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Pro-ISIS leaflets target London shoppers

Shiite militiamen stormed a mosque in a village near Baqubah and killed 65 people and wounded 17 more. Sunni politicians have suspended talks to form a new government after the attack. The US launched three airstrikes against hte Islamic State in northern Iraq; all three were conducted near the Mosul Dam.

Islamic State seeks women

Hostage-Taking Central to Islamic State Strategy in Syria

Foley's Parents Release Email From Captors

General Dempsey: 'It is possible to contain' the Islamic State

Fighters listed as 'terrorists' help US in battle against ISIS in Iraq

Ex-General Says US Must 'Destroy' Jihadists in Iraq, Syria

The US launched six airstrikes against the Islamic State near the Mosul Dam. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 19 Islamic State fighters in Jurf al Sakhar, six in Fallujah, and an Islamic State governor and two bodyguards in Baqubah. The Anbar tribes killed four Islamic State fighters near Fallujah. The bodies of 12 people, thought to be mostly security personnel, were found near Tikrit.

No end in sight for Islamic State's attack on Iraq

Pentagon leaves door open to strikes in Syria to curb Islamic State

Foley Abduction Linked to British Jihadi Kidnapping Ring

Yazidi man: I walked out of an ISIS prison

US launches 6 more airstrikes against Islamic State

Leaders Express Outrage as Britain Tries to Identify Beheaded Journalist's Killer

Saudi Arabia toughens stance on jihadist groups

UN Launches Aid Operation for 500,000 in Northern Iraq

Iraq says it is troubled ISIS smuggling oil to export markets

The US launched 14 airstrikes against the Islamic State in northern Iraq today. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 21 Islamic State fighters in airstrikes in Barwana. Three civilians were killed in three separate bombings in Baghdad. The US may send up to 300 additional military personnel to Iraq.

US launched raid in Syria to rescue American hostages held by Islamic State

The raid failed to rescue "a number of American hostages held in Syria" by the Islamic State, the Department of Defense's spokesman said today.