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Last brigade of US combat troops leaves Iraq

Fatah al Islam chief killed while traveling to Iraq

Abdulrahman Awad, the leader of Fatah al Islam, was killed along with his deputy, Ghazi Faysal Abdullah, by Lebanese security forces in the Bekaa Valley as they attempted to join al Qaeda in Iraq, according to a statement released by the terror group.

Dates or oil? Iraq's farmers fear gold rush

Iraqi leaders fear for future after their past missteps

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed 57 police recruits and soldiers during an attack at a recruiting center in Baghdad. Insurgents killed three policemen, a jail employee, and a trade ministry employee in attacks in Ninewa, Baghdad, and Kirkuk. Security forces detained four wanted men in Kirkuk and an al Qaeda operative in Latafiyah.

Insurgents killed four Iranians and two policemen during attacks in Miqdadiyah and Mosul, and a US soldier in Diyala. Security forces detained 29 wanted men in Diyala, Basrah, and Wasit; and an al Qaeda operative in Baghdad.

Insurgents killed four civilians, a soldier, a policeman, and a pharmacist who recently returned from the US, in separate attacks in Mosul, Al Kut, and Baghdad. The Sadrist-led Iraqi National Alliance rejected a proposed deal between State of Law and Iraqiya in forming a new government.

Insurgents killed four policemen and an Awakening fighter in attacks in Baghdad. Security forces in Diyala detained an al Qaeda assassin who carried out attacks in Baghdad. State of Law made an offer to Iraqiya to break the political deadlock and form a government.

Security forces detained two al Qaeda operatives near Habaniyah. Iran has continued shelling against Kurdish rebels in the Iraqi north. The commander of Iraq's ground forces said Iraqi troops are ready to fill the gap left by withdrawing US forces.

Prime Minister Maliki said a "government of national unity will be formed through an agreement among all political blocs." The Iraqi Army Chief of Staff requested that US forces remain until 2020. Insurgents killed a soldier in Mosul and a policeman in Fallujah.

Insurgents killed eight Iraqi soldiers and three civilians in a house bomb in Sadiyah, and a director of a hospital in Baghdad. Security forces detained a Promised Day Brigade commander and two fighters in Diyala, three al Qaeda operatives in Fallujah and a commander in Mosul, and seven wanted men in Sharqat.

Bomb kills 11, including eight Iraqi soldiers

Iraq: Baghdad traffic police targeted in attacks

US and Iraqi Interests May Work Against Pullout

Insurgents killed a policeman, an Awakening commander, and two civilians in attacks in Baghdad, Hillah, and Fallujah. Iraqi security forces detained 35 al Qaeda operatives in Taji, Abu Ghraib, and Mosul.

Insurgents killed a policeman, a security guard, and a civilian in bombings in Baghdad. Security forces detained 11 terrorists in Kirkuk, and four wanted men and three al Qaeda operatives in Mosul.

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed five Iraqis in Ramadi. Insurgents killed a district police chief in an ambush in Kirkuk and a US soldier in Babil. Yesterday's bombings in Basrah killed 43 Iraqis. The US shipped 11 M1A1 battletanks to the Iraqi Army.

Iraq - Basra a window on Iraq's ambition and dysfunction

Twenty Iraqis were killed in twin bombings at a market in Basrah. Insurgents killed seven policemen in Mosul, Baghdad, Diyala, Fallujah, and Hurriya, and three civilians in Baqubah and Mosul. The leader of the 1920s Revolution Brigade in Abu Ghraib was killed in an IED attack. Security forces killed an al Qaeda fighter and detained nine more in Sharqat and Mosul, and detained nine wanted men in Baqubah and a Hezbollah Brigades fighter in Baghdad.

Insurgents killed three civilians in bombings in Baghdad. State of Law and Iraqiya political parties plan to meet to discuss the formation of a new government. President Obama sent a secret letter to Ayatollah Sistani requesting he help resolve the political impasse.