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Islamic State assaults city in Syrian Kurdistan

The border town of Kobane is under siege from the Islamic State, which continues to advance in Aleppo province.

The US launched seven airstrikes against the Islamic State near Irbil, the Haditha Dam, and southwestern Baghdad. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 16 Islamic State fighters in northern Babil and a military commander and four aides near Mosul. The military also said it has launched clearing operations in Rawa and Anah. Prime Minister Abadi ruled out basing US troops in Iraq and questioned the exclusion of Iran from a coalition against the Islamic State.

US airstrikes boost Islamic State, more hostages possible: FBI

US Army Chief Says Ground Troops Will Be Needed Against ISIS

Dempsey: Half of Iraqi army not OK as US partners

The US has launched five airstrikes in southwestern Baghdad and Irbil against the Islamic State. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 16 Islamic State fighters near Bayji and launched an operation in Jurf al Sakhar. The Islamic State killed four Iraqis in mortar attacks in Dhuluiyah. General Dempsey said US ground troops could engage in fighting in Iraq.

The Islamic State gearing up for the "War of the Cross"

ISIS Draws a Steady Stream of Recruits From Turkey

Kurds in Europe Take up Arms Against IS Group

US air campaign against Islamic State expands to southwestern Baghdad

Al Qaeda branches urge jihadist unity against US

AQAP and AQIM have issued a joint statement encouraging the jihadists in Syria to unite in the face of the American-led opposition. However, the statement should not be read as an indication that they are breaking ranks from al Qaeda. The two groups also offer their condolences for the Ahrar al Sham leaders who were killed earlier this month.

Mideast's complexities confound US efforts to build coalition against Islamic State

The military claimed it killed 18 Islamic State leaders in Babil and 17 more near Tikrit. The Islamic State killed three Awakening fighters and five civilians in IED attacks in Madain and Abu Dashir. Iran rejected a US offer for talks on fighting the Islamic State.

Islamic State rebuilds its manpower In Iraq and Syria

Islamic State crisis: World leaders pledge Iraq support

Islamic State's war chest is growing daily

The Iraqi military claimed it killed 35 Islamic State fighters in Jurf Al Sakhar. The US destroyed an Islamic State mortar emplacement and an armed vehicle in two airstrikes near the Mosul Dam. Prime Minister Abadi suspended Iraqi air and artillery strikes on residential areas. The Obama administration is using the 2002 AUMF to justify airstrikes against the Islamic State.

White House: Iraq war vote Obama opposed could be used for ISIS strikes

Islamic State beheads British citizen, threatens another

The Islamic State released a video of the beheading of David Cawthorne Haines, a British citizen who was kidnapped while providing security for an aid group in Syria's Idlib province in March 2013.

Struggling to Starve ISIS of Oil Revenue, US Seeks Assistance From Turkey