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Chechen unit from Islamic State reportedly fighting at Kobane

Islamic State seizes Hit, assaults Iraqi military headquarters in Anbar

The Islamic State raised the black flag of jihad in Hit and attacked military headquarters in Ramadi and at Al Asad Airbase in the latest phase of its offensive to consolidate control of Anbar province.

Islamic State committing 'staggering' crimes in Iraq: UN report

US civilian casualty standard eased in Iraq, Syria

Border crisis: Refugees leave everything behind to flee the Islamic State

Political temperature rises in Baghdad amid Islamic State threat

EU antiterrorism chief Gilles de Kerchove on IS threat

Islamic State selling Iraq's artifacts in black market: UNESCO

The Islamic State destroyed an Iraqi armored column and took control of a police station in Albu Aytha north of Ramadi. The US military launched 11 airstrikes against the Islamic State near the Mosul Dam, Fallujah, and northwest of Baghdad. The Islamic State killed eight people in bombings in Babil and eight more in Karbala. The military claimed it killed a senior Islamic State leader in Jurf al Sakhar.

Special Report: Islamic State uses grain to tighten grip in Iraq

Islamic State photos detail rout of Iraqi Army at Camp Saqlawiya

The Islamic State seized or destroyed at least one M1 Abrams tank, four M113 armored personnel carriers, 15 Iraqi Army Humvees, a BMP infantry fighting vehicle, and other trucks.

What's in a name: Obama's anonymous war against the Islamic State in Iraq, Syria

Islamic State ambushes Iraqi military column near Ramadi

The Islamic State was able to destroy an Iraqi armored column near Ramadi in Anbar province, as well as take over an Iraqi police checkpoint.

US-led Raids Hit Jihadist Oil, Command Posts in Syria

Officials claimed that the US killed 18 Islamic State fighters in airstrike in Mosul. The military said it killed 25 Islamic State fighters in Dhuliyah, and a "judge" and six fighters in Fallujah. The Islamic State killed six policemen in Sharqat and four men in Mosul.

Islamic State targeted air strikes could be extended to Syria, Britain's PM hints

Syria's Qaeda chief warns West against continued strikes

Al Qaeda Leader Warns of Revenge for Airstrikes

Obama: US underestimated rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Obama Says US Underestimated the Rise of ISIS