Commission said the vote recount will not change the election result. Security forces detained 11 wanted men in Basrah and an Ansar al Islam leader and seven fighters in Baghdad. Insurgents killed two civilians and two policemen in Kirkuk, Baghdad, and Salahadin.

Insurgents killed one civilian and wounded 94 others in an attack on two buses carrying Christian students in Mosul. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Basrah, and five al Qaeda operatives in Kirkuk and Baghdad. Five terrorists surrendered to police in Miqdadiyah.

Times Square car bomb: police investigate South Park link

The Independent High Electoral Commission said the recount of 2.5 million votes in Baghdad would begin on Monday and may take up to three weeks to complete. Two insurgents were killed during a premature detonation while planting an IED in Fallujah. Security forces detained two insurgents in Mosul.

Prime Minister Maliki rejected Iraqiya's call for an internationally-appointed interim government. Insurgents killed a police officer in Mosul and two civilians in Fallujah. Iraqi security forces detained 10 wanted men in Basrah and five al Qaeda operatives in Mahmudiyah.

Militant turncoat leads Iraqis to al-Qaida chiefs

Iraq PM slams calls for foreign role in election

Insurgents killed nine civilians and a soldier in bombings in Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Anbar. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Basrah, an al Qaeda leader in Baghdad, and a terrorist in Kirkuk.

Insurgents killed five Iraqis in car bombings in Baghdad and and a US soldier in an IED attack in Diyala. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah and five more in Mosul.

Life as an AQI footsoldier

Iraq slaying victims' families wait for word about the accused

The Independent High Electoral Commission invalidated the votes of 52 candidates, including six who won seats, for links to Baathists; Iraqiya will contest the ruling. Security forces detained 101 suspected insurgents in Salahadin, Diyala, Mosul, and Basrah, and an al Qaeda leader and an operative west of Baghdad. Insurgents killed four civilians in Baghdad and a policeman in Mosul.

Election ruling in Iraq favors prime minister

My life as an Iraqi insurgent

Odierno notes progress of Iraqi forces

Iraq political crisis worsens as court bars candidates

The Iraqi government refused Muqtada al Sadr's offer to provide Mahdi Army fighters to secure mosques and shrines. Insurgents killed a civilian in Baghdad and nearly assassinated the deputy governor of Anbar. Security forces detained 11 al Qaeda operatives, including a senior leader, in Baqubah, and nine wanted men in Basrah.

Al Qaeda in Iraq confirms deaths of al Masri, Baghdadi

Al Qaeda in Iraq's sharia minister is quoted in a statement released on the Internet six days after the raid occurred.