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Suicide bombers killed 43 people, including 34 Awakening and six Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad, and three Awakening fighters in Al Qaim. Security forces detained 17 al Qaeda operatives in northern Iraq, three Mahdi Army Promised Day Brigade fighters in Baghdad, and a 1920s Revolution Brigades member in Bayji.

Insurgents killed four civilians in attacks in Mosul and Kirkuk. Security forces detained al Qaeda's second in command for Diyala province and two al Qaeda operatives near Mosul. Muqtada al Sadr is visiting Syria.

Insurgents killed six civilians in attacks in Fallujah, Baghdad, and Hillah. Security forces detained four al Qaeda in Iraq operatives in Fallujah. The US turned over the Camp Cropper detention facility to Iraq.

Four policemen and two civilians were killed in a carbomb attack in Tikrit. Insurgents killed a policeman in Hillah and a civilian in Baghdad. An insurgent killed himself in a premature detonation in Kirkuk. Police detained two members of a car bombing cell in Karbala.

US transfers last prison under its control to Iraq

Insurgents killed a woman and three children in Amiriyah, a soldier in Baghdad, and a security contractor and a civilian in Mosul. Iraqi forces killed three insurgents and detained 13 more in Mosul, and detained 10 al Qaeda fighters in Salahadin and an operative in Baghdad.

Militancy in Africa

Insurgents killed two policemen, a civilian, and an Awakening leader and his family in attacks in Fallujah and Baghdad. Security forces detained 22 wanted men in Basrah and 21 more in Kirkuk.

Iranian-backed Shia terror group remains a threat in Iraq: General Odierno

Hezbollah Brigades has imposed an "increased threat" over the past several weeks, the US' top commander in Iraq said. The terror group remains tied to Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Amid threat, US heightens security at its Iraq bases

Security forces detained eight al Qaeda operatives during operations in Baghdad, Jalulah, As Sadiyah, and Hawijah. Iraqi troops searched Mosul University. Insurgents destroyed two power pylons in Abu Ghraib.

Insurgents killed a soldier, an Awakening fighter, a tribal leader, and a spokesman for the Baghdad Provincial Council in attacks in Baghdad and Mosul. Security forces detained the mufti, or cleric, for al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq during a raid in Baghdad.

Iraq withdrawal: A US unit prepares Mosul police for self-rule

Wanted: Jihadists to marry widows

Insurgents killed two policemen and a soldier in attacks in Fallujah, Mosul, and Gayiara. Security forces detained two Hezbollah Brigades members in Baghdad, two Mahdi Army fighters in Miqdadiyah, and an al Qaeda operative in Taji.

Iraq's Allawi hopes new government to be formed next month

A suicide bomber killed six people after ramming a car packed with explosives into a police checkpoint in Baghdad. Insurgents killed two policemen in Mosul. Iraqi forces detained three al Qaeda operatives, including a top financial official, in Mosul.

Kenya: Iraq, Afghan, Pakistan fighters in Somalia

Smugglers in Iraq blunt sanctions against Tehran

Five Shia pilgrims were killed in an IED attack in southern Baghdad. Two people were killed as insurgents bombed the homes of three policemen in Ramadi. Security forces detained 53 people in Basrah.